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Mars – The Fierce and Forceful Planet of Aggression!

Mars, the Red planet is fiery and masculine. According to Hindu mythology, it is the son of Bhumi (Earth) and Varaha (Boar). The role of Mars in astrology is of great significance because it often interferes with the marriage of a native due to Mangal Dosha. Mars in ancient mythology is often considered as lohit (red), angry faced. It is also called the god of rage and celibate (unmarried). However, it is also responsible for courage and determination. People under the radar of this planet are often high tempered and have rage in their heart. Every planet will affect a person in both positive and negative ways and this holds good for Mars also.

A strong Mars in horoscope indicates favourable scenarios for a native. The Mars in flourishing mode will give youthful energy, power and courage to compete in life and bestows a person with good management skill. However, a weak or malefic Mars may dampen the thinking power of a person by making him full of rage, anger and aggression. This may create hurdles in a native’s life and the person may sometimes press the self-destruction button.

Mars In Astrology: General Characteristics

As already mentioned, Mars is often called the red planet. It represents the masculine character of a native. Its element is dry and fiery. Mars, in different mythology, is also called the god of war. The native under the influence of Mars is likely to be hot in temperament with a warrior mentality. It elevates the animal nature of a person. It rules qualities like courage, confidence, leadership. But on the other hand, it can also lead to negative qualities like anger, rage, short-tempered, hatred, impulsive nature and insensitivity. However, Mars also grants skills to a person and helps him become good surgeons, engineers, designers and many other skilled professions.

Tuesday is considered to be the day of Mars of Mangal. Mars rules the Aries and Scorpio zodiac. Though Mars is most of the time malefic, it can also protect its devotees from blood-related diseases. It also helps a person acquire land and new property. Like the sun, Mars’ most powerful position is seen when it sits in the 10th house of a native. Mars is particularly beneficial for cancer and the Leo population. Mars attains its full maturity at the age of 28, and it sits in the south direction.

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Mythology Of Mars

Mars is also associated with Lord Kartikeya. Kartikeya has six heads because the six deities of the lunar constellation nurtured him. According to the myth, Kartikeya kills a demon called Taraka and releases the hostage from his prison. Kartikeya was not a trained warrior but still showed courage and determination, which is a quality of Mars. Mars, in other folklore, is also called the protector of justice. As per, Vedic astrology, Mars in astrology is also regarded as the god of celibate. Mars takes 18 months to complete the cycle and spend 45 days in each Rashi.

There is another story regarding the birth of Mars. According to the legend, Mars is the son of Earth. Earth was supposed to be lying deep inside the cosmic ocean, stolen and kept in captivity by a demon called Hiranyaksha. Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Varaha (Boar) and, with the support of tusks, uplifted the Earth. Varaha gifted earth a red coral. Earth by mistake dropped the coral into the sea and a child with red texture was born. He was called as lohitang. He was later called a mangal. The child was mentored by sage Bharadwaj. After learning about his birth, the child went to the forest and did penance. Lord Brahma was pleased and allocated him the position of a planet.

Other mythological texts state that Mangal is described as the son of Lord Shiva and Earth. While doing meditation on Mount Kailash, three drops of sweat fell on the ground. This gave rise to a child with a red complexion. Shiva handed the child to earth for his upbringing. He was later called Bhauma. Let’s discover the significance of planet mars and the astrological facts.

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Significance of Mars in Astrology

One might think Mars is good in astrology? It depends on the positioning of mars in the houses. Power of Mars in astrology can be determined by the fact that it is the god of war and gives courage to the native. Mars is exhaustive for Capricorn and fallen in the opposite sign of cancer. It is often perceived as a god with a red body and seen the same way as its astronomical body. Mars is generally malefic, but it is advantageous for Cancer and Leo people. Mars becomes Yogkaraka and grants the native all the wealth and prosperity. Mars rules Aries and Scorpions. By default, it gives direct aggression to Aries and indirect aggression to scorpions. The importance of Mars in astrology is such that it can become a barrier in marriage. If Mars lands in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the Lagna chart then the person is considered to be Manglik and this will hamper the marriage of that native.

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Mars affects the bone marrow of an individual. As it is a red planet, it closely relates to the generation of red blood corpuscles. Strong Mars in the birth chart, bestows courage, vitality and determinations. While a weak Mangal makes the person lazy, lack stamina, valour and has a lethargic approach towards life.

Mars in astrology holds high significance in Vedic astrology. Mars Mahadasha lasts for 7 years. Mars planet in astrology holds a significance such that during the mahadasha one is likely to be more energetic than usual. The native will be high in confidence and valour. Mars is also collateral to ego and high energy. On the positive side, the chances of success will increase. The person is likely to get promotions in career and the deadline jobs usually get finished within the timeframe. This phase will give you a sense of accomplishment and all the lethargy and stubbornness shall evaporate. The person will win against his/her enemies.

However, if Mars is placed in the wrong house then the negative side can be doom for the native. People will be prone to injury and accidents. There will be physical ailments and hurdles in life. It will reverse the energy and make one lethargic. Natives will tend to sleep a lot and there will be a lack of patience.

Antardasha of Mars in the Mahadasha will enhance the dominance of the planet in natives life. A weak Mars however indicates health problems related to the stomach or the urinary tract and blood-related issues. Mars is in its own sign and it forms a triangle or trikona giving auspicious results. This is the time when a native can acquire property and wealth.

Conjunction With Different Planets

Role of Mars in astrology can be known by its conjunction with different planets. Combination of Mars with different planets brings different results. Let us explore a few Mars conjunction. We will take examples of friendly planets and a few enemy planet combinations.

Mars and Mercury are enemies to each other. But the effect of these two planets may give different results. The opposite energy of these planets may make the person alert and sharp-minded. If both these planets are placed in the favourable house of the natal chart then the native will achieve success in life. However, such people may face problems in their marital life and education.

Mars with Jupiter will give the native a spiritual inclination and religious wisdom. Such a person is likely to be wise and excel in the field of education. They also get a good reputation in society and excel in civil work.

Mars is Pitta (fire) while Venus has an air sign. This combination can fuel expectations. For some,, this will work as a hot air balloon but for others, it may be a bad combination. People falling under such conjunction have an average life.

Mars and Saturn are two of the most influential malefic planets. Their combination is not good for anyone. Their conjunction will lead to problems and native will be inclined to commit a crime and gain wealth through immoral practice. They are pessimists and do not value religion.

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Remedies To Enhance A Weak Mars

Tuesday is the day for Mars. It is advised that praying to these planets helps one get rid of debt, poverty and ailments of derma. One can also restore his eyesight by praying to Angaraka. Observing fast for 21 Tuesdays reduces the malefic effect of mangal. To make the mangal strong one should wear red coral stone or the moonga stone on the ring finger. To remove mangal dosha, it is advised to perform the mangal shanti puja.

Mars in astrology signifies passion, war and anger. Its placement in different houses in the birth chart indicates how one is going to fare in life. It also helps to sharpen the skill set which is required for the protection of competition. But Mars is not only about war, it also symbolizes passion and tells about the sex life. Mars is also responsible as a hindrance to marriage. So in Indian culture, it is inevitable for families to match boy and girls horoscopes for mangal dosha.

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