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Second House Astrology: A House Of Wealth

The Second House in Vedic Astrology

The Birth Chart is the celestial canvas of the sky at the moment of your birth. It is divided into 12 houses which is an accommodation of nine planets, also known as Bhava. It is filled with many cosmic symbols that represent the past, present, and future of our life.


The second house is the house that is related to possession. This is the house that reflects what we owe, such as accumulated wealth, material goods, and possession and relation. The second house is associated with the sign Taurus and Venus and Jupiter which is the natural ruler of this house. The second house essentially reflects the ability to acquire money.

Significance of the Second House:

The second house is the key significator of our possession. Also, it represents our material wealth and everything we own. So, our way of managing our wealth & possessions fall under the domain of this house. It also predicts our financial health and how well we can live our life. In Vedic Astrology, the Taurus sign is associated with the second House. This House is ruled by planets, Venus and Jupiter. The best possible use of our assets (effects controlled by the second House) can shape our lives.

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Ascendant In the Second House

  1. Aries: The Ascendant in the second signifies that they always follow their instinct to see and make money and try new things and ideas to spend time away. They always value entrepreneurial and leadership activities and always eager to start and try new projects. These natives always have the instinct to create in the material world to increase their self-worth. Read More about Aries Ascendants
  2. Taurus: Natives born with a second house in Taurus, always have the ability to recognise the value of all things, form relationships to all experiences in life. They are very practical people and become good finance managers both on a personal level and at work. These are the people who have the amazing gift to earn money unless they get tainted by the convention and opinion of another person. Read More about Taurus Ascendants
  3. Gemini: People with a second house in Gemini are really quick in making money if they are passionate about their work, but if not, it would be best for them to have more than one source of income. They can wonder if they go for freelancer or journalist. Read More about Gemini Ascendants
  4. Cancer: People born with a second house in Cancer are someone who is capable of making money from home and mostly rely on a destiny for their wealth. They find incredible joy in food, cooking, and family gathering.  Such people are more important to their families and be grateful for what they have rather than money. Read More about Cancer Ascendants
  5. Leo: Individuals born with a second house in Leo are charismatic, magnetic as well as theoretical. They can easily make money if they choose any creative field like movies, theatre, or modelling. With the close correlation to their ego, they suffer a lot when their outcomes are not linked with their self-worth. Read More about Leo Ascendants
  6. Virgo: Native-born with the second house in Virgo are Moneymakers. These people are practical and understand the value of living according to one’s means. They are very good at budgeting, and thus, they never let things go out of hand and go bankrupt. These are the kind of people who consolidate the business. Read More about Virgo Ascendants
  7. Libra: People born with the Second house in Libra are those who take great pleasure in caring for their partner and spouse. This gives an individual a sense of self-worth. Such people can achieve great things by working in a group or with a partner. These people are good with their finance and enjoy balance in their family and work-life…
  8. Scorpio: Those who are born with a second house in Scorpio are people who keep their financial life to themselves and don’t let any other people know what you have. They do not appreciate the public display of wealth and don’t splurge on unwanted things. These people can make money through science, by helping others, or in Finance…
  9. Sagittarius: Natives born with it are not very good with their finances and tend to make misplaced investments. They enjoy investing in something potential, regardless of whether the investment will pay off or not. In order to prevent spending too much, this individual should start a savings account…
  10. Capricorn: Every financial decision of people with the second house in Capricorn is thoughtful. . As opposed to Sagittarius, these people are not disposed to invest in something they are not sure to yield returns. They are very good financial and family planners and have good savings plans. These natives are very diligent in terms of multiplying their wealth. Dissatisfaction in terms of financial planning makes them restless… Read More about Capricorn Ascendants
  11. Aquarius: When the cusp of the second house is in Aquarius, such people always experience changes of valves in their lives. They are risk-takers and prefer taking risks in all spheres, including their finances. They consider spending money as a feeling of freedom; thus it makes them irresponsible with money. They do not consider money as something important; however, they are creative when it comes to get-rich schemes and making money on the side…Read More about Aquarius Ascendants
  12. Pisces: Pisces natives don’t take financial matters seriously, and act in a lackadaisical way with their finance. They also lack confidence in several matters like what they do and are unsure what to buy, what to eat, what clothes to wear, and so on. It will be useful if such people find trusted friends who are good with finance… Read More about Pisces Ascendants

Planets in the Second House and their consequences

Jupiter in the Second House

  • Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, and destiny as well as the social planets, thus it plays an important role in one’s natural chart. The combination of Jupiter with the second house means that natives will be able to make apt decisions regarding all the financial matters and make all essential use of the resources available. Read More

Saturn in the Second House

  • As Saturn is a planet of distinction, thus its presence in the second house indicates problems in getting results regarding wealth-related matters. Saturn in the second house also shows the lack of interest in worldly possession; instead, Narratives will be more spiritual towards their life. The presence of Saturn in the first house also represents occults and other secret knowledge. Read More

