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Moon in Seventh House : Vedic Astrology


In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house stands for unions, partnerships, marriage, contracts, lawsuits (legal issues) and so on. Thus, it has a lot to do with the natives’ association with others or the people around them. As for the planet Moon, it fuels emotions, creativity and a sense of peacefulness. The combination of Moon and the 7th house is a very remarkable union as the emotions of Moon get combined with the association of the 7th house. It is seen that the natives who have Moon in the 7th house in their chart are likely to be grateful and are rich in qualities of determination and straightforwardness. These natives can be chiefly defined by a caring attitude and strong bonding with the people around them.

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The Areas Affected Due To Moon In The 7st House

  • Marital Relationship
  • Attitude towards others
  • Foreign Travel
  • Business Partnerships

Positive Traits/Impact

The Moon in the 7th house indicates that the native is likely to get a pious partner, who can very easily handle family and domestic responsibilities, as per the prediction of the spouse for natives of Moon in 7th house. Their partner will also be very kind-hearted. Thus, the marital life of the natives will be mostly good and blissful. The natives of Moon in the seventh house will have many relationships. It may happen as a part of their search for the perfect partner. However, in case the Moon gets afflicted, it may cause a struggle in marital life as per Moon in 7th house love marriage predictions.

In accordance with their overall personality, the natives of Moon in the 7th house are quite empathetic and understanding towards others. They want and try to help others, come what may.

The planets will favour the business prospects of the male natives, and they can energise their career and make it go places, according to predictions of male horoscope for Moon in 7th house. They will be able to grow and expand their business with their hard work and focus. They will eliminate all the uncertainties in business and will carry out their work in a highly systematic and effective manner. They are more likely to be successful in their career.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

The natives of Moon in the 7th house need to be careful about their dependence on others. They should not depend on others excessively. It is good to be interdependent but not to become overly dependent. If they depend on somebody too much, they are likely to feel the shock if that person leaves or goes away.

Occasionally, Moon in the 7th house may have a bad effect on relationships. The natives should accept their partner unconditionally. However, that does not happen always. It could lead to emotional issues with their partner. If the situation turns uglier, it may even lead to divorce or separation.

Moon in 7th house in the female horoscope can bring about an intellectual bent of mind. However, the aptitude of her partner may be quite different. Thus, she may not feel like her partner. This is likely to increase the conflict between the two of them. She may feel betrayed by her partner, and they may lose their mutual bonding.

As the natives advance in age, they tend to become more open-minded and are less inclined to dwell in the past. For sure, age will make them better and happier.

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Thus, we see that Moon in the 7th house can bring about drastic developments in the life of the natives. If they can work out their life properly and effectively, they can rise high in professional and personal life. However, if they allow their mind to have its say, it may lead to a difficult situation.

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