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Saturn in 2nd House: Vedic Astrology


The 2nd house in Vedic astrology broadly stands for financial affairs and monetary matters. It’s a very important area as money makes us fulfill our needs and lead a decent and comfortable life. As for Saturn, it is a malefic planet, which is described as a tough taskmaster and disciplinary professor. Saturn is highly judgemental and the planet follows the policy of ‘Carrot and stick’. Thus, if you do good, Saturn will reward you and if you do wrong, Saturn will punish you. The planet Saturn is considered sober, stiff and secretive. So, when Saturn is placed in the 2nd house, the areas of the 2nd house will get adversely impacted. This placement may cause issues on the financial front. As you may face difficulties on the financial front, so your personal and professional lives may as well face troubles.

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The Areas Affected Due to Saturn in 2nd House: Vedic Astrology:

  • Delays the ability to save money
  • Hamper Childhood nourishment
  • Harsh Nature

Positive Traits/Impact

The natives of Saturn in 2nd house may be born in poor conditions or they may have quickly learned how to survive on very fewer resources. The financial condition of such natives may propel them to become great survivors. They may start their life from a near-zero financial situation but may go on to achieve significant heights.

The wily Saturn is a slow-moving, malefic planet that respects hard work, a serious approach and slow but steady steps. And when Sun is located in the house of finances, the natives will dedicate many efforts to build their income and establish a security net, as per Saturn in 2nd house Vedic astrology.

The natives of Saturn in 2nd house from Lagna should treat themselves properly and enjoy even the small things in life.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

As per the traditional Vedic astrology, Saturn’s presence in the 2nd house implies that the natives will find it challenging to acquire materialistic possessions like house, car, and so on. There may be some or the other reason which may disable them to buy these belongings as they may be under the influence of retrograde Saturn in 2nd house.

Also, the natives of Saturn in the second house may be over-cautious while investing their money into financial instruments. In fact, the natives may strongly prefer debt funds over equity funds. They may be afraid of the risk involved in the equity funds. While its good to be safe and secure, one should not be excessively attached to being secure or else it may impact their growth. It’s good to avoid misadventure, but at the same time, one need not become completely averse to even the convenient forms of adventure.

As Saturn is a gloomy planet, it may lead to a very serious personality. The natives of Saturn in 2nd house may get too much into saving money for the future. They may even ignore or overlook the basic needs of the present to make their future safe. This is an imbalance and like giving too much importance to one thing at the cost of others.

Besides, Saturn can bring in melancholic thoughts and depression in matters of livelihood, even if things are not going so bad. Certainly, if Saturn is adversely aspected by “malefics”, the situation will be even more difficult. The difficulties will be mostly internal because the natives may not be able to evaluate the situation correctly. These natives might be working too hard or too long and just achieve some medium level income, feeling depressive of not reaching their tall goals.

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The natives of Saturn in 2nd house may face financial issues. However, they will be able to overcome their constraints and deficiencies by being disciplined and tough towards situations and facing the scenario bravely.

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