Mercury The in 1st House/Ascendent: Vedic Astrology

It is said that Astrology begins with the 1st house. It represents you that is self and is also known as the ascendant. The importance of this house lies in the fact that self lies at the center of everything else. It is the ultimate reference point for every individual. As for Mercury, the closest planet to Sun, it signifies your mental make-up. It is how we see things as we see them. The planet is also about intelligence and communication. The presence of Mercury in the first house will lead to a very communicative character, who has a quick-thinking and intelligent mind.

The areas affected due to Mercury in the 1st house:

  • Personal life and relationship
  • Career and professional life
  • Expression and communicability
  • Attitude towards knowledge and learning

Positive Traits/Impact

If you have Mercury in the 1st house, you will be driven by the thrill of the unknown. You will be always looking for something new and exciting. You are a very interesting person. You have a wide range of interests. And your mind is very rich, with so many different ideas and information. You are very versatile and you like to try new things that are outside your comfort zone. And your lively personality makes others imitate you.

An important aspect of your personality is that you can keep changing with the times. You are always moving, you are quite adaptable and flexible. Mercury stands for communication. And we see that communication never stops and it is always changing. Accordingly, the natives of Mercury in the 1st house are always changing and flowing.

The natives of Mercury in 1st house always tend to express themselves, which is the most important thing in their life. Their natural curiosity can make them amass a lot of information in their mind. They are always for learning: they won’t stop until the very last day. But will your unstoppable mindset help you to succeed in the year 2020?

Negative Traits/Impact

Well, your adventurous nature cuts both the ways. Your habit of always trying something new and different all the time may take a toll on certain aspects of your life. Like, you may be good at beginning new projects but you may not have the knack to follow through it until the end. This drawback may bring you down. You should work on this drawback if you wish to rise high in life.

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The natives of Mercury in the first house have the capability to dominate peoples’ discussions and shift the topic to something they are interested in. You will be very busy thinking about what you want to hear such that you may not give attention to what others are saying. It’s true that your enthusiasm is infectious but then your tone may be rude. So, you are advised to give more importance to what the others are saying. You should ensure that you do not become insensitive and callous to the feelings and sentiments of others.

The natives of Mercury in the 1st house are loud and uninhibited. They usually say what is there on their mind. Also, you don’t like when people beat around the bush as you are very straightforward with your thoughts and words.


You are intelligent and interesting. You are always full of new talks and ideas. But then your attribute of being flexible and exploring new things all the time may also become your weakness. You may not be able to hold on to things, which may cost you in life. Patience is one of the basic fundamental requirements of success, it has to be cultivated even if it is not there naturally.

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