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First impressions of the Pisces Ascendant answered!

Do you know what type of first impression you make on the world? An Ascendant is also known as the Rising sign handles that role. While interpreting a birth chart, the Ascendant plays a vital role. Your appearance and mannerisms can also be known with the help of the Rising sign. As the Ascendant symbolizes the first impression you have, the factors to be determined what impact you make on society as an individual also shows.

Beauty lies in the hand of the beholder.

Ascendant Pisces are profoundly sentimental, exceptionally compassionate, and highly romantic. This sign can associate and comprehend you like nobody else. To shortlist, the most appealing and attractive zodiac traits of a Pisces Ascendant can be troublesome because there are simply so many to choose from. Big dreamy eyes, long thick eyelashes, beauty marks, freckles, full lush lips, button nose, are some of the features that Pisces Risings inherit noticeably. They usually have short arms and legs, with small feet.

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Looks can be deceptive, but Pisces Ascendant show it all

Pisces Ascendants are emotional beings. Their feelings and affections are always close to the edge. The best thing about Pisces Rising fellows is that they get along with anyone and everyone. This easy-going nature is subtle and the individual rarely gets aggressive. The person who has Pisces Ascendant is optimistic and many times overlooks the harsh reality and believes the best about others. His/her kind heart is always there to help people which often leads to them getting betrayed and taken advantage of.

Pisces Rising signs, in general, are shy, selfless, empathetic, escapist, approachable, and soft-spoken. They like to map out their world in terms of emotional rides. Pisces Ascendants believe in true and unconditional love. They are faithful and devoted lovers to their mate and therefore wish the same is reciprocated. Pisces are reliable, trustworthy, mindful, passionate, caring, and very supportive at the time of need.

Getting to know what Pisces Ascendants are like

  • Fantasy weaver, endures life as a trippy intricate experience
  • Kind, benevolent, sometimes zoned out
  • Gets influenced quickly
  • Compassionate nature
  • Matches instincts and gut feeling with critical reasoning
  • Go-with-the-flow kinda person, can be destructive too
  • Innocence can carve out a dangerous path
  • Can trigger a fireproof reply in the people
  • Attract guardian angels
  • Easy to be overwhelmed with emotions
  • Must distance oneself from others and jot down feelings
  • Generous companions, but pays to take care of themselves first
  • Indulges in creative things
  • Can be adventurous, or simply at peace

Pisces is the fantasy weaver of the Zodiac signs, who endures life as a trippy intricate experience. The Pisces Rising is kind, benevolent, and sometimes absent or zoned out. The persona of Pisces Ascendant spreads and can change very quickly too. Hence, they must lookout for the type of company they keep as they get influenced very quickly. The compassionate nature of the Pisces Rising can sometimes backfire and be the reason for him/her to become someone’s prey. They need to match their instincts and gut feeling with critical reasoning.

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Pisces Risings are more of a go-with-the-flow kinda person, but it can turn out to be destructive for them. Their naiveness can carve out a dangerous path for them. Pisces Rising run into trouble when they are fighting with addiction, or get in the company of bad guys. All this causes the clouds to shadow their reasoning and create a castle of bad decisions.

On the other side, they can trigger a fireproof reply in the people around them and attract guardian angels. The absent-minded nature of Pisces Ascendants sometimes brings the saviors to help find the right track.

Pisces Ascendants use their inner radar as their guard when they reach a point where they know how they feel, around an individual or in a specific circumstance. It’s easy for Pisces Rising to be overwhelmed with emotions. Considering this, the spirit must be distant from others for a while and jot down the feelings. They are generous companions, but it pays to take care of themselves first. Therefore, whenever possible Pisces Ascendants should take out time for themselves, indulge in the creative things they like, do something adventurous, or simply rest and enjoy their peace.

Role of a Moon or a Sun Sign in Pisces Ascendants

The Sun Sign directs the zodiac personality as it is influenced by birth month, there is one more part of astrology that very few individuals know about. Imagine, if we told you that in addition to your Sun sign, you should know about your moon sign also to have a more profound comprehension of your emotions and feelings.

Well, the Moon Sign represents the position of the Moon during one’s birth. As compared to the Sun, the Moon moves pretty fast and visits each zodiac for almost two to two and a half days. According to the cosmic sky, the Moon Sign has the second most prime influence on an individual’s personality and emotions. An individual’s Sun Sign only tells the world what they already know about you, but the moon sign is more personalized and in-depth; it casts light on your inner-self. This part reflects our deepest darkest desires, thoughts, and fears, which is why it is often unknown to others.

