Cancer Ascendant: The Observant and Sensitive Crab

When you meet someone for the first time, which mask are you wearing? We are not talking about the Donald duck or Minnie mouse design mask; the personality mask which defines who you are. Your rising sign or the Ascendant is that mask you wear while meeting others. Cancer Ascendants are very sensitive, but they hide it under their hard exterior just like its symbol Mr. Crab. Your Rising Sign makes you appear friendly but it always does keep you on your toes to protect yourself and your loved ones from unseen dangers.

Ascendant Sign Cancer - Oh Crab!

Cancer Ascendants have a highly developed feeling nature, to them, self-realization comes through a sophisticated harmonization. Moon is the ruler of Cancer Rising which endows the native with a sense of life through intuition and sensitivity that helps them easily adjust to all situations. It can be a hard ‘reason’ with a crabby Cancer because they are submerged in their emotions and feelings and are very much rooted in their world of subjectivity.

Socializing was never an issue for them, they are the haven for a friend who is in trouble and is ready to selflessly offer all possible help. But the majority of the people around Cancer Ascendants don’t appreciate this nature. Because of this, they are in constant search for recognition and emotional support, leaving them feeling as if the efforts are one-sided and always begging for praise. They value the need to feel accepted and loved more than anything in life. To feel comfortable, warm, secure they need this and therefore their homes are their sanctuaries. They seek comfort rather than luxury, a place they can call ‘their own’, especially when feeling vulnerable or threatened. At the end of a hectic and tiring day, their success is measured by the hugs and the love they feel around them!

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Cancer Ascendants cloak their insecurities and share opinions and ideas that they don’t believe in. But as they seek recognition from everyone they forget that with such behavior they are just distancing themselves emotionally from the person who might be genuinely interested in them. This also raises questions about the true feelings of the Rising signs and who they really are.

The sensitive nature of Cancer Risings also makes them jealous at times because they don’t have constant attention from their loved ones. This bitter enviousness might lead them to have a secret fling to simply have the attention and interest that was missing from their lives. At this point, they don’t even care about the risks that are involved. Their psychic qualities also come handy as it makes them imaginative, which they use to find people’s intentions towards them. When Karka Lagna has a goal in mind they use this power to achieve many things in life in all areas of life, be it emotional, social, or psychological. Unwrapping the box of Life’s purpose can be tough, but one should know what to manifest based on zodiac signs.

In What Words Would You Define Karka Lagna?

Cancer Ascendants are like OTG, they need time to warm up and let their guard down. Initially, they are introverts but, after you climb their walls it barely takes them any time to become caring and affectionate. They have this childlike nature to always please the one they opened up to and avoid confrontation at all costs. Cancer Risings are easily influenced by almost everything. They are very sensitive souls and therefore it’s important to choose words carefully while talking to them. No matter what your intentions are but even leg-pulling might offend them.

ALERT: They don’t let go of things and memories that easily. They feel more than any average sun sign, it’s just who they are! They often get irritated very quickly but are very kind and gentle souls. But the mood man, they change it like girls change clothes – in an instant.

Crabby Cancer Risings are like sponges. They absorb the feelings of others and can tell you what you are feeling even before you open your mouth. They have this psychic quality to feel your joy, your pain, your happiness, your sadness, etc. They have this motherly aura around them that attracts people to come for comfort and a shoulder to cry on. When hurt and scared people seek a secure shelter Cancer Ascendant becomes that retreat. They have a different love affair with the creative arts and can passionately relate emotions to this art that the rest of the world either hides or overlooks.

They are good communicators and have the talent to leave a deep impact on others carving a place in people’s hearts. The Sun leads them to show the area of life where the truth and life’s purpose lies. Karka Lagna believes that financial security is the key to happy family life and through hard work and patience they will achieve that. They can work consistently with sincerity and discipline. In no time they can win a good position, and their excellent negotiating skills will help them make good investments.

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Which Mahadasha Is Good For Cancer Ascedents?

Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn dashas are okayish for Cancer Risings, whereas Mercury and Venus’s dashas are not favorable. The Mahadasha which is good for Cancer Ascendants is Jupiter, Mars, Sun, and Moon.

1. During the Jupiter Dasha profit will be gained from all walks of life for 16 years. Cancer Rising signs will establish spiritual and religious organizations and achieve success from them. The lifestyle will grow to the highest possible level. They will even pursue skills to act as advisors to people in power and socialize with politicians. They will walk away ahead of their competitors and push away any enemies from the past. Upgrading an old house or building a new house is on the list. And people with educational institutions will have good business.

