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Vastu For Guest Room

Our culture has always believed that God can come in the disguise of a guest, which is why we treat them with immense love and respect. The phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava” holds true for us and therefore constructing a guest room is quite important in our society.

We live in a culture where it is quite evident that we do give a lot of heed to our guests and the manner how we treat them. Your priority is to take the utmost care of them and see to it that you do not hurt or harm them at any cost. There may be times when one may feel burdened with their stay at your house but it is very essential to realize to not show any disappointment regarding this and keep on serving the guest as long as he/she is present.

There is a whole science behind the construction of the guest room as per Vastu which may not only provide a comfortable and pleasant stay for the guest but also generate gains for the inhabitants as well, in the process.

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Guidelines for Guest Room Vastu

The guest room in a house is equally important as the other rooms in the house. Hence, proper care is taken while designing the guest room as per Vastu. It is understandable as to why people nowadays feel the pressure of hosting a guest for a long time due to their busy schedule and priorities. But, a guest is a guest and the fact that you have to look after them cannot be denied at any cost.

The guest in your house should feel good vibrations and energy while staying at your place. Given below are some tips that you can use while building the guest room in your house according to the guest room Vastu:

  • The most ideal, appropriate and acceptable place to construct your guest house is in the North-West direction of the house. Besides, this is the most unstable area in the house and thus the most preferred for a guest room.
  • The Southern or the South-East direction is also known to be a good place to construct your guest room, however, it may not be the best option available. Hence, for this, you can also consult our Vastu Experts and know the parameters in detail!
  • As far as the door is concerned, the guest room Vastu says that a North-East door facing the East or North, South-East door facing the South and the North-West door facing the West direction are the most preferable ones.
  • If you happen to build your guest room in the North-West corner, then it is advised to locate the bathroom in the South-East corner of the room.
  • Moreover, if you build the guest room in the South-East direction, then it is recommended to set up a window in the South or South-East direction.
  • Over and above that, placing a window at the North-East corner, directing either towards the North or the West direction is also suitable as per our Vastu Experts.
  • Keeping the bed in the South or West part of the guest room is suggestive. Also, make sure that the head, while sleeping, is towards the South direction, says Ganesha.
  • With respect to the guest room Vastu, it is better to place all the electronic items and equipment on the South-East side of the room.
  • All the cupboards with shelves and drawers should be set up on the South or the West wall of the guest room, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • In terms of guest room color as per Vastu, one should always use bright colors like light blue or white to paint the wall which provides a soothing effect to the guest living here.

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Guest Room Vastu: The Don’ts

A guest room should be built in such a way that the person feels relaxed and calm. It is also constructed in a manner that the guest does not influence or have a command on other family matters, as per Vastu for the guest room. Thus, to establish a guest room like this, Vastu principles have to be applied to maintain this balance.

There are a set of points that one can avoid while constructing the guest room following the Vastu. Here are a few noteworthy points that one should refrain from:

  • One should abstain from locating the guest room in the South-West direction as that is designated only for the head or the owner of the family. This also increases the stay of the guest.
  • Make sure that there is no beam of light running over the bed as this is considered to be inauspicious.
  • If you have an attached bathroom in the guest room, do not place its entrance opposite to the bed.
  • Also, avoid using dark colors to paint the walls as this may impact the guest negatively, which in turn, may harm the inhabitants of the house.

Generally, it is quite fun when guests and distant relatives come to your house, both from your maternal as well as paternal sides. However, there is a little frustration at times when the guests live in the house for way too long. Applying the above do’s and don’ts will surely aid in making the stay of the guest peaceful, enjoyable yet short at the same time!

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