Sun in the Second House

  • The placement of Saturn in the second house indicated that the natives would be more compassionate and generous. Their efforts fetch a myriad of recognition and respect. Such natives have exceptional leadership and skills and generate a good income through these skills. Natives with such a placement have an insatiable desire for power and a strong sense of self-worth. Read more

Venus in the Second House

  • The placement of Venus in the second house indicates that the native will be wealthy, a sweet lover, honoured in society, and will have financial gain from a gem. Venus in the second house based natives, they will have a loving spouse, and can through various beauty means like. Read more

Moon in the Second House

  • Moon in the second house implies material security which will be important for the native’s emotional satisfaction and physical means. Having property, wealth, and liquid money all will give you a sense of satisfaction and mental peace. Moon in the second house brings lots of turbulence in one’s financial matters. There would be lots of ups and downs that you see in one’s income and expenditure.Read more

Mercury in the Second House

  • The placement of Mercury in the second house indicates intelligence and knowledge. Thus having Mercury in the 2nd house means natives are more intelligent in accumulating wealth. As Mercury also is a significator of communication and the second house is a house of speech, thus these two combinations give the native power of oratory skill. Read more

Rahu in the Second House

  • Natives with Rahu in the second house means they will be more desperate for the accumulation of wealth. And these treasures could be in the form of anything like historic possession, wealth, and even storage of knowledge. If Rahu has a malefic effect on the second house, then the natives might find it hard to accumulate wealth. Read more

The Empty Second House: 

  • If your second house is empty then you can be at ease with handling finance. Connecting to your values, and having security and stability. The second house ruler can play a key role in your value and money in your life.

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Now let’s find out the combination of 2nd house lord with other Lords

The lord of the Second House

Jupiter is the lord of the second house. Thus, the combination of Jupiter with the second house means that natives will be able to make apt decisions regarding all the financial matters and make all essential use of the resources available.

  1. 1st lord in the Second House: When the first house lord meets with the second house lord, it means that natives might be fortunate regarding wealth. The tendency to generate wealth in your life will be more.
  2. As the 2nd house reflects speech and face, so when it is in conjunction with the first house then the native might get an attractive physique. He might be clever in speech and have an attractive face.
  3. 3rd lord in the Second House: The lord of the 3rd house in the second house indicates that all the efforts, self-interest, hobbies, and abilities will help the natives in accumulating wealth, resources, and security for the family. This combination will work great for those who are business/ entrepreneur and working for themselves.
  4. 4th Lord in the Second House : As the 4th house is the house of happiness and family, thus its conjunction in the second house indicates that Natives will use their wealth for their happiness and family. Natives will enjoy all sorts of convenience.
    But if the 4th house lord is fallen or debilitated in the second house, it may result in a lack of satisfaction, fulfilment, and gain in life. The combination of these two planets indicates the growth of families and assets are supported by the purity of the soul.
  5. 5th Lord in the Second House : The accumulation of these two planets is considered to be good for wealth and children. As the 5th house lord belongs to intelligence and the 2nd house belongs to wealth, then the natives may use his intelligence to accumulate good wealth.
    But if the 5th house lord is not placed in a good position, then natives may find the loss of wealth. The natives may be very knowledgeable and fit in for all sorts of learning activities, they might even expect good relationships with children.

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  1. 6th Lord in the Second House :The 6th house belongs to dust or obstacles in life, so if it is placed in the 2nd house then it may be good for your wealth, relationship families, and close friends.
    Natives might have misunderstandings with their families. You may even face losses in accumulating wealth. As the 6th house is a house of diseases and the 2nd house is a Marka house, this may increase the effect and you might suffer from a disease or even loss of money due to disease.
  2. 7th Lord in the Second House : 7th house is related to spouse, marriage, and other relationships, whereas the second house is about wealth, family lineage, and food, thus the combination of these two houses indicates that your spouse has a strong impact on your financial acquaintance.
    You will do really well in business as the relationship house is connected to your wealthy house. A business in the finance industry or food industry will be a good option.
  3. 8th Lord in the Second House : The 8th house is a house of secrecy, longevity, and transformation, thus if it is placed in the 2nd house wealth it means other people will become your wealth.
  4. 9th Lord in the Second House: The presence of the 9th House in the 2nd house wealth is an augur that natives may increase their wealth through their knowledge and philosophical studies of life. People of different ethnicities become a part of their families. They will value more religion and higher teaching.
    But if the planet is placed in a malefic state then it may be difficult for them to gain wealth through higher studies.
  5. 10th Lord in the Second House : The position of 10the House in the second house indicates that natives may follow the same line of work as their family. They will prefer to choose their passion and branch out into many different part-time jobs and businesses.
  6. 11th Lord in the Second House : As both the houses are related to finance, thus it makes natives very wealthy. The combination of both these houses can give a native an ability to speak or vocal communication skills. Wealth from others such as their friends or social contacts also happens.
  7. 12th Lord in the Second House : The placement of these two houses indicates that individuals may get benefited from foreign sources. The natives will earn through his efforts. If the 12th house is in an afflicted position in the 2nd house then it may result in speech defection. It may bring losses to the natives due to his lost tongue.

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