First House Astrology- Significance & Its Ascendent

First House Astrology- Significance & Its Ascendent

1st house in Vedic Astrology

The Birth Chart is the celestial canvas of the sky since the inception of your birth. It is divided into 12 houses which is an accommodation of nine planets,  also known as Bhava. It is filled with several cosmic symbols that represent the past, present, and future of our life.



The first house is also known as Ascendant in Vedic Astrology. It is the house of behavior, as well as represents your likes and dislikes. The first house explains the personality, personal traits, and physical structure of an individual. The first house replicates the person that he is going to become, and how we evolve with time.  Not only this, but it also projects the overall destiny and the life span of an individual.

The first house reveals how you portray yourself in front of others and what others think of you. The meaning of the first house in Astrology determines many characteristics that we demonstrate through our identity on many different occasions.

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Significance of the first house

The first house is the house of self. It influences the childhood of the natives and also deals with physical appearance as well as mental health. The house also holds the power over your enthusiasm, energy, health, and interests. The first house deals with the future and destiny of an Individual.

Planets in the first house are very strong and have control over the native’s life. If the planet is benefic in this house, the native will achieve great success. Whereas, if the planets occupying tend to be malefic in nature, then his/her life may get miserable.

Ascendant Sign in the First House

Aries:  If your Ascendant is Aries then you are very ambitious and energetic. You like being with people and enjoying an adventurous life. You will not be afraid of being leaders and have a natural ambition to dominate. You will have a great need to succeed at everything, and be bold and argumentative, and tend to act first and…Read More
Taurus: When the first house is in Taurus, the individual divulges all his time and efforts productively, and doesn’t want to be rushed. They actively seek comforts and wealth. They like stability and enjoy completing all the tasks on time. On the personal front, the individuals are polite and very respectful. They are strict and sensible as well as always looking for an explanation for the thing that…Read More
Gemini: The first house in Gemin i has a very robust intellectual power. Such kind Individuals seek communication, appreciate humor, imagination, and intellect. These individuals are easily adaptable to change, and other situations. And sometimes this behavior makes them wishy and washy in public.  They are impulsive and…Read More
Cancer: The first house in Cancer means they are not very confident about their feelings, yet feel passionate about the things they do. Such people are ruled by their emotions, like when they feel happy they are delightful, and when they are cold, they are miserable. These people are quiet and dramatic, but…Read More
Leo: With the sign, Leo is the first house, it makes natives proud, loyal, and creative. They are always looking for attention and disposition. Their nature is fiery but also stable and determined. They are romantic and idealistic people. They always look for challenges and complete whatever they take in hand…Read More
Virgo: The house of self in the sign Virgo means they are sociable and cordial in personality. They tend to analyze and sort things out quickly. They are extremely instinctive towards their life’s approach. As their ruler is Mercury, thus they often get shy in challenging situations due to lack of information, and always look for…Read More
Libra: Natives born with this Ascendent are always concerned with creating harmony, peace, and gentleness. They always find ways to mend their relationship. These individuals have really good taste in clothes, and thus like to incorporate small, but beautiful details into their everyday life. The greatest challenge such natives have to overcome is an acceptance of anger and constructive conflict…Read More
Scorpio: Natives born with this Ascendent are not only robust, fixed, and determined but also sensitive and emotional from deep inside. They approach every new situation with ardor and confidence. These individuals have a sturdy physique and have a fierce look into their eyes like they had to overcome death before birth. These individuals are very honest about their feelings and tend to lose their temper whenever they face difficulty. But…Read more
Sagittarius: Natives born with Ascendant in Sagittarius are most likely physically lofty than other people in their family trees. They have a bright mind and have a stiff conviction. Such individuals are ruled by Jupiter. They do not lose hope and always challenge the sharp situation. They are pragmatic, smart, and realistic in their life, and always…Read More
Capricorn: These individuals are ruled by Saturn. They are very practical and always ready to achieve their material things. They have very strong personalities, which makes them arrogant and always fail to understand the people weaker than they are. These individuals take a steady approach to complete their objective, without paying attention to menial tasks…Read More
Aquarius: These Individuals find it difficult to adopt social norms and try hard to blend but in vain. These are of very strange personalities, and someone even looks eccentric. They embrace change and desire to change the world. Ruled by Uranus, these individuals often want others to like them without losing their individuality, but they always…Read More
Pisces: People born with Ascendant in Pisces have very tender souls and always have a deep understanding related to religious, mystical, and mythological events. They are adaptable and willing to understand other people. Such natives are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, thus they are romantic and realistic. But…Read More

Planets in the 1st House and their consequences:

Moon in 1st House:

As per the Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the representative of imagination as well as feeling. Thus, the Moon in the 1st house represents that natives will be who is comfortable with their emotions. Moon in the first house blesses natives with an amiable personality, but still, they can suffer from a lack of confidence and inconsistency in action. They speak about what they feel is true about others without caring for the consequences. Read More

Jupiter in the first house:-

Jupiter in the 1st house indicates self-growth. An individual with Jupiter in the 1st house is naturally philosophical and eager to make a good first impression. You can expect this native to be zestful and full of life. As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, hence its placement in the first house raises the scope of personality development. Read More

