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Mars In The Third House: Vedic Astrology

The red planet Mars stands for aggression and ferocity. It symbolises anger, hostility, and the potential of destruction. It is one of the malefic planets, which can do more damage than benefits. Mars is also considered the commander in chief in the celestial cabinet and is identified with war and violent confrontations. And the 3rd house in Vedic astrology deals with siblings, writing, studies, and so on. So, when the planet of war (Mars) is present in the 3rd house, it leads to a personality that is very direct and clear in matters of communication. The energy of Mars propels these natives with lots of enthusiasm and an animated attitude. The path of the natives of Mars in the 3rd house is very effective and inspiring.

The Areas Affected Due to Mars in The 3rd House:

  • Confidence and energy
  • Aggression
  • Communication
  • Knowledge

Positive traits/Impact

The natives of Mars in 3rd house have the ability to speak their mind quite readily when it comes to expressing their ideas and opinions. They know a lot about several subjects and wish to share their knowledge with others (which may be like a forceful push in certain situations). In communication, they are very direct and clear. At the same time, they may get stressed about things that are trivial matters to others. This may also cause difficulties in marriage.

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The natives of Mars in third house love to debate. Their communication can be very effective. They are full of confidence. So whether they know it or not, irrespective of their intentions, they can be very forceful in their communication. In their best phase of mind, the natives of Mars in the 3rd house may be very enthusiastic, animated, and lively. Their positive vibes are contagious, and it can spread to the people around them. People will be inspired by their positivity and confidence.

The natives of Mars in 3rd house are warm in relationships with their immediate family members. They can become a source of inspiration for others. They strongly influence their family and are sometimes become very forceful and dominating in nature. These natives should understand not to take things personally, as per Mars in 3rd house effects.

The natives are quite alert, active, and energetic. But their overflowing thoughts should be channelised properly in the right direction. Their impulsive thoughts need to be properly moulded in order to make it rational. Some issues with siblings are likely.

Negative Traits/Impact:

The natives of Mars in 3rd house from Lagna will strongly defend their opinions and beliefs. They will also strongly favour their family against all the odds. The placement of Mars in the 3rd house can boost the desire for travelling and trying courageous acts. These natives have higher than average courage. Martian energy can make them reckless. The natives may take very large risks which may be detrimental to their interests later on. Too much adventurism can be dangerous to life. It increases the chances of fatalities and accidents.

Besides, they ought to be informative without distracting. If they do so, others will join in the conversation more easily. They should try to be confident but not overbearing. Then natives will bring other people to the table without any problem. The passionate Mars energy will not let them quit until they have made their point. This makes the natives effective in problem-solving.

Mars in 3rd house personality tend to be bold and brash when expressing their ideas. Some might even use the word controversial. You don’t back down from an argument and often start one when you think other people don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

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The natives of Mars in 3rd house are full of ideas, energy and information. However, they should use it for good reasons. They should keep their temper under check and should not be fervent about anything.

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