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Saturn In The Eighth House: Vedic Astrology


The 8th house is also reckoned as the house of death. Well, when Saturn is present in the eighth house, it may mean a terrible death. However, certain modern-day astrologers have moved away from this line of thinking. They regard the 8th house as the house of resurrections. The 8th house also signifies the transformations through growth and change. The placement of Saturn in the 8th house may signify that the natives will need to re-invent themselves from time to time. So, this placement may also point to a fluid personality and dynamic situation.

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The Areas Affected Due to Saturn in The 8th House:

  • Attitude towards life
  • Adaptability to change
  • Career and profession
  • Health and well-being

Positive traits/Impact

The eighth house is opposite the second house. The 2nd house stands for the attitude towards possessions. In that sense, the eighth house stands for the natives’ attitude towards giving up the remains of the past, so that they can move forward in life and grow & develop. Saturn in the eighth house can make a very powerful influence on the lives and minds of natives. This influence will make them simply resist transformations, change, and growth.

The natives of Saturn in the 8th house may find it very tough to accept changes in their life. They may find change very stressful as it may fill them with lots of anxiety and worry. They should be aware of this influence. The natives will benefit in life if they have the right attitude towards change. They should be ready for change.

The natives who have Saturn in the eighth house tend to be patient, economical and hard working. They are self-made and disciplined people, who can sacrifice short-term happiness to meet their end goals. They don’t mind missing their social life to work more in order to reach a better financial position. The presence of Saturn in the 8th house may also cause delays and obstacles in matters relating to inheritance, debt and sexual satisfaction.

The one very good thing about the effect of Saturn in the 8th house is that it pushes the natives to look at their commitments and responsibilities more realistically. The natives need to use their instincts to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. Not everything will be so negative. It is indeed good that there is a close social network who are craving to know more about the natives, about their less known side. These natives have a close friend circle who always help and support them.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

The position of Saturn in the 8th house also interferes with the health of the natives. Whatever illnesses the natives may face before death, Saturn may make them chronic and prolonged. The natives may begin feeling old at an early age. Also, the financial support from others will be quite less, especially from their marriage partner. Besides, the retrograde Saturn may cause difficulties in begetting children. In some cases, the natives may suffer from impotency. At the same time, such a person is talented, work-efficient and practical in nature. Thus, there will be benefits in the long run despite a few obstacles.

The natives of Saturn in the eighth house should try to focus on the good things that can come from change, instead of always expecting the worst. This way they will lessen their stress and won’t get unduly anxious. The natives of Saturn in the 8th house should come forward and figure out as to how can they address their problems in a better manner. The only way to come out of the immense pressure is by learning not to take things so seriously. Every problem has a solution and so the problems of Saturn in the 8th house can be solved by using proper remedies.

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One of the main obstructions in the lives of Saturn in the 8th house natives may be their attitude towards change. If they are able to address it, they can do wonders.

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