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Vastu Tips For Kitchen To Increase Positivity In Your House

Vastu For Kitchen

The kitchen is the primary source of food and water in a home, ensuring our nutritional health. It is vital since it controls our bodies and is an essential part of the home we live in. Furthermore, it reflects the aspect of fire, which aids in nurturing the human body and preparing food.

According to Vastu principles, the kitchen should be designed because it helps to balance the house’s energies and vibrations. It is not only a source of life, but it also aids in the development of inspiration during times of crisis.

Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu:

According to Vastu Shastra, the elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water must be in harmony for your kitchen to be filled with positive energy. Adjust or amend those areas of your kitchen, if possible, to increase the positive energy in your house.

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the house, which means that the southeast tip of your home is the perfect location for your kitchen. If you are not able to do so for whatever reason, the northwest route will suffice. However, ensure that the kitchen is never built in the north, north-east, or southwest directions of the house, severely damaging family relationships.

As all of the items in the kitchen reflect flames, gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters, and other appliances should be located in the kitchen’s southeast corner. Furthermore, these things should be arranged so that they force an individual to cook facing east. This would ensure positive energies.

Within the bathroom, washbasins, the laundry machine, water tanks, and the kitchen drain should be oriented north or northeast. An overhead tanker in the kitchen, on the other hand, must never face north or northeast. The water tanker should be put outside the kitchen in the western part of the building. It is crucial to make a balance between the fire and water components. You will prosper in terms of income and wellbeing if you achieve a water balance.

To assist you in overcoming life’s challenges, but the refrigerator in the southwest direction. It would also contribute to a more peaceful kitchen atmosphere.

Grain and other stock should be stored in the kitchen’s southwest corner to attract good fortune and wealth. You can also attract good fortune and wealth by worshipping an attuned Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra.

Vastu For Kitchen Sink & Stove:

Kitchen sinks and faucets show running water and should often be put in the northeast direction. Furthermore, Vastu shastra states that sinks should not be installed near the stove because water and fire are opposing elements that repel each other.

Kitchen Window As Per Vastu

Windows are a great way to get negative out, and Vastu experts agree that getting a few windows in the kitchen is essential. An exhaust is also needed, and it should be positioned in the east direction to expel all negative energies. Windows should be oriented in the same direction as well.

Placement Of Drinking Water Vessels As Per Vastu Kitchen

Many people use earthen containers, filters, and bottles to hold water for everyday use. It is considered auspicious to place some filter, RO, or earthen pot in the kitchen in the northeast direction.

The Floor Of The Kitchen As Per Vastu Shastra

Choosing the best floor for the kitchen is essential. Several items in the kitchen can damage the flooring. Thus, according to Vastu Shastra, Ceramic tiles, mosaic, and marble are the best flooring choices for the kitchen. Avoid using wood floors in the kitchen because they can be dangerous.

Kitchen Colours As Per Vastu Shastra

Green, lemon yellow, and orange are perfect kitchen colours because they nourish and reflect the colour of flames. Resist using black, grey, and blue in the kitchen. “If you don’t have a separate pooja room, you can have a temple in the kitchen, in the north/east corner, if you cook vegetarian food.” It is best not to keep a temple in the kitchen while non-vegetarian food is being prepared.

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Kitchen Design And Decor Tips As Per Vastu

  • Avoid doing an all-white kitchen because it can make the room seem bland and cold. A kitchen should still have a friendly appearance.
  • Building too many cabinets in dark colours will make the room seem claustrophobic and overbearing.
  • Avoid decorative decals if you want a classic look because they can go out of style quickly.
  • Dark colours can be avoided in a small kitchen because they make the room seem smaller.
  • High cabinets and low ceilings are not a good combination since one can diminish the view of the other.
  • Place a bone china vase between the stove and sink as a Vastu solution if they are next to each other.
  • Make sure the windows face east or north for maximum natural light.
  • The kitchen floor can be yellow, green, rose, cocoa, or red.
  • The kitchen should be built so that the gas burner is not directly in front of the kitchen’s main entrance.

Key Points To Avoid As Per Vastu For Kitchen

A shared wall does not exist between the kitchen and the bathroom. Besides, the kitchen should not be put immediately above or below the kitchen.

The kitchen does not face the house’s main entrance.

The kitchen stove & sink should not be put under the pooja room or the shrine, bringing bad luck.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is better to stop building the kitchen in the north, north-east, and southwest directions because it may have a detrimental effect on the family’s relationships.

Furthermore, it is best to avoid using black or other dark colours on the kitchen walls.

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The Conclusion

Simply by following all of the Vastu kitchen tips listed above, you will – and will – notice a significant and meaningful difference in your life. Apart from preparation, there is one more critical aspect of food: the location you eat, namely the dining room or dining area. If you already have a dining room in your house, the article on dining room Vastu shastra will help you determine whether or not your dining room is following Vastu shastra.