Moon in Third House: Vedic Astrology

Well, the 3rd house stands for short trips, communication, courage, writing and siblings. The presence of the Moon in the 3rd house leads to excessive travelling. As Moon is to do with creativity and originality, so the person becomes imaginative, innovative and intuitive. These natives are usually attached to their siblings and share a good bonding with brother/s and sister/s.

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The Areas Affected Due To Moon In The 3rd House:

  • Profession
  • Personality attributes
  • Relationship
  • Attitude towards life

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Positive Traits Or Impact:

The presence of the Moon in the 3rd house can create a writer or poet because self-expression through creative pursuits comes naturally to these individuals. These natives have a strong need to express and communicate in their life, especially with women. As you are intuitive, emotional and receptive of others’ feelings, you may become great meditators and spiritual strivers, according to Moon in third house effects.

Well, your personality has two sides; you can be either intellectual & rational or emotional & unpredictable. In certain situations, you are able to control your feelings; while in some other situations, you let your feelings rule the world. People who are born in Moon in 3rd house and if Gemini is their zodiac sign will find it very difficult to balance themselves.

You command an excellent skill of communication. This communicability should be properly used irrespective of whether during finding logical solutions to problems or when you explode into emotional outbursts, says Moon in 3rd house Vedic astrology. If you are able to reign in your emotions and feelings, things will work in your favour. However, if you are unable to use your thoughts to your advantage, things may become difficult for you.

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Negative Traits Or Impact

Moon in the 3rd house makes your emotions overpower you, all the more so when you are excited about a new idea or concept. You may find it very difficult to strike the right balance between your heart and mind. But it will gradually happen as you get older and gain experience.

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However, there are certain situations wherein it gets difficult for you to discern your thoughts and feelings from other people as you are so open-minded and want to hear about what everyone else is doing as per Moon in 3rd house.

Besides, the way your mood changes can be confusing to some. Several people may find it tough to keep up with your shifting thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, you are likely to get embroiled in your ideas and become confused about what you are trying to convey. You are advised to slow down in certain situations so that you can focus on what you want to say and adhere to that thinking process until you reach the logical conclusion of your discussions.

You like when people talk about concepts that you do not know well. In this manner, you increase your vast wealth of knowledge. You are so much in tune with everyone else’s thoughts and desires that you don’t know how much of their personality you take from them and include them in your life according to Moon in third house.


Those who have Moon in the 3rd house tend to adopt different viewpoints too easily without hearing all the sides of the argument since they see the superficiality more and do not prefer to go deep. They get so excited to learn new things that they rush to form an opinion to discuss it further. And as you are unable to focus on one thing for long, so while talking, you switch to another topic before you have fully explored the previous one.

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