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Saturn in 7th House : Vedic Astrology


Saturn, also known as the “planet of karma,” plays a vital role in shaping the natives’ life and endowing them with wealth, stardom, longevity, and discipline. Saturn is well- known for its malefic influence on the natives’ life, but when placed in a good sign, it becomes advantageous and positively impacts the natives in their relationship. According to Vedic astrology, Saturn is one of the most powerful and influential planets which can be seen with the naked eye. It impacts the natives’ life both positively and negatively. The natives who have this placement can either rise very high or fall steep down, depending on the nature of Saturn’s placement in the 7th house.

The Areas Affected Due to Saturn in 7th House : Vedic Astrology

  • Wealth
  • Age
  • Business
  • Dreams
  • Emotions

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Positive Traits/Impact

Placement of Saturn in the 7th house blesses the natives with wealth and fame. Saturn is a slow-moving planet and this principle influences the natives. They keep their actions low key and make their moves without getting noticed by others. These natives exhibit the virtues of faith, trust, and loyalty to others. They are not talkative but never back off to argue against injustice. These individuals may experience major gains in business. They may also become game-changers when it comes to developments in business. Saturn reflects karmic influence which means ” what goes around comes around” and this influences the natives’ life in a big manner. If the natives do good deeds, they will be rewarded by Saturn or else get punished, depending upon their actions.

According to Vedic astrology, placement of Saturn in the seventh house bestows the natives with power, wisdom, knowledge and leadership qualities. The natives of Saturn in the 7th house may have blissful and happy married life. In fact, the natives with this placement get the life partner of their choice. They praise each other, share values and support each other through thick and thin. When Saturn aspects the 7th house of marriage, the mutual understanding between life partners becomes the backbone of their relationship. The presence of Saturn also increases the spirituality of the life partners, which ultimately strengthens their bond. The male and female natives of Saturn in the 7th house are ambitious and passionate about their love life.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

However, in some situations, Saturn in the 7th house may influence the natives’ married life adversely. The placement of Saturn in the 7th house may cast a malefic influence on the natives’ relationship. These natives may face a dilemma in choosing their life partners. As stated by Vedic astrology, the adverse impact of a retrograde Saturn in the 7th house may ruin the relationship of the natives and their life partner. In such a situation, the natives may experience immense sorrow and pain. There may be fights between the partners, they may become impatient, not listen to each others’ opinions. They may lose their sense of responsibility and may not take care of their partner. It is quite possible that the age difference between them may be more than 5 years.

Saturn’s transit in the 7th house may be responsible for the downfall of the natives’ married life, which may happen because of their self-centered behaviour and an outpour of raw and rough emotions towards each other. These natives may get separated soon due to a lack of affection towards each other. The problems of Saturn can only be addressed by proper Saturn in the 7th house remedies.

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Natives with Saturn in their 7th house experience a happy life. It gives them wealth, strength, position, and status in society. However, because of its malefic nature, Saturn may bring adversities in the life of individuals, particularly into their married life. Moreover, the karmic influence of Saturn keeps the natives on the toes.

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