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Vital Vastu Tips For Pets Or Animal Home

There has been a unique bond between humans and animals since time immemorial. Humans have always loved connecting with animals, especially dogs who have helped keep a cheerful aura in the house.

With such a beautiful relationship that a man shares with animals, Vastu Shastra has also been quite interested in creating an association with pets. Concerning Vastu animals for home, a lot of emphasis have been put for nurturing animals which can also prove to be beneficial for the people living in the house.

Different animals have different effects on the house and its inhabitants as per Vastu for pets. Thus, accordingly, a pet is nurtured. One may also have to look upon the fact if a pet is bringing in good luck or bad luck for the people living in the house which is of the utmost significance. Questions about which pet to keep, which pet not to nurture, and the direction in which a pet should be kept, etc all come under Vastu animals for home.

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Vastu Tips for Animals Home :

A pet at home brings a lot of positivity and cheerfulness in the house for the dwellers. They help in maintaining an emotional balance apart from providing an optimistic aura around the house. There are some rules and guidelines that have to be followed as per Vastu Shastra to get the benefits of animals and birds kept at home. If these are practiced, then it will not only be advantageous for the people living but may also help a pet to live a fruitful life.

Here are a few vastu tips that can succour, as per the regulations laid down in Vastu for pets. These are:

  • To start with, a dog has been referred to as a man’s best friend and certainly has been affiliated closely with the sentiments of the inhabitants. Keeping a dog as a pet also requires a lot of care and attention which is mandatory if you do end up having a dog at your house. A proper kennel or house for the dog in the North direction can be quite favorable for you, says Ganesha. Cleanliness is very important and eventually because they are animals, it is our job to clean them up and then let them enter the house. Also, make sure that the entrance of the house and that of the kennel should not be the same.
  • Ideally, the pets in the house should be kept in the North, North-West or East direction.
  • North-west direction is considered best for Domestic Cattles.
  • The cow is considered to be a “mata” (mother) in Hindu traditions. It is also believed that it is emotionally the closest animal as we drink her milk and use her urine and cow dung in various rituals. Thus, it not only heals us with her medicinal values through such products but also helps in getting rid of sorrow and pain that the dwellers may experience. Placing them in the part of the house that faces maximum complications may curb all issues, as per our Vastu experts. A crucial point is to dispose of their waste in the North-West direction.
  • Fishes, in Vastu Shastra, have been regarded as animals that bring in a lot of good health and prosperity in the house as well. However, this may only work if it is kept in the North-East direction.
  • As we all know, the elephant is closely associated with Lord Ganesha. But, because it is an animal that cannot be tamed in a house, one can keep a statute made of mud in the South-West direction or, a marble statue in the West direction. This will eradicate the bad influence of Rahu and other Vastu doshas.
  • Birds are also known to be tamed by humans and keeping their cage in the North-East, East or North direction can have an optimistic influence on the health of the inhabitants.
  • A turtle, if kept as a pet, should be placed in the North direction for it brings in a lot of affluence and good fortune to the family.
  • According to Vastu animals for home, frogs are also said to be a sign of good luck and fortune which is why dwellers should not be bothered by them if they roam outside the house.

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Vastu For Animals: Things To Avoid

Though most of the animals kept as pets are harmless, some have a negative impact on the house if nurtured. As per what is mentioned in the Vastu for animals, one should abstain from the following animals and the direction at which they are kept:

  • Directions like the South-East and South-West should be avoided to place your pets. These directions are unfavorable and may make the pets unhealthy and fidgety most of the time.
  • Parrots are known to be pets that harm the aura of the house. This is why it is not advised to keep parrots as pets as per Vastu.
  • Furthermore, cats are also thought of as pets that spread negativity in the house. For another reason, they are not as loyal as dogs as well. Therefore, keeping cats as pets can be avoided too!
  • Most importantly, make sure that you take proper care of your pets. One may not receive any positive effect of the pets if they are not treated properly or not taken care of.

For more guidance, you can connect with our Vastu Experts who can throw some light on the same!

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