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Ketu in The Eleventh House : Vedic Astrology


What Happens When Ketu is in The 11th House?

The 11th house is also known to be the upachaya house and is said to have a positive influence on the prosperity of the native’s life. The natives might prosper in religious and spiritual work as well as they might have good fortune in terms of finances. Their friendly nature might make them highly respected in society. The people with Ketu in the 11th house in the navamsa chart are generally friendly, and knowledgeable in all fields. With your income and prosperous life, you might surely become prosperous in everything. One with ketu in the 11th house might be very popular amongst friends.

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Areas Affected By Ketu in The 11th House:

Love Life when Ketu is in The 11th House

Love astrology predicts that the love life of the native whose Ketu is in the 11th house seems to be filled with periods of pleasure as well as agony, with conflicts, misunderstandings, disagreements, and times of love, joy, and happiness. One might say that the love life would be full of ups and downs. Either you might enjoy your love life with your partner to the utmost or might extremely suffer the agony of heartbreak in a significant relationship throughout your adolescence. The natives whose ketu is in the 11th house also have a proclivity to cheat on their relationship, and they might be attracted to someone older than they are. They might have trust-related difficulties with their spouse and might be unable to remain committed to a romantic relationship for an extended time. Many of them might also be fortunate enough to marry their beloved following their romance stage. Thus love life might depend on how natives react to certain things in a relationship but yes it might be extreme to all extents. 

Married Life when Ketu is in The 11th House

Ketu in the 11th house of your kundali says that the Married life of the native might be comparatively happy and your relationship with your partner might be very harmonious. Though you might see some small misunderstandings. The native might also marry twice because of the death of the first husband. Your relationship might have great chemistry as well as endless love and support for each other, but you might also have little fights over certain topics. If your seventh house is good, your relationship might last much longer. It seems that Ketu in the 11th house in the navamsa chart might help you in marrying a very respectful, helpful and loyal lover. You might also connect spiritually with each other. You might also cheat on your partner and have a secret relationship with someone. One with ketu in the 11th house is likely to marry in their twenties.

Career When Ketu is in The 11th House

Career seems to be very bright when Ketu is in the 11th house as it indicates that they might be very successful as political leaders for the next 40 years. The native’s career in politics might be very successful so that they might win the election, and gain a very powerful position. If the native chooses a career as an actor, director, presenter, sportsperson or news anchor, they might gain fame as ketu in 11th house helps them to have a good career in fields related to social media. The natives might have a love for physical activity or any kind of sports which might help them become celebrities and gain fame in their early twenties. They might also have the qualities to become famous hosts or actors in the media industry. They might have thousands of fans and followers and might become idols for many. Usually, natives with ketu in the 11th house are very successful in the political arena and might also choose a career as a spiritual teacher. Many people might follow them blindly, with love and devotion. The natives surely have good leadership qualities. 

Personality When Ketu in The 11th House

The personality of natives with keru in the 11th house is very gentle. They are of helping nature and have a generous attitude towards people. They have a good heart and are ready to help those who are unfortunate. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to poor people. They have a very charismatic personality and gain good fame in their circle. Also, with good respect in society, they might get good honour among people. The natives with ketu in the 11th house might connect to people with a strong persona which might help them establish their careers.

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Ketu in 11th House with Ascendants:

For the ascendants of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Ketu in the 11th house might bring secret affairs. Also, the native might be involved in numerous love affairs. 

For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Ascendants ketu in the 11th house seem to bring success in love affairs and one might see the future in marrying their partner. They have leadership qualities and due to the favourable position of Ketu in the 11th house in the navamsa chart, they might see good fame in politics. 

As far as ascendants of Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius are concerned, the position of Ketu might help them in gaining profit not only in finances but also in popularity. One might say that the native might have an exciting social life.

Libra and Capricorn Ascendants might see good wealth. They might see problems in the initial phase of life but after that, they might see a good boost in finances.

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Positive Impact of Ketu in The 11th House

A successful and healthy lifestyle might be led by a person when Ketu is in the 11th house and conjuncts with Saturn. They might frequently have negative thoughts, worry easily, and are more prone to experiencing sadness, anxiety, and stress. If Mercury tends to be in the third house, then they might succeed to high heights. Raj yoga is known to be a blessing for the native in this position of mercury.

Negative Impact of Ketu in The 11th House

  • Ketu is often viewed negatively and is known to have various negative effects on the social lives of the natives and one has to suffer economic crises too. In this house though it’s a good position for ketu but things might not come that easily. 
  • The natives are likely to have various mental health issues and must be suffering from abdominal problems. 
  • Your mother figure is likely to suffer the ill effects of Ketu
  • The native might also face ear-related problems. 
  • One might not be able to maintain a good relationship with their siblings. 
  • Though in this house, the natives might be popular amongst people they might crave to prefer quality over quantity and have a very narrow social circle. They might prefer limited human interaction.

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Remedies of Ketu in The 11th House

  • Donating sugar and milk to a temple might help to be free from the ill effects of Ketu.  
  • Gold jewellery might be your saviour.  
  • Donating black and blue blankets to the poor might protect you from the ill effects of Ketu. 
  • One should also feed Brahmin every month.
  • Also feeding animals, especially cows on Wednesday and Saturday might help.
  • Always indulge yourself in spiritual activity. 
  • Offering Sesame and tamarind in the temple might help you.  
  • Flow Jaggery and dry coconut in running water

Wrapping Up

Talk to an astrologer now to know the insidious effect of Ketu at your home and ways to overcome it to live a prosperous as well as good life. In general, the life of natives with ketu in the 11th house seems to be happy, but they have to face certain situations and react intelligently that too with a high degree of awareness. They might have great income opportunities by writing blogs and books or developing their business on digital marketing platforms. They might also live long and healthy lives like their ancestors.

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