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The Sun In 8th House: Vedic Astrology

The Sun In 8th House

Indeed, longevity and the occurrence of unexpected events are two very important factors in the life of an individual. And in Astrology the planet which determines the developments related to these factors is the 8th house. Well, the 8th house in Vedic astrology rules over death, longevity and sudden events. It could be natural, peaceful, accident by water or fire, suicide, violent or due to a chronic illness. It is said that if Sun is in the 8th house, then it usually means a shorter life span for the native. Nevertheless, preventive measures can alter the situation.

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The areas affected due to the Sun in the 8th house

  • Health and Well-Being
  • Intelligence
  • Love and relationship
  • Social life
  • Public image

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Positive Traits/Impact:

Well, the natives of Sun in 8th house are quick in their response to sudden and difficult situations. They are able to bring any situation under control in a very effective manner. Also, they possess the ability to say the right thing at the right time. It adds on to their quality of being master managers of life’s uncertainties and unpredictabilities.

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And the reason why they can manage the uncertainties of life so well is that they are always fresh and mentally rich. The natives of Sun in eighth house are not interested in the humdrum of everyday life. They want to move beyond the apparent and reach the core of the matter. They like doing new things all the time and do not want to repeat them. They are always dynamic and active.

Besides, you will try to strengthen your inner resolve and determination. And you will be successful in the same. This may enable you to achieve new heights in career or business. Your hopes and desires are likely to shine. Consequently, you will be able to control your life and destiny in a much better manner. You will be less influenced by the situations around you and more focused in carrying out your goals and objectives as per Sun in 8th house Vedic astrology. Is life confusing for you? Are you looking for a solution? Get Clarity With The 2023 Detailed Yearly Report…

There is only one place where they feel the most vulnerable and that is the bedroom. It is here that they unleash all their physical intimacy onto their partner. In fact, the physical intimacy which they share with their partner is transformed into a spiritual exercise.

Negative Traits/Impact:

When it comes to the married life, it is very difficult to satisfy a spouse who has Sun in the 8th house. They are not really emotional or at least do not show their emotions so easily. They keep many of their feelings inside and do not let others know about the same. They don’t trust anybody easily. They first test the person on certain parameters. Only if the other person bares his/her heart and soul, will they accept him/her as a close one and share their secrets. This excessive emphasis on testing the people may take a toll on the personality of the native of Sun in 8th house. They may be liked less by others. They may even become suspicious. It is bound to impact their public image.

Besides, the natives of Sun in 8th house are highly sensitive. They may get offended very easily. There are many things that they should not take personally. Or else, they will lose the friendship with the people from whom they can learn more about life according to Sun in 8th house in birth chart.

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The Sun In 8th House: Vedic AstrologyThe natives of Sun in 8th house are quite efficient in handling situations. However, they ought to be less sensitive and more accommodating. Or else they may miss out on getting some good friends and they may fail to live a more complete life

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