Saturn in the Third House in Vedic Astrology

Saturn in the Third House in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered to be the giver of karmic results. According to the influence in the horoscope, Saturn can be compared to a strict teacher. Due to its influence on any zodiac sign, Saturn makes the person disciplined, patient and hardworking. According to popular misconceptions, Saturn is considered a sinful planet, but just like a pot gets heated in the fierce fire of the potter’s kiln before giving cold water. Similarly, Saturn also works to heat the person. A person cooked in the furnace of Saturn moves towards success in all areas of life.

Like other planets, Saturn also has different effects in different houses of the horoscope. For now we will study the effects of Saturn in the third house of the horoscope. The third house of the horoscope is known as Parakram Bhavan. It is related to important changes in the horoscope, many important areas like younger brother, friends, relatives, servants, neighbors etc. The third house of the horoscope is also considered synonymous with man, Vikram, sibling, semen, patience, hearing and spontaneity. The presence of Saturn in the third house of the horoscope affects the communication, career, professional life, mental state and esoteric life of the person. However, the presence of Saturn in the third house of the horoscope can create both favorable and unfavorable situations in the life of the person.

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People who have Saturn present in the third house of their horoscope speak very little. This means that they speak only as much as is necessary. His sentences are quite flexible and he avoids speaking first under any circumstances. They try to be very careful and guarded about what they say. This quality can be especially helpful in certain types of businesses. These qualities can be especially useful for those people whose job or profession requires a judicious approach. Natives with Saturn in the third house are very good for jobs related to secret information and papers. Such people perform better especially in professions where there is minimal interaction between the employer and the employee.

People in whose horoscope Saturn is present in the third position should try to see the positive side of life instead of paying attention to negative things. They have excellent ability to concentrate. Such people may get wonderful opportunities to travel for business reasons. Saturn in the third house of the horoscope can make the person introvert. But the ability to listen to people and learn from them can also work to their advantage. Such people do not believe in talking much, yet people like to listen to them. They have a sharp mind and can perform well in games that involve strategy and analysis.

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The inhabitants of Saturn in the third house are usually serious and organized. But they may face problems due to less or improper communication. They are likely to remain quite isolated in life. Thus, they may become pessimistic and prone to depression at times. Such people may face difficulties in maintaining cordial relations with their siblings and relatives.

People who have Saturn present in the third house of their horoscope should be cautious while driving, especially during the retrograde motion of Saturn in the third house. When Saturn is retrograde, they may face a lot of problems in expression and communication. Apart from this, they may also face difficulties in taking some important decisions of life. They are easily able to see the positive and negative aspects of life and this also becomes the cause of their problems. Because the conscious mind constantly struggles to establish harmony with the unconscious mind. This is also because these natives only scratch the surface, and do not try to understand the deeper meanings.

People who have Saturn in the third house in their horoscope should take extra care of their lungs. Special care should be taken by those people whose family member has previously suffered from lung related disease. Such people are advised not to smoke, stay away from places with high humidity and keep their lungs checked at regular intervals. Apart from this, some other adverse effects may also be seen, such people may be afraid of learning driving, or may feel uncomfortable in taking the initiative to drive, even after getting their driving license.

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In conclusion, it can be said that Saturn in the third house of the horoscope can affect the person favorably or adversely depending on the Yoga being formed in the horoscope. Saturn in the third position of the horoscope can make the person wise. Such people may be few but precise in speaking and may be associated with secret information. However, due to the presence of Saturn in the third house of the horoscope, they may have to face some difficulties. But the presence of Saturn in the third house of the horoscope can also make them disciplined and restrained.

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