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Ascendant: How To Find Your Rising Sign?

Astrology has come into the mainstream, and more people are interested in learning about their natal charts than previously was the case. In addition to “signs” meaning “symbol” and “numerology”, there is increasing concern with making use of what is often referred to as the “sidereal” and “nadir” factors. But even those who are aware of their rising signs may not know exactly what it means for them, so we’re here to explain: What is exactly an increasing sign, how to locate it, and how you can convey your rising sign in your life.

The Sun, The Moon And The Ascendant Meaning

The three key planetary points that outline your daily personality in your birth chart are your sun, moon, and rising sign. Most people are aware of their sun sign, but many are unaware of their moon and rising sign. This is why the straightforward response of “I’m a Libra” to the question “What’s your sign?” is so much more complicated.

So, how should you react to your sign question? By discovering what your sun, moon, and rising sign really mean, and then determining which of the 12 zodiac signs they represent in your birth chart. Understanding this can have an impact on everything from booking the best workouts for your zodiac sign (Leo, get ready to put the pedal to the metal) to discovering health and beauty treatments that suit your zodiac flow.

In your birth chart, the sun, moon, and rising sign are all located within a particular zodiac sign. The 12 zodiac signs are identified with an element (earth, water, air, fire), a fundamental attribute (cardinal, mutable, fixed), and a planetary ruler. These planetary elements help us in understanding how our lives are shaped.

Sun Sign

Your identity is the light. It is the essence of the universe that you shine. It represents the essential power that pushes you to search for your true self for the highest expression. Your sun sign is how you react to the “I am” issue, how you perceive life and convey your personality. You can feel these feelings when you are practising yoga. It’s also the kind of energy you need to feel revitalised. For instance, the aspect of your sun sign helps you understand your trends of self-expression and how you recharge it. Get to know more about Sun Signs here.

Moon Sign

The moon is the soul of your personality. It is the subconscious side of yourself that you usually keep secret, which drives your emotional reactions. Your moon sign assists you in feeling pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, and provides insight into how you nourish and heal yourself. These happiness hacks are often beneficial to me. It is your inner world’s Mecca. The aspect of your moon sign, for example, will help you understand your inner world and how you usually respond in emotional situations. Read More about your Moon Signs Here.

Ascendant: A Social Face

Your social personality is the rising symbol (also known as the Ascendant). It’s how precisely you dawn on the people as it concerns the zodiacal sign that you were born on the eastern horizon. Your rising sign is your physical and external style. It is your inner and outer world’s representation, which can determine the equilibrium between your seven dimensions. For example, the aspect of your rising sign helps to understand the form of energy that drives your physical body and the entire approach to life. Importance Of Ascendant Astro It represents an individual’s overall appearance, character and disposition. It allows you to understand the physical stature, colour, fame and structure of the native person. It will show vital health information, whether or not you’re fit and fine. It reveals life’s struggle and also reflects life’s successful and failed attempts. It speaks of the fortunes and misfortunes of life and the place of indigenous life. The degree to which native people will succeed in their lives is determined. It shows the plied storey of one’s life connected with his home or away from the place of birth. It can be decided by Ascendant whether the native would be renowned in foreign areas or not. It also shows your younger siblings about the benefits, benefits and advantages.

How To Find Your Ascendant

As we all know, there are 12 zodiac signs in the Zodiac Belt. One often appears on the eastern horizon when you are born. The measurement of each zodiac sign is 30 degrees. Therefore, the Rising Sign is also 30 degrees.

In the astrological house system, the ascendant represents the first house or cusp, which is the building block of the division of the home of the sky at the moment of birth. It is very significant because it represents how you look to others.

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Let’s Know Every Zodiac Ascendant

The subject of astrology is complex. If you find that your upward sign definitions do not echo with you, bear in mind that this is just a tiny part of the puzzle. A complete overall overview of your rising sign includes the sign and the house in which your ruling planet is and other graphical nuances like where the planets relate. There are endless options and variations, but the following breaks down rising signs in their basic form without any additional detail.


