Venus In The Third House: Vedic Astrology

Venus In The Third House

The planet Venus is about love, beauty, luxury, comfort, aristocracy and so on. It is also about softness, tenderness, culture and the sophisticated aspects of life. Besides, the 3rd house deals with siblings (brothers and sisters), writing, studies, mental inclinations and so on. So, when Venus is placed in the 3rd house, the natives are likely to be highly expressive, diplomatic and tactful. The placement of Venus in the 3rd house will make the natives very grand, they will have the ability to win others with the power of their words, whether it’s because of your command over your expression or due to the beautiful voice.

The areas affected due to Venus in the 3rd House:

  • Relationships and bonding
  • Love and bonding
  • Expression and communication
  • Creativity

Positive Traits/Impact

The natives of Venus in 3rd house are verbally very expressive and diplomatic. They are quite generous in giving out compliments. Besides, natives of Venus in third house are very good mediators. They are very good at redressing problems between two warring groups or parties. They can settle arguments quickly and restore peace at least temporarily.

The natives of Venus in the 3rd House may be very polite and persuasive in their speech. These natives will be articulate and creative in expression, both in spoken words and in writings.

The natives are fond of traveling. Short distance travel will bring gains. Their immediate surroundings will be mostly peaceful and comfortable. They will be surrounded by beauty. They will have a cordial relationship with their relatives and neighbors.

The natives prefer to keep their things and relationships clutter-free. They are for harmony. They tend to avoid confrontations and arguments to keep the boat of life smooth and sailing. This also holds true in marital relationships, as per Venus in 3rd house love marriage predictions.

Besides, there is a strong possibility that the natives may pursue education related to arts and literature. They may choose professions like lecturership, which involves speaking and thinking, as per Venus in 3rd house female characteristics.

When Venus is in the 3rd house, the natives will have a lot of admiration for language and good conversation. They will love a heated debate or lively discussions. Besides, they look for someone who challenges their mental abilities.

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Venus stands for love and sensuality in general but the planet also stands for pleasure and the things that give us the maximum joy. The natives of Venus in the 3rd house prefer to have a large social circle as they have a lot on their mind.

Negative Traits/Impact

The natives of Venus in the 3rd house may have a mischievous side. Their desire to be tactful and polite with others may not be successful all the time. In some natives, the warmth and affection which they exhibit may be a show. They may be good only to those who can benefit them. These natives may use flattery as a method to further their interests. However, using flattery may make them lose their credibility and genuineness.

The natives of Venus in the 3rd house may engage in a lot many mind games. Other people may get to know that these natives don’t always mean what they say. These natives value mental stimulation and seek continuous changes in their romantic relationships.

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Also, the natives of Venus in the 3rd house may get physically attracted to a close relative or neighbor. The natives should avoid giving too many thoughts to relationships. At times, the need to form strong attachments with people will keep overpowering them.


The planet Venus is about the joys and pleasure of life. And the 3rd house caters to siblings, the conditions of mind, reading, writing and so on. So these natives are very expressive and communicative, both in written and verbal forms. For these natives, relationships are very important. However, they should not take relationships too seriously and try to stay away from anxieties and worries.

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