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Mercury in 7th House: Vedic Astrology

Mercury is a “neutral planet” and as per Vedic astrology, it rules natives’ intelligence, mind, communication, and understanding. The presence of Mercury in the horoscope may influence personality characteristics like coordination, rationality, opinions, and ideas. The planet endows the natives with creativity, sense of humour, sharp mind and excellent learning abilities. Such natives are innovative and move on to become extraordinary personalities. And when Mercury is placed in the 7th house, it impacts the natives’ married life, relationships, and business partnerships. Well, the placement of Mercury in 7th house is considered good for the native’s life and their relationship.

The Areas Affected Due to Mercury in The 7th House:

  • Married life
  • Relationships
  • Coordination
  • Partnerships
  • Mind
  • Intelligence

Positive Traits/Impact

Natives with Mercury in their 7th house experience long-term bliss in their lives. Such natives have a realistic view of their relationship, which usually strengthens their relationship to a great extent. Both marriage partners believe in forgiving each other and moving forward rather than arguing on petty things for countless hours.

According to Vedic astrology, the placement of Mercury in the seventh house helps the natives make financial success and unexpected gains in terms of wealth and fortune. It also helps them sustain marital peace with good compatibility between the partners. Their relationship is characterized by love and attachment. It is also woven interwoven with commitment and loyalty. The male and female horoscopes of Mercury in the 7th house show that these life partners support each other. The natives of Mercury in 7th house have a lot many similarities with their spouse. The presence of Mercury helps them grow in interpersonal and communication skills.

Mercury in the 7th house also helps the natives in their professional lives, foreign journey, and education. These natives hold huge grasping powers and excellent communication skills and the language barrier usually does not bother them. These natives show great enthusiasm when it comes to trading or doing business. Besides, they are also good negotiators. Their efforts usually pay off in the form of highly profitable outcomes.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

The Mercury in the 7th house Vedic astrology states that natives crave to be in a relationship as they have so much to say and share. Even though they often have a large social circle, they still feel incomplete without their beloved, who enriches their home life. Sometimes they may even choose to be unhappy, without realising it. This is all more true when Mercury is debilitated in 7th house.

So each date, every relationship that grows, gets put under a microscope. And when it comes to their own life, they find it difficult to make a decision. Because there is often no right answer when it comes to their feelings, they have a difficult time coming to any conclusion.

This makes it nearly impossible for them to commit to anyone if their indecisive manner continues. This is bound to happen as Libra is their ruling sign. They are always weighing the pros and cons of people and events, without the satisfaction of closure. And that makes it hard for the other person to enter a serious relationship with them.

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The presence of Mercury in the 7th house cuts both the ways for the natives. It nurtures and fosters their relationships with kindness, honesty, and truthness. They cherish togetherness. They share moments, emotions and happiness. The bond of their relationship continues to stay fresh even after many years. They still love their partner like it’s their first date.

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