Significance and Characteristics of Moon: In the Twelfth House of the Horoscope

Significance and Characteristics of Moon: In the Twelfth House of the Horoscope

The twelfth house of the horoscope is known as the place of expenditure or the place of salvation. It is related to the expenses incurred in life. In Vedic astrology it is considered synonymous with expenditure, here expenditure is related to every expenditure that you make in your life. Basically this house is related to expense, expense, luxury, way of enjoyment, state fear, bondage, prison, terror, worry, secret feeling, secret love, mysterious works, espionage, salvation, lie, divorce, foreign travel, sleeping pleasure. , is from mystery knowledge, money loss, loss and deficit. The significator of this house is Saturn, and they consider the Moon as their opponent.

However, the Moon does not consider any planet as its opponent and has the ability to have a positive effect on almost all the houses in the horoscope. Moon is related to the mental state and health of man. Moon is a gentle, calm, temperamental, soft-hearted and always cheerful planet. Being the factor of the mind, Moon works to keep the mind playful and dynamic. Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope can be beneficial in many ways. But keep in mind that the twelfth house of the horoscope is not known for good effects. Therefore, Moon’s placement in this house also indicates some adverse effects.

Positive symptoms/effects

Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope can affect the native’s attitude, emotions, loneliness, introversion and materialism. In the presence of Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope, you should pay attention to small things also. Along with this, it should be ensured that your words do not hurt anyone. You should treat people the way you expect to receive from them. The Moon in the Vyaya place helps the person learn to recognize people, and also inspires him to do something for the marginalized, oppressed, downtrodden and forgotten people of the society. What does your horoscope say about your character? You can find out with the help of your horoscope!

Such people are extremely sensitive emotionally and creatively, they have expertise in understanding people’s emotions and reacting appropriately to them. Such people start feeling emotionally attached to their family, friends or some special people very quickly. In some cases their attitude may be beneficial, but most of the time they have to suffer losses in such situations.

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Negative symptoms/effects

Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope makes the person perceptive. The presence of Moon in the Vyaya place of the horoscope also makes the person mysterious, it can be difficult to define such people. Such people constantly try to control their emotions. Such people may try to run away from responsibilities. They become aware of their emotional immaturity, and can reduce its ill effects by being cautious.

According to the effects of Moon in the twelfth house, such people are also sensitive towards the suffering of others, but most of the time they are not available to help. The presence of Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope indicates emotionality. Such people easily get attached to short-term things and unexpected things, although these do not have much importance in their lives. Overall, such people need to be materialistic. Know what your personality says and how will be the future for you? Get your personal horoscope to know.

Talking about the effects of Moon on Moksha Sthanam, in some situations these people may react slowly to their emotional experiences. They give more importance to feelings than circumstances or things. Such people should spend some time in solitude for themselves. Along with this, care should also be taken that they do not become victims of this loneliness. Although such people are adept at building relationships with others and converting them into deep relationships, sometimes they need time for themselves too. Such people get along very well with others, even if those people are their chosen, limited people.

Moon present in the expenditure house does not allow the natives to feel proud of themselves. They are driven by their emotions, and this can be clearly seen in their decisions. They like to live in patient and calm environment and try to come out of themselves. The problems arising from the presence of Moon in the twelfth house can be reduced through proper measures of Vedic astrology.


After assessing the effects of Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope, it can be concluded that such people are thoughtful and driven by emotions. Many times they are considered introverts, but in reality it is not so. Such people need to spend more and more time to adapt to their environment. Such people should try to present themselves in front of people to change their thinking towards them. He should meet people with warmth and affection to change their perception. Such people should also control their emotions. Otherwise they may have to face adverse effects of the Moon. However, Vedic astrology also mentions remedies to deal with all adverse situations related to the Moon. To remove the negative effects of Moon, the person should worship Chandra Yantra, while to strengthen the Moon, he should wear Moon pearl, crystal rosary or two faced Rudraksh. If you notice negative effects of Moon in your horoscope, consult our expert astrologer without hesitation.

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