Eight House In Astrology: Traits & Significance

The Birth Chart is the celestial canvas of the sky at the moment of your birth. It is divided into 12 houses which is an accommodation of  nine planets, also known as Bhava. It is filled with many cosmic symbols that represent the past, present and future of our life.

Eight House Meaning

Eight houses in Vedic Astrology deal with the things that are considered to be taboo such as debt, loan, death, longevity and sudden unexpected events are all part of this troubled eight house. The 8th house is also named Ayu Bhava. Eight  houses in kundali are related to the things that are wealth-related. All the unexpected, rise and fall in wealth, death, all of this in the house takes place due to this malefic 8th house.

Significance of Eight House

Well, the eight house deals with the things that are related to the happiness of the human being. Such as wealth and longevity, ups and downs in destiny and fluctuation in income as well as death and rebirth are all linked to this 8th house. If the house holds the planet that is beneficial then it will produce an encouraging result for all the natives, but if the house is linked with a troubled planet then the outcome will be destructive for the natives.

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Ascendent in the 8th house

Aries in the 8th House: Natives with the Aries in the 8th house are considered themselves to be exeprt adviser and always give advice on the topic related to the sex, death and money. Such individuals think it’s good to discuss such topics openly and don’t consider it kind of taboo. In romantic relationships, they go for everything for themselves and handle things on their own, especially joint accounts.  Read More Taurus in the 8th House: Natives with this sign are good with money and know where to make a profitable investment. Other people consider your advice to be cost-effective in the matter of wealth. You love investing and saving, but hate spending money. Individuals don’t rush with things and accept the changes that are happening gradually. Read More Gemini in the 8th House: Natives with this cusp are highly-intellectual, and have a very curious mind. They enjoy discussing every single new topic with others and behave with little insensitivity while having conversation. They are extremely keen with  money, budgeting, investing, and saving, and face problems head-on.  Such individuals use their mental prowess to deal with any problem. Read More Cancer in the 8th House: Native with this cusp are little coy and shy away from the topic which is related to taboo. They are kind of traditional, and thus prefer to keep their private life personal. When it comes to dealing with finance, such individuals act in a weary way and back away from taking any risk. And only invest when the outcome is positive. Read More Leo in the Eight House: Natives born with this cusp are with little self-esteem, and it shows while they are in conservation with others. They are very serious with money, and control as much as they can from spending worthlessly. Natives with this cusp are very sensitive with their joint account and investment. Read More Virgo in the 8th House: Natives with this cusp are extremely meticulous and take their own personal time to make big purchases. They are not the kind of people who would enjoy spontaneous and unsafe shopping. And thus, when it comes to making an investment and joint finance, they prefer to choose their partner to make this important decision instead of counting on others. Read More Libra in the 8th House: Natives with this cusp are very personal and keep their private things within themselves until they find someone with whom they can share their own worries and fears openly. In regard to finance, they separate their responsibilities and make any investing after consulting with their partner. Read More Scorpio in the 8th House: Scorpio is the Natural ruler and native born with this cusp are familiar with the concept of degeneration and regeneration. Such individuals are religious and live with a wide philosophical knowledge. When it comes to them they are very secretive and spend lots of time deciding where to spend money. Read More Saggiatrius in the 8th House: Natives of this house are very philosophical and religious, and approach topics like death openly. Regarding finance, they look for such a partner who is knowledgeable and can deal with finance related matters easily. Such natives are optimistic and embrace the change with open hands. Read More Capricorn in the 8th House: Natives born with this combination are the keen believer of death and aging related matter. And believe in leaving a legacy and making an impression in the world. Such individuals are very careful with their finances, and prefer to make investments when they are sure it will pay off. Read More Aquarius in the 8th House: Native with this sign are adventurous when it comes to money and sex. Such individuals enjoy investing, risk-taking, poking with the stock market to make their life more adventures. When it comes to finance, they are unconventional, and the thing is their risk pays off, but most often they lose.  Read More Pisces in the 8th House: Natives of this house have a tendency to get worried most of the time in every matter. Thus it is needed for these natives to practice the technique of mind-fullness like yoga and meditation. When it comes to finance, they are afraid to take potential risk. Read More

