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A Guide To 13 Mukhi Rudraksha

A Guide To 13 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 13 mukhi rudraksh is meant for all those who wish to attract the attention of others and achieve success in personal and professional life. The 13 mukhi rudraksha is blessed by the enchanting deity Kaamdev. Lord Indra and Mahalakshmi have also endowed their divine powers to this sacred bead. It is believed that Lord Indra received his kingdom and wealth back on wearing the 13 mukhi rudraksha graced by Lord Kaamdev.

The ruling planets of 13 mukhi rudraksha are Venus and the Moon. With their combined influence, the wearer is blessed with charismatic appearance and appealing communication skills. Its mool mantra is ‘Om Hreem Namah, Om Kleem Kamdeavaye Namah’. The 13 mukhi rudraksha affects the Visuddhi Chakra. Get rid of all the malefic influence of villainous planets. Perform a Rudrabhishekam Puja online with our experts.

The greatest importance of 13 mukhi rudraksha lies in the fact it is graced by Kaamdev, Indra Dev and Mahalakshmi.

  • It pacifies the malefic effects of Moon and Venus.
  • It helps the wearer achieve success during his trial times.
  • The wearer is blessed with the skill of hypnotism.
  • It removes the blockages in Visuddhi Chakra and makes the wearer self-conscious and peaceful.

Since Lord Kaamdev is its presiding deity, the 13 mukhi rudraksha has many benefits to offer its wearer.

  • Lord Kaam Dev blesses the wearer with charismatic personality.
  • Helps in achieving Siddhis by the meditators.
  • Helps in increasing sperm counts in males.
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Regulates the functioning of reproductive organs.
  • Helps in smooth functioning of urinary organs.
  • Helps in curing kidney problems.
  • Gives relief in sciatica, pelvic pain and lower back pain.
  • Makes the wearer an extrovert.
  • Fulfils the desires of the wearer and helps in achieving success.
  • People who are in marketing or public relations field should certainly possess 13 mukhi rudraksha as it improves and helps in engaging people and convince them.

To reach the optimum level of desirous result, one should always do the pran pratishtha of the 13 mukhi rudraksha. It is essential to energize the beads to get the maximum benefits of 13 mukhi rudraksha. On Friday morning, the individual who wants to wear it, should get ready for the puja. Clean the bead with gangajal and place it on the nine peepal leaves kept in a copper plate. Then he should smear the beads with sandalwood paste and offer fresh flowers. Light a diya lamp and dhoop stick next to it. With complete devotion, chant the mool mantra ‘Om Hreem Namah, Om Kleem Kamdeavaye Namah’, 108 times and wear it or enshrine it in the puja ghar. The 13 mukhi rudraksha can be worn as chain in red silk or woollen thread or it can be capped in gold or silver and be worn as a bracelet.

In this digital age, it is very easy to buy 13 mukhi rudraksha online. But there are chances of getting cheated too. So, if you plan to buy rudraksha online, make sure you know how to identify an original bead. We can perform the water test as given below.

  • Take a glass of warm water.
  • Drop the 13 mukhi rudraksha in that glass.
  • Leave the bead in water for around 2 hours.
  • Remove the bead from water and closely observe it.
  • If it gets discoloured or you observe any joints in it then it is not an original bead.
  • If the water changes colour and gets dirty, then also the bead is not genuine.

The 13 mukhi rudraksha has thirteen distinct faces made by lines that run across the head to the tail of the bead. These lines are not broken at any point.

To be blessed with magnetic and charismatic personality, you need to possess a 13 mukhi rudraksha. With the divinity of Lord Kaamdev, its wearer can attract and conquer the hearts of many. He may crack a deal wherever he might go. Possessing all the qualities of the presiding god – Kaamdev, the wearer will also be able to enjoy a good love and sex life.

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