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Mercury – The Planet Of Communication

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. Apart from the astronomical interest, the role of Mercury in astrology interests many Vedic researchers and astrologers. Coming to the planet as a vedic god, it is linked with fortune. Mercury or Budh will grant a good education, sharp mind and a charming appearance. It is a rejuvenator and wards off any negative feelings. It also helps in keeping the pitta induced disease, melancholy and fragility. It also impacts family affairs in a positive way. Mercury is more of a positive planet. However, it can become malefic if it conjuncts with other malefic planets. Mercury is often called as the grahapati – all the lord of planets. It is the guru planet of Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury is often called as the messenger of gods in many mythological stories. It is the planet of expression and communication—many times. Mercury is an opportunistic planet. People who are good orators and can shower flattery words are ruled by Mercury. Communication is not the only thing Mercury pushes the synergy between couples. Mercury rides on air. A strong Mercury will bestow the native with good analysing skills, good social life and humour. In short, if you have a good family life, that means Mercury is gracious to you.

Mercury In Astrology: General Characteristics

Sage Paras describes Mercury as a god with a charming personality and has a capacity to hold you with the choice of his words. According to Paras, Mercury is fond of jokes. Mercury is often resonating with green. The colour of calmness. Green relates to easiness, balance and harmony. So Mercury has the capacity to calm an agitated mind. Tulsi is offered to Lord Vishnu , who symbolises Mercury. The green Tulsi is recommended for many mercury related problems. Mercury starts showing its best effect when the native has just crossed 30 years of his life.

Mercury is the planet of communication. It is a dual natures planet that rules Virgo and Gemini. The body parts which are affected by Mercury are arms, ears, lungs and nervous system. It also develops people’s artistic and soft skills. So one may often see strong mercury in astrology of a surgeon, painters, commentator etc. It takes 12 months to complete its journey across all the Zodiac signs, and the effect on each zodiac depends on the house Mercury decides to land.

Mercury’s generous influence will keep a person’s repute on a high in family and society. People will look at him in a respective way in profession and education. A person with strong Mercury will be an apple of the eye for their relatives. To have the beneficial effects of Mercury one can wear green emerald. So, if you want to know in which House of your birth chart, Mercury resides, then call the expert astrologers.

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Mythology Of Mercury

Mercury in Vedic astrology is often called the budh planet. It is treated as a deity. In legends, budh is seen as the son of Moon (Soma) and Tara (wife of Jupiter). According to the mythology, the moon became obsessed with Tara, the wife of Brihaspati. Their union produced Mercury. It is a combination of intellect and charming personality. Mercury reaches the full maturity at the age of 32. As earlier, the legends and epics were not preserved in the form of a script but in the form of oral verses or dialogues. This led to many different versions of the birth of Mercury, budh in other versions is the son of moon and Rohini (daughter of Daksha). One of the earliest mentions of mercury in Indian Ved history appears in Pancavimsa Brahmana.

Mercury in astrology is often called the Gyani chief. He is considered as a mirror image of Lord Vishnu because of his beauty and resemblance to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is the lord of Mercury planet. Wednesday is considered to be the day of Mercury and a prayer to him on that day shall remove all the hurdles, and obstacles one faces due to mercury.

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Significance of Mercury in Astrology

The Mercury planet in astrology is called the god of communication. It rules the swarkantha of a person. Mercury in astrology is called the brain of the solar system. It is a calm and composed planet. The duration of Mahadasha lasts for 17 years. Mercury belongs to the Vatta nature, and the people under the influence of mercury are good vocalists, well behaved. A strong Mercury in lagna will enhance the intelligence, education, social and professional affairs, the relationship with relatives, humour etc.

