Mars in The 1st House/Ascendent : Vedic Astrology

The 1st house is about self. It is also about the beginning. The creation starts with the sense of ‘I’. Only when there is self, there will come up everything else. That is the importance of the 1st house, which is also known as the ascendant. If Vedic Astrology forms the basic factor, which influences human destiny, then 1st house lies at the core of Astrology. As for Mars (also called the red planet in Astronomy), it is considered a furious and aggressive planet. Martians like arguments and are short-tempered. And when it comes to Mars in 1st house, the natives are likely to be physically strong and courageous. Their personality is characterised by a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

The areas affected due to Mars in the 1st house:

  • Attitude and personality
  • Professional life
  • Relationship
  • Social image

Positive Traits/Impact:

You are dynamic and full of energy. You can not be stopped once you put your mind towards doing something. Life is full of action and you can take up any challenge. But be careful that while pursuing your ambition you don’t hurt others.

The natives of Mars in 1st house will stay active in their profession with numerous projects on hand. You are continuously working on something new and fresh. This may bring a lot of enrichment and excitement in your life. You will be efficient and effective in your professional work and setting.

Also, you know very well how to start things once an idea is born in your mind. However, you will be enraged if others create obstacles in the implementation of your ideas. You are clear about your path and you will pursue it without any reservations. At the same time, there may be unexpected consequences of your actions as per Mars in 1st house effects.

The natives of Mars in the first house will not react to the negative comments made by others. This will make you thoroughly positive. Not just that, your social prestige will also increase. You will be popular amongst the people around you. Besides, you will have a very good knack over the situations of life. Like, when a crucial decision is to be made, you will not just make it but your judgment will be the best in that prevailing situation.

Negative Traits/Impact:

You are very dynamic and energetic. As per Astrology, you initiate everything with a brave attitude and a lot of excitement. Then you allow your actions to be dictated by the intent of your task. The process of your efforts become quite mechanical. You do not put your mind much into it. Hence, it would be better if you do things in a more organised and planned manner, as per Mars in first house Vedic astrology.

You may make rash decisions, which can be harmful. While being active and adventurous is good, you may land into troubles if you are not alert and careful. This scenario is quite likely as Aries is the ruling zodiac sign for the first house.

Besides, you are into the habit of taking decisions without discussing and consulting it with others. This should not be a problem if you are working alone however if you are in a group, it may cause problems. While working in groups, you should also take a backseat once in a while.


You are fierce and aggressive. At the same time, you are active and dynamic. Basic point is, you need to reign in your energy and use it positively, constructively, and productively. Besides, you need to be more organized and planned for your activities. If you work in an unorganised manner, you are unlikely to make the desired success. But if you work with proper planning, you can go places.

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