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Rudraksha – A Powerhouse Of Cosmic Energy

Everything in this universe is throbbing with energy which is why all the things that surround us, reverberates with some life force, be it a tree, stone, flower, waterbody, a mountain, an animal or a human being. These reverberations in the form of energy play a vital role in creating particular vibrations which can help us in leading a more spiritual life, a more satisfying life, a more intense life.

In a similar way, Rudraksha is also a manifestation of a particular kind of energy that creates certain vibrations which can work wonders. The term Rudraksha can be divided into two halves where, Rudra means Shiva and Aksha means tears, thus the name Shiva’s tears. It is said that Lord Shiva went into a deep transcendental meditative state with an aim to create well being of all creatures on the planet. Once he opened his eyes, tears of ecstasy poured down and fell on the planet to become the seeds that grew into Rudraksha trees.

The scientific name of the Rudraksha tree is Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb, and they grow at a certain altitude, not too high and not too low, in the Himalayan region. They also grow in other places of the world, like Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Nepal, New Guinea, and Hawaii. Interestingly, 35 out of the 300 different species of this plant are found in India itself!

The seed of this tree, also called Rudraksha, are of different varieties, depending on how many faces or clefts or Mukhis it has on its surface. Rudraksha ranging from one Mukhi (1-faced) to as many as fourteen Mukhis (14-faced) are present, each one resonating with a design of frequency which is quite unique on its own.

A very peculiar Rudraksha known as Gauri-Shankar is one of its kind and is a result of the formation of two naturally combined Rudrakshas. Furthermore, each type of Rudraksha is very distinctive on its own, in terms of which ruling planet it belongs to, which God it represents and what Beej mantra is it associated with? Each Rudraksha is connected to a particular planet, and the effects of the particular Rudraksha can be helpful in either strengthening a planet or nullifying its ill effects.

Rudraksha Ruling God Ruling Planet Beej Mantra
1-Mukhi Shiva Sun Om Hreem Namah
2-Mukhi Ardhnareeshwara Moon Om Namah
3-Mukhi Agni Mars O Kleem Namah
4-Mukhi Brahma Mercury Om Hreem Namah
5-Mukhi Kalaagni-Rudra Jupiter Om Hreem Namah
6-Mukhi Kartikeya Venus Om Hreem Hum Namah
7-Mukhi Mahalaxmi Saturn Om Hum Namah
8-Mukhi Ganesh Rahu Om Hum Namah
9-Mukhi Durga Ketu Om Hreem Hum Namah
10-Mukhi Vishnu NONE Om Hreem Namah
11-Mukhi Hanuman NONE Om Hreem Hum Namah
12-Mukhi Sun Aum-Kraum Sraum Raum Surya Namah
13-Mukhi Indira Venus Om Hreem Namah
14-Mukhi Hanuman Saturn Om Namah
Gauri-Shankar Shiva-Parvati Moon Om Shree Gauri-Shankara Ya Namah

The Hindu scriptures believe that there is a strong connection between Rudraksha and Astrology and that various remedies for the planets can be conducted with the help of these tears of Shiva, shed when he was at his peak of his blissful state that he had attained. Furthermore, the effects and benefits of Rudrakshas have been documented in various scriptures since ancient times and it is also scientifically proven that Rudrakshas have bio-magnetic properties, dipolar nature which invoke and invite good energies.

In other words, Rudraksha can have a major influence on both our psychology and nervous system to a great extent. So, yes, Rudraksha does work, but how it works is a phenomenon that is difficult to explain. No matter what, the mystery behind our existence is way deeper and more intense than what science can decipher using the approach that it undertakes through its intellectual and logical understanding. But, can our existence be framed in such an infinitesimal system where we cannot go beyond logic and intellect? Therefore, existence, as we know of, is way more than humongous to be digested by a rational mind. This magic floats beyond logic, and it transcends all that is physical in nature!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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