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Vastu Tips For The Success Of Your Hotel Business

The hospitality industry is flourishing day by day. But still, some hotels are doing exceptionally well while others are not able to earn any profit. Rather they incur a loss! What magic do the successful hoteliers use that the others don’t? The answer is Vastu Shastra for Hotel. Let’s explore more about this magic.

Vastu for Hotel

When a hotel is constructed following the vastu tips for hotel it gives the owner and the customers a great deal of satisfaction. Hotel planning, as per vastu, also helps in reducing manual errors by the staff. It escalates the room occupants and positive reviews by customers. On the other hand, non-compliance with the vastu shastra can lead to multiple complaints from the customers and low performance by the staff. So, to get the maximum benefit, it is advisable to follow the vastu shastra tips for a hotel.

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Hotel

Happy customers and employees are the brand ambassadors of any hotel. So, if one wants to flourish in the hotel business, it is important to keep the customers and the employees happy. This can be attained with simple rules of vastu shastra while planning the design of the hotel.

  • The plot for the hotel should be regular in shape. It should be either square or rectangular. This helps increase the profit in business with total customer satisfaction. Read more vastu tips for plot shapes
  • The area should be large enough to have sufficient room for positivity to move around easily. North and East should be left with greater open space as these have maximum positive energies.
  • The entrance of the hotel should be appealing. It should be beautifully decorated with green plants and a water fountain. An impressive door-man with a pleasing be personality, should be standing at the gate to welcome the guests. The main entrance should be in the north or east direction as this is the direction of positivity.
  • In the dining area of the hotel, the arrangement of tables and chairs should be in accordance with the magnetic axis. Also, the table should be square or rectangular as this helps in experiencing comfort. Get more vastu tips for furniture.
  • To enjoy higher quality and greater taste of food, the kitchen should be in the south-east of the hotel. Ensure that the kitchen is on the ground floor only.
  • As per the vastu colours for hotel, yellow, cream, orange, and brown are favorable to the hotel. This enhances customer satisfaction. Avoid using grey or green as it may lead to guest’s withdrawal.
  • All the electrical equipment should be placed in the south-east direction.
  • According to the vastu for hotel rooms, the rooms for the guests should be in the south-west. The beds in the rooms should be in the south or west. While sleeping, the guest’s head should be in the south or east.
  • As suggested by the vastu for lodge, the balconies should be in the north or eastern direction of the room, as this direction brings in positive vibes.
  • Toilets should be in the west or north-west direction.
  • The swimming pool should be in the north-east of the hotel.
  • The vastu for hotel interior will also guide you to have specific painting and number of switchboards and other accessories if you want those details. Vastu shastra also has a complete guide explaining the vastu for west facing hotels, north-facing hotels, or south-facing hotels. Though all the directions are not considered as auspicious as north or east, by following the vastu principles one can easily change the fate of the hotel and gain customer satisfaction as well as reach a great height in the hospitality business.

Concluding Note

Vastu for Hotel can help the hoteliers earn humongous profit without worrying about petty issues. It optimizes the overall rate of satisfaction that the customers experience. With a warm and comfortable place to relax, the guests always look forward to returning to the same hotel, without realizing that they are under the direct influence of the invisible force of vastu shastra. The science of architecture, the vastu shastra for hotels makes it possible for the owner, the staff as well as the customers to return home with a happy and a contented heart and soul. The people who are in the business of hotel are blessed with the vastu tips for hotel and they can explore this secret mantra to success without having to spend much. The most important thing to remember is the location of the hotel and of course, the vastu for interior and exterior of the hotel. So, the guests and customers, get ready to enjoy a relaxing stay and some delicious food at a hotel that is vastu compliant.

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