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Saturn in The Eleventh House : Vedic Astrolog


Saturn, the tough taskmaster is just like the strict teacher in school time. It represents father and authority figures. Saturn keeps in mind the boundaries of a person, his time limit and restrictions. It reminds its natives of self-control, responsibilities, and commitments. It is known as the planet of contraction. It brings a hard time, which might seem depressing, but it helps people to discover the meaning of life. It also governs old age. The eleventh house in astrology is known as “labha (gains) house” as well as the house of “bhadak”(obstruction). It is also the house of social circles and hopes. It is considered as an auspicious house. However, it is obstructive for cardinal signs. Saturn in eleventh house may make its natives feel lonely. They may feel the fear of failure in regard to their social circle and their dreams. However, once they overcome that, they may be able to define their dreams with more precision and work on that. They may also be able to hang out with friends and make a stronger bond with them.

The Areas Affected Due to Saturn in The 11th House:

  • Income
  • Illegal business
  • Marriage
  • Politics

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Positive Traits/Impact:

As the 11th house is of gains and social circle and the Saturn is the Lord of the eleventh house, it feels like at home. Hence, it provides its natives with lots of gains through various means.

Saturn in 11th house Vedic astrology ensures that they get regular income for the long term through any method. Their income might be low in the beginning but slowly it may increase as Saturn symbolizes patience.

They may be accompanied by their partner in terms of earnings. They may have at least two earning members in the home and family. They may gain through speculations and investments as well. There are high chances that they may accumulate a good amount of savings after the age of forty.

The effect of Saturn in 11th house may make the natives search for a deeper meaning of life and they may commit to only one path of life. They may discover their true desires and wishes. They may detach themselves from group identity and try to create their own identity. They may carry big dreams and high hopes and work hard for the same. They may be patient and enduring as well.

They may have a huge and genuine circle of friends. They may be looked up to in difficult times and maybe approached by their peers and friends.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

The natives of Saturn in eleventh house may easily become bored and tired of socialization and might prefer to stay alone at times.

They may fear being normalized and losing their special place and value in their social circles. This might induce a feeling of loneliness and separateness from their close ones. Hence, at times they find it difficult to loosen up or share personal feelings.

The 11th house is the house of illegal activities like blackmailing, hoarding, smuggling, kidnapping, etc. Hence, the natives have chances to involve in such activities. It is all the more likely with retrograde Saturn in 11th house in birth chart.

They can be quite deceiving at times and may outsmart people for their own personal benefits. Natives who have a strong Saturn in their house and possess the support of Mars or Sun are likely to become good politicians. They may become an authoritative figure at levels from “panchayat”(jury) to even at the national level.

They may exploit the workers under them and get maximum productivity at any cost. They may also try to earn huge profits by any means, from increasing the prices to reducing the quality of the products. They don’t realize the difference between ethical and unethical sources of income. They may deceive and act cunningly and get huge amounts of profit with the help of the same. Natives with Saturn in eleventh house may experience failure in marriage.

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Saturn is the planet of hardship and teaching. The eleventh house is the house of social circle, gains, and obstructions. Hence, these natives may be hardworking, talented and outgoing individuals. For these natives, money, and income hold huge importance in their lives. However, they are suggested not to use any ill methods to earn money.

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