Restore your intellect and communication skills with four mukhi rudraksha

The Four Mukhi Rudraksha is the one for all the rudraksha lovers and specifically those who wish to enhance and improve their communication skill. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the 4 mukhi rudraksha blesses its wearer with great benefits. It is one of the most worn rudrakshas, especially by students.

The Four Face Rudraksha inherits the energy of the ruling planet or its Guru and helps attain the four levels of knowledge. These are:

  • Jagrit – Waking state
  • Swapna – Dream state
  • Sushupti – Deep sleep state
  • Turiya – Superconscious state

Importance of Four Face Rudraksha

The importance of the four mukhi rudraksha lies in the fact that it blesses the wearer with supreme knowledge making him wise and drags him away from the depth and darkness of ignorance.

  • It enhances the creativity of the wearer
  • It helps attain spiritual faith and insight
  • It helps in removal of disinterest and dullness in intellect
  • It helps in better concentration during meditation and any form of spiritual sadhana
  • It makes the wearer realize self-worth
  • It helps in removal of shy and suppressed attitude

Benefits of Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Since it is beneficial to a great extent, the 4-mukhi rudraksha is the most worn element. Few of the benefits of 4 mukhi rudraksha are:

  • It helps the wearer become systematic and organised in thoughts, expressions and communication.
  • It enhances the intelligence level of the wearer and makes him witty and logical.
  • Public speakers and singers who choose to wear this rudraksha are likely to achieve greater success in their professional life.
  • Teachers, students, writers, researchers, journalists and scholars are greatly benefitted with this rudraksha.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, the 4 mukhi rudraksha has many health benefits too.

  • The Vissudha chakra or the fourth chakra that is related to the throat is affected by this rudraksha. So, it is beneficial in curing any throat related issues.
  • It regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland
  • It improves the immunity of the wearer
  • It helps cure respiratory disorders and gives relief to asthma patients

It is believed that if three beads of 4 face rudraksha are soaked in boiled milk for around 20 minutes, the milk absorbs all the qualities and properties of it. When a person regularly consumes such milk, his memory becomes sharp. Perplexed thoughts? Clear your mind off from the troubling influence of the planets with a Rudrabhishekam Puja.

Identification of genuine four mukhi rudraksha

One must make sure that the four mukhi rudraksha that he plans to purchase is genuine. For the identification of original rudraksha follow the given test.

  • Check the rudraksha carefully. Its lines should be complete from one end to the other. They should not be broken.
  • Take a glass of water and drop the rudraksha in it. Leave it for two hours.
  • Now if the water becomes dirty or gets some colour, then it is not an original bead.

It is advisable to purchase rudraksha from an authentic and certified dealer only.

Energies your 4-mukhi rudraksha

Though all the rudraksha are capable of blessing their wearer with an abundance of health, peace and prosperity, yet it is advisable to energise them before wearing. The four mukhi rudraksha should also be energised with a proper puja. The one who wishes to wear it should wake up early on a Thursday morning and get ready for the puja. He should sit in the North West direction and clean the rudraksha with Gangajal. Then it should be kept on a copper plate with nine peepal leaves and smeared with sandal paste. Offer fresh flowers and light a lamp there. After chanting the mool mantra “Om Hreem Namah”, 108 times he should wear it with a peaceful mind. It can be worn in silk or woollen thread or can be encapsulated in silver or gold, like a chain or bracelet.

Wrapping Up

With the qualities of the ruling planet Jupiter and the blessings of Lord Brihaspati, the four mukhi rudraksha helps the wearer attain immense knowledge and wisdom. But one should remember to identify the genuine beads and always purify them before wearing it.


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