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Vastu Tips For Your Child’s Study Room At Home

The process of studying is such that it requires a lot of effort as well as concentration to perform well. While it is necessary to put in more hard work to show results, factors like the vibe of the room, direction of the study table and the way the bookshelf is placed also plays a major role in deciding the outcome. This is the same reason why Vastu for study room comes into the picture.

Not only does it help to ease mental pressure but it also aids in gaining more benefits while also being able to concentrate more and be productive. Thus, vastu shastra for the study room does influence a person for the better.

While the performance of the student may not only be proportional to the study room vastu, some factors affect the child if Vastu Shastra for the study room is not considered. For example, the child may not be able to concentrate or focus on his studies, may find it difficult to memorize things to be learned, etc. There are chances that the student may not be able to recall what he has learned during his examination too or find it hard to read or write properly as well. There may also be confusion that he/she may go through with regards to understanding the concepts of the subjects.

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Vastu Tips For Study Room

There are numerous factors taken into consideration while deciding the structure and construction of the study room as per Vastu. Let us explore them through the given below points:

  • According to Vastu direction for study room, the best direction to study and place the room is in the northeast, east or west side of the house.
  • An individual studying should always face the east or north direction while studying.
  • One should also make sure that the room is well lit and the person is not facing a blank wall or a window while studying.
  • Even though having a bathroom in the study room is fine, one should avoid placing a toilet in the room.
  • Additionally, the bookshelf in the study room should be placed on the southern or western side of the room.
  • As per the Vastu of the study table is concerned, it should always be in a square or a rectangle shape to obtain maximum gains.
  • Also, with respect to the size of the table, it should not be too big or too small. Perhaps, the ratio of the length and the width should not be more than 1:2, as per the Vastu experts.
  • It is also advisable to place the images of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Saraswati as it may aid in nurturing optimistic vibrations in the room.
  • To perform well in terms of memorizing study material and increasing concentration, a pyramid can assist you in doing so. This also helps in balancing the energy to yield good results.
  • If one uses a table lamp to study, it should be placed in the southeast corner of the study table.
  • If one is interested in putting up a clock, then it is suggested to place a wall clock with a pendulum on the north wall of the study room.
  • As per what is stated in the study room Vastu, it is suggested that one should construct windows in such a way, that the big ones are located on the eastern side and the small ones are placed on the western side of the room.
  • Concerning the color schemes as per vastu, the walls should be painted with light colors as it helps to learn and grasp better, rather than using dark shades.

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Don’ts For Study Room Vastu

Here are some key features that one may need to take notice of and avoid while constructing the study room as per Vastu.

  • It is better to avoid placing a bed in the study room as it may make the child a little lazy and might as well not be able to study effectively.
  • Do not at any cost, use black color to paint the walls as this can be inauspicious.
  • Another crucial aspect is that the bookshelf should not be constructed above the study table, rather it should be placed somewhere else.
  • If you do place a computer, avoid keeping it in any direction apart from the southeast corner of the room.
  • The study table should not have any sharp edges as the energy created can harm us with its negativity.
  • Last but not least, is that one should always avoid keeping the study room very untidy and a mess as it creates a negative vibe and atmosphere around which can hamper the studies.

Now, we know what different aspects play a role in deciding the Vastu for the study room. If you do have any more concerns regarding the same, then our vastu experts will be more than happy to solve your problems!