While a weak mercury in birth chart may team up with other malefic planets and cause problems in relationship between family and friends. Cause loss of wealth and reputation. Sun and Venus are friends of Mercury, while the Moon is the enemy to the planet. The moon’s character is that of an innocent child, while Mercury is much more calculative and evaluator. Mercury likes to scrutinize the situation, and the evaluation may not always be pleasant. Mercury shows a neutral attitude towards Saturns, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury is of masculine character and rules the northern direction, unlike Mars or Jupiter. Mercury is in the mooltrikona sign when it is partially in Virgo about 15 to 20 degrees. Mercury is weak in the Pisces sign. It is associated with the colour green and green emerald is the stone of mercury.

The Mahadasha of Mercury is called the budh Mahadasha. According to Vimshottari, the Mahadasha lasts for 17 years. The Mahadasha can be both beneficial or harmful depending on the positioning of Mercury. Mercury is a dual planet. The person under the influence of Mercury will tend to have two jobs or business. During the beneficial period, there will be enough opportunities banging your door. The native will be highly successful in jobs related to telecommunication, journalism, print media, advertising, writing and other fields where soft skills are of prime importance.

During the malefic effect, the Mercury is weak. It becomes a great trouble in a native’s life. The trouble can elevate with the combination of Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. there might be loss of property, wealth, relationship problems and mercury related disease.

Mercury is generally a beneficial planet. During Antardasha, this planet may turn malefic depending on the position or combination with different planets. During Antardasha, a person will be on the learning curve of his life. Such a person will go through life-changing incidence and will get real-life experience. Abstract gains like reputation, honour and respect will be showering on him while there could be materialistic loss of wealth and the person may suffer from mercury related disease. Know whether you are going through a Mercury dasha from our expert astrologers and get a full analysis of your birth chart done.

Conjunction With Different Planets

Mercury in astrology conjuncts with various planets. The two planet conjunction of Mercury yields varying results. Let us see few of the prominent conjunctions of Mercury.

Mercury and Mars are both enemy planets. Mars is considered to be malefic mascualine male while Mercury is benefic gentle eunuch. The native undergoing these two conjunctions will have rifts in relationships. The marital bliss becomes a distant dream, and the couple struggle for progeny. Financially the outcome will be average. This conjunction can also drift the native towards petty crimes like theft. Positively the person becomes sharp and alert. If he channels the energy in the correct direction then he can prosper in a profession related to science.

Mars and Venus conjunction is a positive one. They both are friends, and such a person under the influence can enhance his artistic skills. The person becomes gracious and a performer. The diplomatic and presentation skills improve greatly. The financial growth is good. In matters of job and studies a person can sharpen his skills in the field of maths, technology, science and engineering. Venus and Mercury incline the person towards music and arts.

Though Moon and Mercury are enemies, their conjunction can be beneficial for the native. The individual’s intellectual growth is very good when he is under the influence of both these bodies. They have high tact and often use sugary speech. They are good orators and often the talk of the town. The god of luck bestows all the fortune in life. There are other conjunctions of Mercury that can be both beneficial and harmful. If you want to find out what is the conjunction of Mercury in your chart, then please contact the expert astrologers and get a detailed analysis.

Remedies To Enhance A Weak Mercury

A malefic or weak Mercury in astrology gives bad results in your life, and it can reverse all the benefits you have received. One should follow certain remedial measures to nullify these malefic effects. One of the most common solutions is us Green Emerald seated on gold. Wear the ring or ornament on Wednesday. The use of char mukhi Rudraksha can reduce the negative effect of Mercury. Feed grass or spinach to the cow. As Mercury is a symbolized image of lord Vishnu, reading Vishnu sahasranamam everyday will help reduce the effect of malefic mercury. However, before turning into any of those remedies, please consult a Vedic expert.

So if you are clever, witty, analytical, research-oriented or a good orator, then it is a sign that your Mercury in astrology is strong. However, if you are suffering from lethargy, have crowd fear, devoid of any analytical skills and not great in communication skills, then you might be having a debilitated Mercury. To summarize, Mercury is responsible for good cognitive skill. Also, if you want to be handsome like Mercury then you need to have a strong backup of Mercury in your astrological chart.

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