In which house does Pisces reside?

The 12th house in the sky that exists just beneath the horizon is where Pisces Ascendants reside. This house is considered the “unseen realm,” that governs all the intangible things such as feelings, dreams, emotions, and secrets. The Pisces Ascendants born in the 12th house are often highly instinctive. As it is the last house in the zodiac circle, it covers the final stages of a project, mending loose ends, completing all the unfinished business, the afterlife, old age, and surrender. It also relates to partition from society, organizations, hospitals, and secret enemies. Arts, dance, music, creativity, film, poetry, imagination, and the subconscious mind is ruled by the 12th house of Pisces Ascendant.

Which planet has the power to rule Pisces?

Individuals born during the Pisces Rising have Jupiter as its chart ruler. The positions of Jupiter determine the growth and development of the Pisces Ascendants.

It is believed that the planet gives an individual a grand vision of their earthly life and the placement of Jupiter in Pisces Rising signs shows love for philosophy and knowledge, trusting everyone easily, oversensitivity. At the same time, it also means that Pisces Rising can find their spiritual, creative, and heavenly meaning outlet for their heightened senses. The true development and growth of the Pisces Ascendant will be found in the 12th house, which Jupiter occupies.

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The Spiritual Journey of Pisces Rising

The figure for the Pisces Rising sign is two fishes that are bound together but are placed in opposite directions. These fish illustrate an individual’s soul nature and the form of nature. The reason for both the fish moving in opposite directions is because they struggle against each other. The form of nature is the experience of the growth and development of one’s soul. It is found that seeking any material desires does not resolve this struggle, but only intensifies it. Pisces Ascendant needs to find a profound way that allows the individual to satisfy the personal needs and wants as well as the longing for significance.

The question that arises is, how does one accomplish this balance? Pisces Rising needs to first focus on their intuitive personality. Because their gut feeling always shows them the right path, but as they trust people easily, they sometimes listen to what other people are saying instead of paying attention to their inner wizard. To allow this inner voice to be heard Pisces Ascendants need to take out time for themselves daily and just listen. Tuning in to the sound of water can centre their brain and let their inward voice be heard.

On the actual plane, they are attracted to spirit channeling – the psychic senses of a Pisces Rising sign perceive a lot that usually other people neglect. As one begins to listen more keenly, they will find that their role is of an arbiter between the seen and unseen worlds. Pisces identify the challenges others are going through and can integrate the sentiments and motivations that can help and guide them. As they build up this skill, they will find that they are no longer operating only from the instinctive level, but are using their intellect to recognize both planes and to synthesize the information they gathered.

The major problem that Pisces Ascendants face is their psychic sensitivity. To use this power effectively they need to work and train this ability on an intellectual level. Forward advancement includes figuring out how to walk, both physically and psychically, through the hurdles before them.

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Qualities that make Pisces Ascendant different

Humans drive on emotional roller coasters, and Pisces Ascendants have a front seat.

Any human must connect with the people around him/her because the skill of socializing with anyone comes in handy when you need good networks.

To build bridges, you need a group of people, you cannot just do it alone. Pisces Ascendants value the quality of friends rather than the number of friends.

They thrive with supportive friends who could help with all the wandering thoughts that are there in their minds and heart. Pisces have the skill to get along with people easily. Regardless of which area or field it is, this trait will help them most in life.

Pisces Ascendant have got an artistic mind, and they are lucky if they use their imaginations to create an outcome of those skills. Music, drama, dance, graphic art, visual art, etc. is the hidden talent of Pisces Rising, which is showcased via life symbols, sounds, and movements. One more great thing about Pisces Ascendant is that they can map out any emotions that surround them, and it is considered an asset. Because of this, they are very sensitive to other people’s needs, and they even know how to show it, which makes them appreciative of people.

Pisces Rising signs will always look for a way to grow themselves through a sacrifice. They will change themselves for the benefit of those around them. The nature of go-with-the-flow makes the Pisces Rising signs proceed through life with very little sense of direction. The personality trait of an open mind makes Pisces Ascendant accept everyone with open arms despite the flaws that they exhibit. They make sure their acquaintances feel warmly accepted from the start.