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Third House Astrology: Ascendant & Its Significance

3rd House In Vedic Astrology

The Birth Chart is the celestial canvas of the sky at the moment of your birth.

It is divided into 12 houses which is an accommodation of nine planets, also known as Bhava. It is filled with many cosmic symbols that represent the past, present and future of our life.


The third house is the house of mind, and it displays our surroundings in three spheres of our life. This house determines the way we think and unfathoms the information in our mind, which further leads to the decision-making process. Resembling the first house speaks of the one’s characteristics and one’s physical structure, the third house speaks of the one’s mind.

Significance of Third house:

Third house is the house of intellect, communication and learning, thus it regulates a person’s desire, dream and ability to deal with specific life’s problems. The ruler of the house is Gemini, and it signifies the ability to fight against all odds and create your own space.
Bonding with families and friends and the level of flexibility to adopt change.

What does the third house represent in astrology?

Third house in Astrology represents communication, expression and sibling love. The third house vastly rules younger sisters and brothers, interest and artistic inclination. It also stands for courage, valour and mental process.

Ascendant in the Third House:

  1. Aries: Natives with the third house in Aries are aggressive and full of energy. They enjoy working and completing their tasks before the time. These natives are Mental Pioneers and have an excellent power of persuasion. And thus, they can do a great job in the field of public speaking and writing. About Aries Sign
  2. Taurus: Natives with Taurus in the third house, indicates constructive and practical thinking. They are brainly and a materialistic individual. They always look for financial gain and the promises of a luxurious way of life. These individuals find it difficult to learn new information and always judge others based on their clothes. About Taurus Sign
  3. Gemini: Gemini is a natural planet, thus it signifies individual closeness to their siblings and the urgency of communication in their lives. Whatever happens in their life, leaves a footprint in their life. Natives born with it, have a great sense of humour and are very insightful, and always use it to put across their point.  About Gemini Sign
  4. Cancer: Natives with cancer in the third house indicate that Individual intellectual power inherited from their parents.  These individuals are very emotional in making, and hence experience trouble in making decisions. They  are over-sensitive and thus, get very attached to their colleagues and friends. About Cancer sign
  5. Leo: Natives born with this sign are imaginative, intellectual and curious. They enjoy their company, and sometimes this attitude makes them feel isolated from their friends and loved ones. They are very delicate, thus easily bored. They can grow into an authoritative teacher, and find success in professional terms just because of their natural ability to communicate well with others. About Leo Sign
  6. Virgo: Natives born with Virgo in First house are very intellectual, their only concern is their health and emotional imbalance as they suffer a lot in these two areas. They are very studious and responsible at work and always prefer facts over emotion. About Virgo Sign
  7. Libra: Natives born with it are very nosy and always involved in other people’s affairs. But in all these, they don’t forget about their own lives. They are reliable at their work and personal relationship and always engaged in trustworthy partnership. About Libra Sign
  8. Scorpio: Individuals born with this motif are more interested in facts and scientific matters, and least adept in the matter of heart. These individuals are often dissatisfied with their life. During communication, they mostly prefer to keep quiet, and if they speak, they speak to the point words. About Scorpio Sign
  9. Sagittarius: Natives born with sagittarius in the second house are very sociable, and always like the company of energetic and enthusiastic people. They are fast learners and get easily tired of the routine. These are garrulous, but less attentive which sometimes causes problems in fulfilling their promises. About Sagittarius Sign
  10. Capricorn:  Natives born with sagittarius in the second house are rather tough, and quite cold in conversion with others, thus they prefer not to speak at first. For such Natives, emotional balance is a must. Read More Capricorn Sign
  11. Aquarius: Natives with the Aquarius in the third house are very smart and sociable beings. Because of this quality, sometimes they become arrogant. They are very creative and intelligent individuals, but there is a need to work on their sociable skills to get along with people. About Aquarius Sign
  12. Pisces: Natives with the Pisces in the third house might experience disagreement between reason and emotion. Such natives might find it difficult to learn things due to their messy heads. About Pisces Sign

