Vastu Vastu for Commercial Complex – a boon to the builders

Vastu Shastra Tips For Commercial Shops & Buildings

In this fast pace life, where the population is increasing at an alarming rate, and the size of the earth is shrinking, it becomes difficult for builders and business owners to find the right place for business to flourish in the competitive world. People are left with no choice but to opt for a shop or commercial place that is a part of some multi-storied complex. On top of this, if the small land or room that one gets is not in compliance with vastu then it may result in disaster. Hence, to save the business and people the science of architecture – Vastu Shastra comes as a soldier to protect against the vastu defects at the commercial complex.

Vastu for Commercial Complex

Vastu shastra has a great significance at the time of building residential or even commercial places. It attracts positive energy from the cosmos and makes the site fruitful for its owners or occupants. When Vastu for a commercial is followed, it helps the owners and the staff to make maximum profit and attract more customers. Let’s go through the basic vastu tips for commercial buildings that should be followed while designing the place.

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A Piece of Vastu Advice for Commercial Complex

When one consults a vastu expert for advice on commercial complex, the consultant will guide on the points given below.

  • The slope, height and shape of the commercial complex
  • Location of beams and basement
  • The direction of the entrance gate of the complex as well as the shops in it.
  • Placement of the electric equipment.
  • Direction of staircases
  • Direction of toilets, pantry and store room
  • Direction of water storage tanks
  • Direction of windows on each floor and in each room
  • Direction and area of open space
  • Types of plants and trees in the lawn in their directions

Vastu Tips for Commercial Buildings

When a commercial complex is built, keeping in mind the vastu guidelines, it makes the place more profitable to the businessmen. A few important vastu shastra tips for the commercial complex are enlisted below.

  • As per the vastu, the best-suited size ratio for the commercial complex is 1:1 and 1:2, in a rectangular or square shape. This increases the chances of more profit. Any irregular shape of the plot will result in loss and stress.
  • It is advisable to leave sufficient space in the north and east of the plot. It is the direction of positivity and abundance. Less space should be left in the south and west as it is a storehouse of negativity.
  • The entrance gate should be in the north-east as it invites positivity into the commercial building. Avoid having an entrance in the south-west.
  • The height of the main entrance of the commercial complex should be higher than the individual height of the gates of the shops and the other units.
  • Since it is a multi-storied building, there will be staircases. As per the vastu staircases should be in the south-west and should be running clockwise while one climbs on it.
  • The storeroom and the basement should be in the south or west of the complex.
  • Water elements like bore well or underground water tanks should be in the north-east. This will enhance the chances of profit and success.
  • Overhead water tanks should be in the southwest.
  • Toilets in the commercial building should be in the west or north-west only.
  • Vastu for shopping complex suggests that there should be a temple in the north-east corner or the center. Ensure that the entrance to the temple should not be exactly to the opposite of the main entrance of the complex or any individual unit.
  • The lawn of the commercial complex should be beautiful and green. Ensure that big trees are in the south or west, and small tender plants are placed in the north or east.
  • The main entrance should not be obstructed with any huge tree or thorny plant.

Vastu for Shops and offices

  • In the shops and offices, reception is the first place any visitor looks at. It should be a calm place with positive vibes. The reception should be constructed in the East or Northeast direction. The receptionist should face the East or North direction.
  • The walls should be painted blue, white or grey.
  • The owner should sit facing towards the East or North direction.
  • The manager, director, and executives of the office should be seated in the Southwest, South, or West zone of the office as per commercial Vastu.
  • The employees should be facing towards North or East while working in the office.

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Commercial Vastu helps in balancing the negative and positive energies. Vastu tips for office and shops help in selecting the best-suited directions, space arrangement, design, and even the best plants and decorative items for the commercial space. When the vastu tips for the commercial complex are followed properly, it ensures that the owner of the shops and the builder too prospers and lead a positive life.

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