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Mercury in 6th House : Vedic Astrology

The planet Mercury stands for communication, expression, intelligence and an analytical approach towards life. And we know well the importance of the mind and intelligence in modern human civilisation. As for the 5th house, it symbolises love relationship, children, emotions that bring pleasure and various speculative activities. The placement of Mercury in the 6th house will make the natives very creative. They can become good teachers as they are very curious about how the people (students) can be moulded and reshaped into someone useful and enriching for the humankind.

The Areas Affected Due to Mercury in The 6th House:

  • Self-expression and communication
  • Curiosity
  • Romance and love life
  • Wit and humour

Positive Traits/Impact

They tend to use their voice, whether written or spoken, as a means of creative self-expression. They can be witty and humorous, an engaging communicator and a humorous and fun-loving friend. They love playing games, especially the ones that require their intellect. They love tricks, jokes, plays on words, and mimicry. They might be skilled at impersonations. Some of them can be clever at lying, as per Mercury in the 6th house Vedic astrology.

In some way, natives of Mercury in the 6th house are very entertaining with the spoken and/or written word. Communication and intellectual rapport are most attractive to them when it comes to romance. In certain cases, this can indicate more than one lover at once.

Curiosity can be a strong motivator for making social and romantic contact. They might also take much pride in their children’s intellectual abilities and talents. They would make good teachers, as they are very curious about how people learn and can come up with many ideas that allow them to teach others creatively.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

The only thing that an individual with Mercury in the 6th house needs to be careful about is taking things too far. They also have a strong ego and can cross the line or be hurtful if they are not paying attention to the reactions of their audience. Everyone loves a good joke, but not at their own expense.

Besides, the problem in their artistic conversational skills is that it can make them an excellent liar. When they tell a story, they tend to convey it in such a manner that it seems funnier or scarier or heightened in some way. They do this for effect and to get a reaction. However, that dilutes the reality.

The Mercury in the 6th house astrology predicts that if the natives are trying to teach something, then a straightforward conversation might get the point across even better. They have to learn how to read their audience and figure out the best way to convey information. Not everything has to be a big or significant production. Just connecting with the audience can do all that they need. That can make them attractive. Even though there is a lot of show and tell in the relationship, those around them know they are pure at heart.

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Mercury is about expression and intelligence. The 5th house deals with romantic relationships, pleasurable emotions, offsprings and so their combination can make very knowledgable individuals, who can be very good teachers. However, the natives should avoid taking things too far. They need to desist from getting unduly attached to certain things, which can inflate their ego and bring sufferings to their lives.

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