Venus in the first house:

Venus is the ruler of love, beauty, and all life’s pleasure. Its aspect in the 1st house means passionate, romantic, and very courageous. Its aspects make the natives attractive and nicer. People feel easily attracted towards these people, and things come in handy. Being the planet of love and beauty, Venus influences native’s temperament according to its aspect. Read More

Saturn in the first house

The position of Saturn in the first house signifies that you will come out as a cold. These types of natives are reserved, introverted, and take everything seriously. They tend to be dependable and dutiful beings. For them, Life seems like an uphill battle and often become pessimistic about their future. This kind of person needs to keep fighting despite the odds and need to understand that your hard work will not go to waste. Read more

Mars in the First House

The conjunction of Mars in the 1st house signifies physical constitution, and thus determines the general physique. Natives with Mars in their first house are independent and don’t let anyone interfere. These people are trustworthy and direct and don’t find a problem in speaking their minds. Natives with Mars in their first house remain energetic and always ready to take risks. Read more

Uranus in the first house

From the astrological point of view, Uranus is a planet of radical change. This is a planet of rebellion and revolution, thus the Native in the first house expect change for themselves. They do what they feel to do without any interruption. Natives with Uranus in the first house always remain ahead of their time. These people are very independent and find liberty in everything.

Mercury in the first house

Mercury, in the first house, indicates communicative, driven, and spontaneous. Those native-born with Mercury in the first house means they have an expressive personality, and open-mindedness, as well as visionary perspectives. These people are immensely curious about the world and like to engage in endless debates and discussions.
Mercury is strongly connected to one’s ability to communicate and share ideas, to interact with the surrounding people, and this applies to those born with this aspect too. Read more

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Let's learn the 1st house Lord combination with other lords

Who is the Lord of the 1st house?

  • As per the Vedic Astrology, the Lord of the first house is Mars. As Mars is considered lord in the eleventh house the planet of war, thus, the natives of this house may act like a soldier.
  • They are natural fighters and don’t like compromise. They are always ready to get things done as soon as possible.
  • Natives with the Lord in the first house are strong-willed as well as courageous. And fight through the problems of life-path. Their innate vibes are to display soldier-like qualities.

What does the 2nd lord in the first house mean?

  • As per the Vedic Astrology, both the houses are vital for the money aspect. Thus, whenever these two houses are interconnected, it generally produces beneficial results.
  •  The presence of the 2nd house in the 1st house generally indicates that the person will be self-reliant and make his wealth.
  • They will have an extraordinary to make the sand into gold. If the second house is not debilitated in the 1st house, then this means natives will have exceptional communication skills to offer to the world.

What will be the effect of the 3rd lord in the 1st house?

  • As the 3rd house belongs to strength and is placed in Lagna (1st house), it means the native may be brave and courageous, and the native has a good & strong physical constitution.
  • If ill-placed, then he may have a weak constitution. If the third lord is well placed, then the native may also be mentally robust.
  • As in Vedic Astrology, the 3rd house signifies skills and activities, and when these mingle with each other, it will become a native a self-made successful person.

What does the 5th lord in the 1st house mean?

  • As per the Vedic Astrology, both are the most fortunate combination compared to all the combinations. Both are very auspicious planets.
  • As per Vedic Astrology, natives with these combinations are very wise, intelligent, and great scholars. As progeny is the significance of the 5th house and self is the 1st both, it brings lots of happiness and prosperity for their parents. Natives of this combination are the holders of luck, fortune, and have wise children.

What does the 8th Lord in the first house mean?

  • As the 8th house belongs to oneself, the presence of the 8th Lord in the 1st house is not considered Auspicious. It may bring many sorts of obstacles. The 1st house represents native livelihood, wealth, name, and fame, or all matters which are related to native. 8th house represents obstacles, loss, misfortune, blaming, gambling, etc. Hence natives may be suffering from long-run diseases.
  • But if the 8th house is good in dignity in the first house, and is favorable and well supported by other planets then it can generate marvelous results despite having malefic energies.

What does it mean to have the 10th Lord in the 1st house?

  • The first house represents the self, physique, personality, and 10 houses are about prime duties. When these two houses come together, it indicates that the life of an individual is strongly linked to greater responsibilities and karmic duties. The outcome of whether the native does good karma or not is highly dependent on the dignity of the 10th house lord.
  • On the contrary, if the given combination is ill-formed then the natives may feel a lack of motivation, enthusiasm, and ambition to fulfill their duties.

What does the lord of the 12th house in the 1st house indicate?

  • The combination of both these houses indicates both favorable and dire results because of some astrological reasons. On the one hand, the 12th lord brings difficulties to the 1st house, and on the other hand, when the 12the lord is in the 1st house, it is in the second form of its sign that adds favorable intonation to this combination.
  • In addition to these, if the 12th lord is dignified in the 1st house, then it will extract stunning results out of the malefic 12th house, but if it is unworthy then it may prove to be fatal.

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