Ketu in 6th House : Vedic Astrology

The planet Ketu marks the departure from mundane materialism and the shift towards spirituality. While Rahu (or the North Node of the Moon) heightens the evil, Ketu represents the point where the evil has risen to such a level that it can only return and has no scope for further rising. Well, it may be compared with the mythological Pralay (the scenario of Doomsday), an event which marks the end of Kali Yug and the re-starting of the Sat Yug, thus setting in motion again the cosmic cycle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. And when Ketu enters the 6th house, the natives become susceptible to accidents, injuries, and diseases. There may be several difficulties but these natives can manage them with firm determination. 

The areas affected due to Ketu in the 6th House: 

  • Spirituality and Occultism
  • Fighting spirit
  • Health and well-being 
  • Hostilities 

Positive Traits/Impact:

The natives of Ketu in 6th house can develop occult powers. They may be interested in spirituality. The natives will be good at speaking and conversation. Besides, they will possess huge motivating abilities. The natives are mystical and by virtue of their spiritual wisdom, they know the mysteries of nature. They will also be healthy and prosperous.

Well,  Ketu in the 6th house Vedic astrology states that in this placement the natives are endowed with the abilities to face and fight ailments. The natives may suffer from diabetes but they will easily bring it under control. However, they may suffer from certain ailments, which may be difficult to treat. The diagnosis of some dangerous ailments may not happen properly. However, once it gets diagnosed and the natives get to know the nature of their disease, they will fight it with all their intensity. 

At the same time, the natives of Ketu transit in the 6th house may face challenges on account of disloyal servants. Besides, risks from animals and insects can’t be ruled out. The natives of Ketu in 6th house will be able to overcome all hostilities and enemies. Their life may be full of struggle against enemies and hostile situations. 

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The presence of Ketu in the sixth house brings about mental strength. In some natives, it may also bring about physical strength. The natives of Ketu in 6th house will be able to fulfill their desires and will be successful in achieving their goals. They may even win fame and honour. However, there may be differences between the natives and their maternal uncle. 

Negative Traits/Impact: 

The placement of Ketu in the sixth house is not considered favorable in Vedic Astrology for the natives. It makes the native vulnerable to injuries and accidents. This placement of Ketu causes a lot of obstructions and obstacles in life. Nevertheless, the native has the ability to rise above the challenges and attain success through own efforts and hard work. 

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Ketu in the 6th house also builds fear of the government in the native. Moreover, if it is badly afflicted in this position, the person exhibits violent tendencies as well. Such a person can also get involved in criminal and anti-social behavior. 


The placement of Ketu in 6th house will make the natives susceptible to various types of illnesses. There is also the fear of meeting with an accident. However, the natives will possess a strong will and mental energy, which they may use to the fullest to address their difficulties.

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