2. During 10 years of Moon Dasha, Cancer Ascendants will flourish in the education field and family. The possibility of becoming famous is high via your father’s or family’s profession. Women will always support anything that you take up. For you, trading on water bodies will prove to be profitable, and you’ll travel a long distance for the deals. With growth comes responsibilities and therefore mental stress, tension, loneliness, distance from the family will come as complimentary gifts. During this phase, you will acquire music skills and polish your sports skills. People will call you a jealous person and treat you as a genius but sometimes the stubborn attitude and headstrong nature will bring you unnecessary problems.

3. During Mars Dasha, Karka Lagna will experience professional growth for 7 years. Cancer Ascendants who are undercover cops, FBI agents, crime journalists, and investigating officers will progress in their profession. Reading Nancy Drew novels, and watching James Bond movies will add to your interests. For business purposes such as mining, agriculture, real estate, etc. you’ll acquire land and money. But make sure to use your finances carefully, as it is predicted that it’ll go up initially and then will come tumbling down. People will praise you on the face but bitch behind your back.

4. During Sun Dasha of 6 years, your honesty and selflessness will get you praise from society and you’ll be remembered for the sacrifices you made. You will see professional growth, military power, and money coming in. Few Karka Lagna may suffer from eye problems. Family history looks good and a baby boy will enter your lives!

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Eye Candy is the Apt Word for Cancer Ascendant!

Perfect round face, almond eyes, button nose, thin hair, chubby body – mix all this and you will find the typical physical appearance of a Cancer Ascendant. But there can be few exceptions with exceptional figures and who have sensually attractive bodies, take Angelina Jolie for instance; there’s no doubt she was sculpted by Greek God personally with utmost perfection *dreamy look*. Whereas Julia Roberts has already claimed the award of Pretty Woman!

It was understood that men will have more difficulty with Cancer Ascendant as compared to women, simply because men are raised to be unapologetic, strong, straightforward, and dominant. They don’t want to look vulnerable, soft, or motherly. Whereas Cancer women are taught to be emotionally expressive, more sensitive, and sympathetic. Hello? We live in the 21st Century, today men who don’t show their emotions and show that they are heartless are wanted by none! Take a note of it boys.

Do Cancers Gel Up With Each Other?

Karka Lagna looks for stable relationships. They seek a committed partner with well-defined boundaries and expectations. Romantic and serious in love is the combo Cancer Rising signs appreciate, oh and equate sex with commitment. Both the partners need to enthu and exciting otherwise your sex life could suffer energy and movement. Don’t sit in front of the idiot box after your monotonous routine. It is important for you to have surprises, candlelight dinners, and any kind of foreplay to spark that physical relationship.

*Psstt* If travel plans don’t work out with your Cancer Partner take your Gemini Best Friend as they are your soul travel partner! Your mate won’t mind…

When Cancer and Cancer get all mushy-mushy it’s like the match made in heaven. The duo is deeply devoted and extremely loyal to each other. They learn about their partner inside out, know how to cool one another if they go all Hulk. Both the Cancer Rising Signs will find great comfort and satisfaction in their faithful, helping, caring, and committed relationship. The strong family values instilled in them is the reason for their emotional attachment, but it also ensures that their love life is happy and successful. The mellow nature and compassion for each other make them the perfect pair for marriage, children, and the whole family feels. This couple will be sympathetic to individual needs which will help them in making a home and creating a lovely little family. They can create a mountain of sweet memories but can become short-sighted together. Push each other to leave the Comfy Crab Shell and seize the day.

Karka Lagna is the zodiac sign’s nester. When someone said, ‘Home is a Person’ they were referring to Cancer Ascendants. Both the Rising signs will feel safe in each other’s arms and thoughtful care. If they find a common ground to keep their mood swings in check, this relationship will nurture both mates, and fireworks are bound to happen in the background.

Moon rules your mood and as the waves clash, your Cancer Risings moods can clash too. On bad days, all the clashes under the same roof mean screaming content, slamming pots and pans, banging doors, and hours of sulking. The root cause of this can also be the insecurities that consume you and when you start taking everything personally. But if anyone dares to point a finger at their loved ones Cancer Ascendants do not hesitate to pounce and defend. Crab’s greatest contribution to the love game is their devotion and willingness to fight for the success of their relationship.

The Conclusion

When you meet someone for the first time, which mask are you wearing? We are not talking about the Donald duck or Minnie mouse design mask; the personality mask which defines who you are. Your rising sign or the Ascendant is that mask you wear while meeting others. Cancer Ascendants are very sensitive, but they hide it under their hard exterior just like its symbol Mr. Crab. Your Rising Sign makes you appear friendly but it always does keep you on your toes to protect yourself and your loved ones from unseen dangers.

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