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Vastu Tips For A Perfect Balcony

A Balcony is a platform enclosed by a wall on the outside of the building and is a space meant to sit, relax and unwind along with using it for several other objectives. It is observed that the balcony is usually attached to the bedroom or living room. This spot has seen an increase in number with the uprising of apartments and flats which is why applying Vastu Shastra can be very helpful.

Setting up a balcony as per Vastu involves a lot of factors right from the location of the balcony to its furniture arrangements and the positioning of the roof. We shall look further into all these matters and come to a sound conclusion as to why balcony Vastu is essential.

Balcony Vastu Tips

Several factors come into the picture while dealing with the erecting of the balcony as per Vastu. Here are some Vastu guidelines that may assist you in comprehending what role does Vastu Shastra plays in this process of designing a balcony:

  • As far as the direction of the balcony is concerned, its construction should be in the Eastern or Northern parts of the house. Balcony towards the North generates good wealth and prosperity whereas a balcony on the Eastern side gives people good health and opportune occasions.
  • Designing the balcony in the North and East direction can prove to be quite fruitful. This, in turn, also provides the required sunlight during the day as well as the afternoon.
  • If you want to place the furniture, it is recommended to position it in the South-Western, Western or Southern part of the balcony. Use wooden and marble furniture as they work best for such areas of the house.
  • If a swing is to be placed, then do so in the East-West axis. This is viewed as being auspicious as per Vaastu Shastra.
  • To set up plantations, it is suggestive to put them in the North-East side of the balcony so that they get the optimum sunlight needed to grow and sustain. Directions like East and North are best for plants.
  • One can also put small plants and small flower pots in the balcony.
  • Additionally, do make sure that the height of the balcony should be lower than the height of the main building, says Ganesha.
  • Square and rectangle-shaped balconies are more preferable as per Vastu. And the walls should always meet at ninety degrees, say our experts. Read more Vaastu tips for Plot shapes
  • Decorative items can also be used to embellish your balcony for such an arrangement aid in sustaining positive vibes. One can also light up the balcony as keeping it dark may have a negative effect on the aura.

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Things To Avoid As Per Balcony Vastu

As per what is stated in the construction of the balcony as per Vastu, some parameters are ticked off because they negatively impact the surroundings and the people living in the house. Here are a few to lead as examples:

  • Abstain from using Asbestos or Tin in making the roof of the balcony as they absorb a lot of heat which leads to an increase in the temperature.
  • Avoid planting huge pots and creepers in the balcony as they obstruct the light falling on the balcony.
  • It is also advised to not construct the balcony in the Western and Southern side of the balcony for they can prove to be inauspicious for the inhabitants.
  • Make sure that the roof of the balcony is not towards the South, South-West or South-East.
  • Re-constructing a balcony (either to extend or to shrink) should be done with proper measurements and not done unsystematically for it can influence your mental health.
  • Do not construct rounded balconies as they create numerous issues in the lives of the dwellers.
  • If you do happen to use the balcony for cleaning and washing purposes, refrain from setting up the machines in the South-West direction of the balcony because that may hamper your affluence.
  • Do not use dark and heavy colors in your balcony, rather one can use light shades with the likes of cream, yellow or beige.
  • Do not use metallic furniture at any cost. Know Vastu tips for furniture.

Hence, it is of paramount importance to construct your balcony in a particular manner so that there is an optimistic reverberation throughout the house. For more in-depth details, you can always consult our Vastu expert who can guide you throughout the construction process of your balcony to its maximum advantage.

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