When you’re an Aries, you’re probably courageous, thoughtful and independent. You are extremely powerful and commanding and may even be regarded as intimidating. You are the Zodiac’s fierce guerrilla. You lead the cavalry, being the first warning. You are the first fire sign of the zodiac, and you see the universe as a set of contests. Aries, you’re a trailblazer who springs to seek forgiveness, not permission. You also have a spot-on impact on your intuition.

The rising Aries loves action and always tries to stimulate some movement. In their entrepreneurial ways lies their power. It is not always easy to finish stuff unless Mars has a more tenacious symbol, as Taurus or Scorpio.

Aries Ascendant also leads very quickly, with its head leaning slightly forward. Surprisingly distinctive is this stroll. The common physical complaints of this position are headaches, sinus and eye problems. Sometimes rash and acne occur on the face and shoulders. Broad hips and slim shoulders are frequent. Sometimes, the rising Aries people smile quickly and have a youthful charm all the time.


When you are a Taurus rising, you probably give off solid, trustworthy vibes. However, you have a weaker side as well. Great stuff, including beautiful clothing, great food and massages, can be enjoyed in life. Taurus is often pigeonholed as materialistic, and you still work hard enough to gain some luxury though you like to surround yourself with incredible fineness. You are the first sign of the planet and, in its purest form, reflect earthiness. This means that you want to be busy and artistic to find a creative new maquillage look. You might like gardening, cooking, knitting, or even the challenge. Taurus growing indigenous people are also very vigilant and careful. They are unknown for their versatility with a fixed sign on the Ascendant. Instead, they have a certain unity of thought. Taurus rising prefers the “positive stuff” in life more than anyone. Self-indulgence may be a vulnerability for many people born under this Ascendant. Taurus growing natives, who are always collectors in some way, put a high value on their material belongings.


When you’re a Gemini, you’re likely to be spoken, bright and curious. With your fellow air sign, Aquarius, you are probably the social network expert of your party. You always do 18 tasks simultaneously and work on many projects. You can often come out as two separate people as a double sign, such as the Libra and the Pisces, but that’s no bad thing. It is your inexhaustible energy and money that we need. You will churn out ideas for a mile a minute. Often the urge to do something can overtake you, but sadly it is impossible to do all at once — try to stick to one or two matters you really care about and concentrate later on the rest of your list.

Also, children are sometimes branded as the intelligent, the curviest and even the strange kid by natives born to a Gemini Ascendant. Many felt there was no comfort in their childhood.

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If your rising sign is Cancer, then those who identify you may have a soft, caring and compassion at the top of the list. Among your close friends, you are probably seen as the mother. You are a home person who appreciates your relatives, blood or chosen ties. You like your routine — after all, it took you time and effort to get yourself established and do things as you want to be. You may also be the one who has problems because you know how to keep people’s room.

When attacked or on unknown territory, their first reaction is to defend themselves. When confronted with new circumstances, they may withdraw or appear shy. In general, these people seem to be loving individuals. They seem to be very sweet, even innocent. These people usually seem unassuming enough to be approachable. On the other hand, some Cancer Ascendants have retreated so far into themselves that they seem to be the polar opposite.


People who are rising Leo think of you as optimistic, lively, and pleasant. You have a penchant for the dramatic, which everyone notices when you step into a room. You are also very artistic, whether you express yourself through a vlog, a beautiful social media feed, or creative clothes and makeup. The fact that you are living your best life encourages others to do the same. Summer is Leo season, and you take the carefree, sunshine spirit with you. Leo is also known as the zodiac’s brother. You, like children, live in the moment but can be a little demanding. Your ferocious energy is not for all. People born under the sign of Leo are self-aware and self-conscious. They are painfully aware of how they seem to others. In reality, these people are acutely conscious of their personal “backdrop”–they consider the people they are with and the situations they are immersed into are their own picture. Leo rising natives often feel as if they are on display, often in the privacy of their own homes!


People who meet a Virgo rising may describe you as organised, well-put-together, and dependable. In times of crisis, friends frequently seek your advice. You are a natural caregiver and understand how to deal with things in order of importance. As an earth sign, you are likely to be connected to nature and to love animals. You understand that this planet is valuable and must be mindful of how we use its resources.

