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Ketu in The 1st House/Ascendent : Vedic Astrology


Well, Ketu is a headless planet, also known as the South (or descending) Node of the Moon. Like Rahu, it is not a planet astronomically. Rather it is a shadow planet, invisible to the eye and is only a point in the cosmic arrangement. Though Ketu is a malefic planet, it is not as malefic as Rahu. While Ketu does bring in mishappenings in life, it is also considered the Karak of Moksha or the factor for liberation. It is stated that the natives of Ketu in the 1st house may have a mysterious personality, others may find it very difficult to understand you.

The Areas Affected Due to Ketu in The 1st House

  • Relationship
  • Nature
  • Attitude towards spirituality
  • Social image

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Positive Traits/Impact

You have a magnetic personality, which is also mysterious. People want to meet you and talk to you. What you talk is not always very straightforward. You may say things which have a deeper meaning. You love travelling. You want to go out very frequently. You have a strong need for adventure. You satisfy your need by touring and exploring different cities, states and countries.

The planet Rahu is concerned with afterlife experiences, spirituality, renunciation and the concept of karma and rebirth. It is said that Rahu is the giver and Ketu is the taker. Rahu brings a person into evil and Ketu makes them realise that they are in the wrong zone and need to go back to the righteous and moral way. So the damage done by Rahu can be undone by Ketu.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

It’s good to be adventurous and explorative. But you need to be careful about your company. If you fall into bad company, things may get really difficult for you. There is a possibility of you becoming self-centered and greedy. You have to ensure that you don’t degrade ethically or else life may become difficult for you.

If the Ketu is badly afflicted, it may degrade your health and reduce your stamina. And if that happens, the person may be reduced to a miserable situation. Natives of Ketu in 1st house may also lack self-confidence and courage, as per effect of Ketu in 1st house.

Besides, people who have Ketu in 1st house are seen to have a weak body built and are weak-willed mentally. These natives may not be able to face the challenges of life and may give in to pressure and stress

Ketu also makes us richer in psychic abilities. It also renders a strong sense of intuition. It can also influence the longevity of an individual. Also, in certain situations, the presence of Ketu can create marital problems in the life of the individual. Also, the natives who have Ketu in the 1st house are seen as ungrateful, deceptive, spiritless by the ancient texts of India.

Also, natives of Ketu in the first house are unable to differentiate between the good and the bad. Thus, they may be indecisive and unable to make proper decisions, which may impact their life and functioning. There is a possibility that they may drift towards immorality if they are not able to reign in their animal traits.

Ketu brings malefic results when aligned with the Moon, which is a natural significator of the 4th house. This conjunction affects the natives’ life in various areas. If this conjunction happens, their life’s prospects are likely to suffer and they may even become financially unstable. The placement may also cause supernatural influences and lead to loss of wisdom. The placement of Ketu in 4th house adversely affects their psychic abilities, intelligence, health, and wealth.

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Ketu is the logical explanation of Rahu. It can undo the damage done by Rahu. If Rahu takes you to evil, Ketu has the potential to make you realise that you are in the wrong place. But it does not happen very smoothly. Ketu will trigger some developments, which will disturb you badly. However, sooner or later you are likely to realise that you need to change. Only by being good, you will be happy.

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