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Significance and benefits of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha

Better known as Divine Gem or Devmani, the 14 Mukhi rudraksha is blessed by Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva. It is believed that after deep meditation for the well-being of the living creatures, when Lord Shiva woke up and opened his eyes, tears fell on earth which then got transformed into seeds that bore Rudraksh. The tear which fell from the Third Eye of Mahadeva changed into 14 mukhi rudraksha.

The Devamani or 14 mukhi rudraksha blesses the wearer with all the innate qualities of Lord Hanuman like fearlessness and inclination to take risks and achieve success in the task. It works on the Ajna Chakra which is associated with the third eye in humans. Thus, it helps in making correct judgements based on intuitions. Its mool mantra is ‘’Om Namah, Om Namah Shivaye’. The 14 mukhi rudraksha is governed by two strong planets – Mars and Saturn.

  • It nullifies the malefic effects of the planet Mars.
  • It pacifies the malefic effects of the planet Saturn.
  • It energizes the Ajna chakra or the third-eye chakra.
  • It makes the wearer self-assured.
  • It helps in becoming outspoken and courageous.
  • It helps in removal of hurdles in professional life.
  • It helps in getting married and enjoy marital bliss.

This precious bead has innumerable benefits to offer its wearers.

  • Removes the Mangal dosha
  • Remedy against the effects of Sade Sati
  • Helps in enhancing decision making skills
  • Makes the wearer bold and courageous
  • Blesses the wearer with the quality of being victorious
  • Blesses the wearer with the divine intuition power
  • Gives greater will-power to its wearer
  • Helpful in relieving arthritis
  • Relieves obesity problem
  • Helps in handling fears and traumas
  • Helpful in curing nervous disorders
  • Provides relief in piles

Before wearing or enshrining the rudraksha beads, one should always enegize it. This is known as pran pratishtha of rudraksha. After you buy 14 mukhi rudraksha online or from some shop, ensure that you wear it on a Tuesday. The person who desires to get maximum benefits of 14 mukhi rudraksha, should wake up at dawn on a Tuesday and get ready for the puja. He should take a copper plate and keep nine peepal leaves on it. Clean the bead with gangajal and place it on the leaves in the plate. Put some sandalwood paste over the bead and offer some fresh flowers. Light a ghee lamp and dhoop stick. Now chant the mool mantra ‘Om Namah, Om Namah Shivaye’ 108 times, with dedication and devotion. Bring health, wealth, and prosperity to your life, book an online Rudrabhishekam Pooja from home.

One can wear the energized bead in red coloured silk or woollen thread as a chain. It can also be capped in gold or silver and be worn as a bracelet in hand. After energizing, it can also be enshrined in the mandir of the house.

It is very easy for anyone to buy 14 mukhi rudraksha online. But it is equally easy to get cheated or duped by getting a fake rudraksh. so, it is essential to identify original beads and know how genuine it is. One should always check the face of the bead. The 14 mukhi rudraksha will have clear fourteen lines running from head to tail of the bead. These lines are not broken anywhere and they divide the bead into fourteen faces. Water test should also be conducted on the rudraksha. Put the bead in a glass of warm water and remove it after around two hours. If water gets some colour or germs then the rudraksha is not genuine.

The Devamani or 14 mukhi rudraksha has immense power to bless its wearer with courage, wit, success and health. With multiple benefits of the planets Mars and Saturn, its wearer enjoys being free of worries. He is also blessed by Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva, who make him bold enough to take risks and succeed in the venture. They also bless him with enhanced intuitive thinking power.

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