What is the 7th house in Vedic Astrology?

What is the 7th house in Vedic Astrology?

The 7th house in Astrology is about partnerships, the most important being the wedlock (or marriage). The 7th house in the house series marks a big shift in analysing the destiny of an individual. Till the house number 6, the focus was on self and the issues related to the self. But house number 7 onwards, the focus shifts to the other, the 1st and foremost is your marriage and your life partner.

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The Signs And Planets Associated With The 7th House

The 7th house is also known as Kalatra Bhava in Vedic Astrology and is ruled by the Libra sign. Planet Venus is the natural significator of this house as per the 7th house Vedic astrology. The 7th house is a weak house for Jupiter and Sun. But is the best house for Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

The areas of life ruled and governed by the 7th House

The 7th house influences things between you and your life partner and other partners (like business partners and so on). Thus, attraction to the opposite gender, the need for commitment in a relationship, shades of passion, physical intimacy and related fantasises, level of understanding, all these are governed by the 7th house compatibility. The body parts influenced by the 7th house include kidney and lower back. So, the 7th house has lots in it for our relationships. And relationships are really very important in our life. Because it is the relationships that connect us to the people around us and everyone in this world. And what lies at the core of our relationship is marriage. As the 7th house impacts our marriage in a big way, so it is bound to influence our happiness or the lack of it in a very substantial manner.

The 7th House also influences childbirth issues

Besides, the 7th house in Kundli is about your willingness to have children. It also deals with issues like problems and disinterest in carnal fulfilment, problems in the reproductive system, infertility and progeny problems. The 7th house also points to the reason why we take an interest in a partnership. Is it because of love, money, social pressure or any other reason?

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The Significance Of The 7th House

The 7th house is also about cooperation and adjusting. Because it is what we need the most while dealing with our partner. The success in our professional & business partnerships also depends on the situation prevailing in the 7th house. The equation which we share with our business partners and others who are close to us professionally is bound to influence our success.

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What picture does the 7th House project for future prediction?

The movements in the 7th house in horoscope can also trigger certain negative developments in our relationships. Developments like legal battles, arguments, hostilities, penalties, fines, etc come under the influence of the 7th house. The way you react to these developments also influences your relationship with other people. At the global level, these differences & misunderstandings between political leaders of different countries may even lead to armed conflicts and wars, in accordance with seventh house astrology.

The 1st House Vis-a-Vis The 7th House – Different Yet Complementary

Well, the 7th house is quite different from the 1st house (which is also known as Ascendant). The 1st house is self while the 7th house is partner, thus they share an inextricable relationship. So, they complement each other and together create a whole like the Yin and Yang in the Chinese Theory. The 7th house in Astrology refers to what we are seeking or looking for. Everything related to marriage is governed by the 7th house as per 7th house astrology.

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