Body consciousness is one of the most critical personality traits for this role. People born under the sign of Virgo are sensitive to any pain or other symptoms their bodies send them. Many people are particularly interested in and concerned about their physical health, and some are drawn to mind-body mindfulness activities such as yoga. People born under the sign of Virgo are frequently picky eaters. While some people have good appetites, they can be extremely picky about what they put in and on their bodies.


When you are a Libra, you will probably feel pleased, sweet and charming for those who come in touch with you – no matter what’s going on underneath the surface. Since Libra is a sign of the air, you’re social, enjoy yourself, and work with others. You may know that Libras is unwilling, but this may be true because you want everyone to be happy in general. But it is important to remember that the best possible outcome for most people is not always possible. It should be noted that Libra is the zodiac diplomat. See, it makes perfect sense.


Scorpio was rising, and you’ll be thought of as enigmatic, private, and highly appealing. Although it may be, it is not often sexually charming. People like to find out about the hustle and bustle on the other side of life. Be prepared for rising Scorpio when you meet them: they can be highly passionate, and they’re justified. You probably had some encounters that made you put your guard in place, especially if you have some other influence of Scorpio on your chart, and it might take time to learn.


People could describe you as fun, lively and bright if you’re a Sagittarius rising. You have a contagious lifestyle that is known as a zodiac optimist. You still have a half-full bottle. Right now, that could be a little complicated, and the outcome might be your serious hand. You are also regarded as a wise professor and a truth-seeker. You’re open-minded, opined, because you’re not saying what other people think. You can also be very blunt, which backfires often.


You come as mature, structured and inspired when you are a Capricorn growing. You’re still organised and put together. You aim for grandeur and demand a great deal from yourself and others. You measure higher and often do things that others wouldn’t want to dream of. But since Capricorn is a sign of the earth, you also have a foundation for grandeur. You function in the structure and then challenge standards.

Capricorn rising citizens are usually focused on family and are constantly concerned with security–both for themselves and their dependents. Others perceive them as hardworking, competent, and dependable individuals. What others may not notice is an inner struggle: they frequently ask themselves, “Am I doing enough?”, “Do I deserve all of this?” and “How can I make things better?” They are very concerned about the future.


You could be regarded as intellectual, visionary and humanitarian when you’re an Aquarius rising. Some people believe the aqua means that you are a water sign in Aquarius. Aquarius, however, is the third (with Gemini and Libra) air sign and a representation of the bearer of the water. It’s all about sharing the water; it’s not the water; it is a symbol with the world and being part of a collective. You are also considered to be very individualistic and, because of your turquoise pixie cut and scooter, it’s possible to see a growing aquarium only a mile away, or you could be singing just at top of your lungs as you go down the street. In any event, you stand out and walk your own drum’s beat.

It’s difficult to rouse an Aquarius. There’s nothing new or startling left to see. They still like to shock people. However, by nature, they enjoy being seen as immature; they do get a little annoyed, although subtle. Some people born on their ascendant with Aquarius can be slightly provocative and irreverent.

Most people are polite and kind to Ascendant. They usually overlap very well with others in their personality. Others are traditionally very free – treating citizens of all life groups as equals in general. And most attracts their slightly mild and distant curiosity about everything around them.


You probably describe yourself as dreamy, caring, and your head a little cloudy if you are a fish rising. That is because occasionally, whether you know it or not, you have a profound bond with other worlds. Pisces is referred to as the Zodiac psyche, which bears all the other signs because it’s the last sign. You are also inherently associated with humankind as a whole. You may appear to be not paying attention when someone encounters you for the first time or if your thoughts are elsewhere. That may be partly valid, but you take everything, including the words of the guy, the language of his body and his underlying emotions.

People with Pisces rising are resistant to any sort of labelling their characters. They are changeable, and they want nothing pinned or attached to themselves. Their nature is restless and curious and cannot be satisfied with one way of life or being. Pisces rising escape cold, brutal facts or harsh truths just as the plague. To gain the upper hand tomorrow or even today, they don’t have a clear strategy. Because of their openness and willingness to experience” stuff, it’s challenging to try to lead them towards achieving the goal.

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