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Some Necessary Facts For Portico Vastu

A portico is a portion of a building’s roof that is backed alternately by columns. It is a porch that is attached to the house. If there is enough space, a separate garage may be constructed to place the cars. However,  if space is limited, a portico is built for the same purpose. It takes up less space and is just as useful for parking the vehicle. The portico’s proper placement means good luck and positivity for the vehicles parking there. It not only improves the performance of the engine, but it also saves money on its purchase. If you want to instal a portico in your apartment, you can keep a few things in mind.

Vastu For Portico- Do’s

  • To begin with, one of the benefits of building a portico is that it serves as a barrier against disruptive forces while still blessing the occupants with good health. It also contributes to a positive atmosphere in the home.
  • Furthermore, doing so in this way can be logically clarified as it aids in obtaining the optimal amount of morning sunlight available.
  • Be certain that the portico would not come into close contact with the main house. Use pillars as supporting supports to keep them away from the wall.
  • According to Portico Vastu, if you ever happen to park your car under the portico, it is preferable to do so in the North or East of North for plots that face the North or East direction.
  • Slanting the roof of the Portico/Patio/Verandah on the East and North sides will provide favourable conditions for you and your neighbours. It can also improve the effectiveness needed in coping with difficult circumstances.
  • One can also green it up and cultivate plants in the North-East region to interact with mother nature on a more personal basis.
  • Furthermore, scholars believe that the height of the portico can be less than that of the main house.
  • Keep open spaces in the verandah/portico to allow for a steady flow of refreshing air. This will create a positive atmosphere in the home.
  • To paint the walls of your portico, use bright colours such as white or yellow shades.

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Portico Vastu- Don’ts

There are certainly some things to avoid while constructing a portico or verandah. This is recommended so that individuals do not suffer any negative consequences as a result of their incorrect positioning. This, in particular, will result in adverse conditions for your health and income. You can also use our Golden Plated Vastu Yantra to combat negativity in the home and create more constructive vibrations to assist you in dealing with it!

The following are some things to avoid while building a portico or a verandah:

  • Do not build the verandah/portico facing south, as this brings a lot of bad omens and misfortune to the family.
  • Heavy furniture should be avoided since it may obstruct the movement of air circulation in the room.
  • It is, therefore, best to avoid erecting circular verandah/portico corners.
  • In a perfect world, one might even avoid using tin roofs and instead opt for cement walls. According to Ganesha, it is also preferable to have no roof at all.
  • Cut corners on the walls can also be avoided because they detract from the atmosphere of the room.
  • Since it is such an important part of the structure, one can also contact a Vaastu specialist who can assist in providing more comprehensive information for building the house.
  • As it is such an important part of the building, one can also consult a Vaastu specialist who will assist in providing more detailed information for designing the verandah/portico.
  • Before constructing the home, plan and design the portico. This will assist you with properly planning your special arrangements.
  • Placing the portico to the west may have its own set of drawbacks. So, this is all that should be avoided!
  • Maintaining a well-lit environment and keeping the field tidy would both help to maximise the benefits by attracting positive vibes.

Some Other Necessary Facts For Portico Vastu

The load in those directions rises as balconies are built on the first floor to the north and east of the building. This can be addressed by using load-balancing methods, such as constructing the balcony and portico in a long, straight line.

If the portico slants or faces the south in some way, it is considered unlucky for elders or female members of the family.

It is advisable to contact a Vastu expert to prevent any damages before making any crucial decisions.

Porch Vastu

Avoid having a garage or car porch in the northeast: Whether it faces east or north, the roof of the porch should be lower than the roof of the main house. The Scientific Reason – The North and East directions should be kept open as far as possible to allow continuous and morning sunshine into the building.

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The Conclusion

Vaastu Shastra, as it is known, is the science of architecture that, when practised correctly, will bring about a plethora of positive changes in one’s existence. Portico Vastu also plays an important role in the gains of Vastu science. Moreover, we now know how the construction will bring optimistic improvements and provide people who live in the house with greater positivity in their lives. Although it also succeeds, it offers good health and enjoyment for the guy!

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