Planets and Their Consequences 

  1. Sun in the Third House: If the sun is placed in the third house, it signifies that person’s interest would be at priority. They would be highly-skilled and self-educated, but with their egoistic behavior they might face disagreement with their higher authorities. Read More
  2. Moon in the Third House: With the moon in the third place, it suggests that they will be emotionally strong. The native have a soft and sober communicative skill and have a large nexus of friends. Read More
  3. Mercury in the Third House: As Mercury is the ruler of the third-house, it is just next to impossible to have bad effects. Mercury is a commutative planet, thus it enabled natives to express freely through any mode of communication. Read More
  4. Venus in the Third House: Venus is the planet of love, thus whenever Venus crosses the chart, Native find beauty in books, literature and art of communication. This makes native eloquent in speech. Venus savors what it loves, and in the third house, it loves learning and communicating. Knowledge and early education are seen as valuable with Venus in the third house. Read More
  5. Mars in the Third HouseMars in the third house makes the native courageous, energetic, determined, goal-oriented seeking person. Mars in the third house is likely to speak bluntly, and always into winning the arguments. They are assertive, and are always into proving themselves what they believe. Read More
  6. Saturn in the Third HouseSaturn aspecting the third house means, natives have to work harder to achieve any things in life. Saturn forces you to slow down and work gradually towards the goal. In the best scenario, it brings the intellectual focus to the third house. Read More
  7. Uranus in the Third House: Uranus in the third house means you are always open and never shut your mind off from innovative ideas. They know how to communicate and think in an original way. Their intellect is the combination of both an innovative and intuitive mind.
  8. Neptune in the Third House: Those with the Neptune in the third house have  a sensitive mind and intuitive inclinity. They are easily affected by the world and people around them. They have a rich emotion and emotional tone which they can use to make new ideas and perceptions.

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Lords in the Third House

  1. First Lord in Third House: The first lord in the third house means the person is of determined personality and has good siblings, friends and colleagues who help them to make progress in life. They are friendly, courageous and have a strong will to make things big in life.
  2. Second lord in the Third House: Second lord in the third house depicts that natives are able to make their own wealth and thrive through their own efforts.  The Third house is also the house of siblings, thus they might earn through their own brothers and sisters.
  3. Fourth Lord in the Third House: If the fourth house is mingled with the third house, it makes natives efforts for happiness. The planet is in an effective position, they lead happy and successful life, but if not then you might face trouble in the active life.
  4. Fifth Lord in Third House: Fifth house in the second house indicates that the natives will be courageous and have a good relationship with others. As the fifth house indicates emotion, thus it enables the second lord to work on their emotion.
  5. Seventh Lord in the Third House: Natives with this combination might be self-driven and find success and motivation in their ventures. As the 7th house denotes entrepreneurship, trading and Marketplace, thus this combination will bring success in the world of entrepreneurship.
  6. Eight Lord in the Third House: If the Eight Lord is positioned in the third house, they are very unconvention in life approach, and mostly involved in sales and marketing business groups. They can also be writers of mysterious subjects. Emotional engagement will affect the way you think and communicate. Deep emotional exchange with others is a part of your everyday life.
  7. 9th Lord in the Third House : The third house belongs to the power of mind and the 9th house is righteous, thus the combination of these two makes them of righteous mindset. Natives with these combinations are blessed to have a fortunate spouse and blissful marital life. The combination also indicates a fortunate life after being married. Such natives will be fortunate to have a joint business and partnership. Their valorous nature will help them to find success in business.
  8. Tenth Lord in the Third House: As the third house is the house of valour itself, thus the combination of these two lords gives the native an urge to push through the difficult time. They always focus on being what should be done instead of being discouraged by others. Such natives are very reliable and transfer information with much efficacy.
  9. 11th Lord in the third house: Natives with this combination are hard-working and always put lots of effort into achieving their ambitious project. The third house signifies talent, skills, and the 11th house in the 3rd gradually improves their skills. With the 11th in the third house, they are able to form a great alliance with their siblings.

Is the third house malefic? Yes, the third house is malefic as Trishadayesh is a lord of the 3rd 6th and 11th house, thus the 3rd house comes under the malefic planets. Third house rules the evil factor desire, thus it is considered the malefic house.

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