Planets and Its Significance

Sun in the 8th House: Natives with this sign always want to shine with deep and intense relationships, and remain often fresh to manage uncertainties of life. They become impulsive while dealing with difficult situations and bring any situation under control. They have that eagerness to say the right thing at the right time. Read More
Moon in the 8th house: Native with this combination are creative and their mind is a barrage of creative ideas. Such natives are extremely hard working and deal with life’s uncertainties with smartness. And if they come across some wrongdoing, they never turn back and deal with calmness. Read More
Jupiter in the 8th house: Native of this combination is very talented and loves figuring out the solution of simple problems. Such individuals can easily get to the root of the problem and measure out what the answer is. These individuals believe in the power of mysticism  and occultism. Read More
Venus in the 8th house: Natives with this sign live a wealthy life with the virtue of their partner. Thus, they lead a rich and abundant life. In a relationship, they love intensity and stay out of being in a casual relationship. Being over-obsessed with money and sensual pleasure can lead to downfall. Read More
Mars in the 8th house: Natives of this are very passionate and strong with intuition. But they lack the ability to express themselves in front of others. You are very desirable, if you want something there is nothing which can stop you from getting it. One of the best abilities of yours is that you take no time in finding the false face of others. Read More
Mercury in the 8th house: Natives with this combination are of very inquisitive nature, and want to go into the depth of every mystery they seek. Mercury in the 8th house gives the native power to access the world of occultism and metaphysics. Read More
Saturn in the 8th House: Native with the Saturn in the eighth house are patient, economical and hard working. They are very disciplined and have the courage to sacrifice the short-term goal to fulfill their long-term need. These natives are very tough to change and feel anxious and worried when they come across an out of comfort situation. Read More
Rahu in the 8th House: Native with the Rahu in the 8th house innovative and think out of the box. It is the perfect combination for those who are involved in metaphysical practice like detective, spy and investigator. Beside this, these native are attracted to wealthy people and want them to become their life partner.
Ketu in the 8th House: The placement of Ketu in the 8th house means natives are brave and industrious as well as linked to the mystical world. If ketu is residing in your 8th house, then there is a strong chance that they will adopt the profession of occultism. Beside this, if you are interested in games, then you can give it a shot.

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Lord of 8th House

The lord of the 8th house is Pluto
1st lord in the 8th house: 1st house in the 8th lord means you are deeply influenced by the hidden secret of life, and remain mostly on searching for the meaning of life. If you are Native of 1st lord positioned in the 10th house, you can experience a lot of unexpected gain and luck throughout their life. Read More
2nd Lord in the 8th house: Natives with the 2nd lord in the 8th house means if your 2nd house is well placed in the 8th house then you can expect sudden gain of money and profit.  These individuals are very much involved in occult science, astrology, healer and spiritual practice. If the planet is not in good dignity then the natives can depend on other money to survive. Read More
3rd Lord in the 8th house: Eight houses are the house of sudden events. And if the 3rd lord resides in the 8th house it means that natives will earn their living with theft and illegal means. The person is likely to be severely punished by the government for his/her crimes. If the owner of the third house is weak, then you can suffer from suicidal thoughts. Read More
4th Lord in the 8th house: Natives with this amalgamation may involve in serious litigation and lose their property and wealth if Saturn and Rahu is involved in this placement. Native with his placement can find peace of mind, if they are involved in an occult or some kind of metaphysical practice. Persons with such placement must be careful as they can meet with an accident. Read More
5th Lord in the 8th house: If you are native of this placement, then you will be very skillful in practising gambling and also involved in studying subjects like occult, science and magical practices. This placement may also provide you with wealth from sources like inheritance, will and estate. But if the placement of the planet is in your favour, then natives may have difficulty in making the right decision. Read More
7th Lord in the 8th house: Natives with this place may go from lots of ups and downs in their married life. And also suffer from long-term diseases. This placement also shows that your relation with inlaws will go through a lot of transformation and change. But if the placement of the house is beneficial, then it may produce good results. Read More
8th Lord in the 8th house: If 8th house is in 8th house, then natives may receive all sorts of happiness from their children and have blessings with their children. Whatever venture you will choose, success will be sure. This placement will make you triumph over all your enemies and earn good wealth through different sources. Read More

The Conclusion

Natural disasters, death rates in a region, losing wars, debts, import-export, taxes, and budget deficits are all reflected by the 8th house in Astrology. It also handles classified matters, field work, mining, minerals, and archaeology. The 8th house is said to cause an individual to withdraw from material pleasures. Overall, the 8th house represents the complicated aspects of life.

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