The Sun In 1st House: Vedic Astrology

The first house in Vedic Astrology is also called the Ascendant or the house of the self. It is the most important house as it marks the beginning of life. And as for Sun, it is considered the king of all the celestial bodies because it is the center of everything. Sun signifies authority, leadership skills, honour and favor from the government. A person who has Sun in the 1st house is likely to have a sense of superiority over others.

Know the astrological importance of Sun in Astrology. Read how can the conjunction of Sun with different planets of our planetary system influence your life.

The areas affected due to the Sun in the first house

  • Health and well-being
  • Social image
  • Attitude towards self and others
  • Type (or nature) of profession
  • Professional success
  • Level of intelligence

Positive Traits/Impact:

The presence of the chief celestial body (Sun) in the most important house (1st house) is bound to create very different kinds of individuals. The influence of Sun’s energy & intensity on the core individuality of a person will lead to a righteous personality. At the same time, these persons may have a strong desire for power and authority.

Well, the natives of Sun in the 1st house have superb commanding abilities. They are born leaders and can guide large masses of people. But they should be fair and impartial while dealing with people and not give undue importance to a selected person or persons.

Also, the natives of Sun in the 1st house are characterised by their dynamism and independence. This can make them succeed in professions like politics as per career astrology of Sun in 1st house. They can easily acquire authority and power over others.

The placement of Sun in the 1st house also empowers a person with strong will and determination. They also are endowed with positivity, practicality and self-confidence. They tend to be wiser than most other people, according to the effect of Sun in 1st house.

At the same time, these natives are very curious and inquisitive by nature. They have a flair to learn something new and different all the time. This curiosity makes them grow in knowledge and experience.

Besides, those who have Sun in their first house enjoy a lot of respect and recognition in society. People like them for their leadership qualities and wisdom.

Thus, the people who have Sun in the 1st house are likely to be successful on the professional front. The strong energy & enthusiasm which they possess helps them take up life’s challenges in a better and easier manner. They can make a big difference in society.

Negative Traits /Impact:

In certain situations, the natives of Sun in the 1st house are likely to become arrogant and snobbish. The reason being that they are more into power and influence. Their confidence may turn into overconfidence. They may believe that their decisions are the best and nobody can think better than them. As an employer or manager, they can treat their subordinates inappropriately. This can make them unpopular with those who are below them. Some of them may even become their enemies.

Besides, the natives of Sun in 1st house may become eccentric and self-centred especially when things are not moving in their favor. They may only see their own interests and may even hurt the interests of others. This can make them unethical and unrighteous, according to Sun in first house Vedic astrology.

The natives of Sun in 1st house may also get quite temperamental. They may get very angry and their anger outbursts may disturb the harmony of their surroundings. It may also embitter their relationships with others.


So, we see that the Sun in first house is about energy, ambition, success, achievement, and accomplishment. But then the native has to work hard and use these abilities to his/her advantage. The natives of Sun in the 1st house can achieve a lot in life. But they may be weighed down by their anger and arrogance.

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