Aries Ascendant: Mesha Lagna Kundali

Aries Ascendant: Mesha Lagna Kundali

What to do When Chanda Mama (MOON) Comes to Aries House?

Chanda Mama – Moon pushes Aries Ascendants to try something for the first time, facing their fears, to come out of their cocoon and be a butterfly. This might put the Mesha Lagna in an edgy and punchy mood, but when they’ll fly that restless feeling will fade away.

Don’t just sit back while the Moon is out in Aries Sign. It is an amazing time for you to take your game up one notch and take up something challenging that you’ve never done before; maybe MMA or Pilates class, Scuba diving, or Bungee Jumping. Doing something daring and out of ordinary will be very satisfying. You have our word!

While the Aries Moon is here, there can be heated moments that will bring a spark in your relationship and a lusty look in a young lover’s eyes. You gotta do more than talking and try other things than simple vanilla *wink*.

These days can be emotionally purifying for you Aries rising signs. If you are facing problems, instead of going at a snail’s pace, attack head-on. You have to let go of the bottled-up anger, the Moon gives you the moral strength to bring out the fight in you. Sometimes this anger, this fight can provoke you to start a row with others but maybe it’s for the better!?

Aries Rising Signs it’s a great time for you to have an opening for your new showroom or an art show, or a business, or if you want to sell your house. The Aries Moon will support you if you’ve got to be spontaneous, be it for a date or a job interview. Plan for short activities rather than any tedious footwork. It’s time to celebrate, and the reason can be your self-promotion, encouraging a friend, or well you don’t really need a reason to party now, do you?

During the Aries Moon do try some meditation and soul searching. The invincible energy may make you believe you can do anything and everything. But the Moon in Aries proves to be a good time to dream big and follow your passions.

Not only Chanda Mama MOON but other Planets can have their influence on your Ascendant. Knock on Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury’s door and know what impact it has on your zodiac world.

Not Everyone Can Pull off these Hairstyles

You need guts to carry some of these haircuts/hairstyles. But Aries Ascendants are courageous to go anywhere with it confidently.

Want something Short and Simple? Coming right up. The first on our list is Pixie Cut. Aries Ascendant is always on the go and living the fast and furious life, amidst this it is easier to manage short lengths. Just like Katy Perry did on her tours!

The next one is pretty daring. Shaved side or full head altogether. This fierce look will make them stand out from the crowd and capture everyone’s attention without yelling. It can be scary at first but after every last bit is chopped off, Aries Rising will be full of freedom!

Every Aries Ascendant is different from each other because of different Sun signs but one thing that they have in common is their bluntness. Mesha Lagna is not afraid to keep it real no matter how rude it may look. They can rock a Blunt Bob Cut. The stunt can be to make everyone aware of their straightforward behaviour.

It can be a hassle sometimes to manage the Long Layers but if it makes Aries rising to feel wild and free, who are we to comment anything folks? To get into work mode all they gotta do is tie it in a ponytail, easy to toss it up and outta their face!

Don’t let the mistake of your hairstylist droop your mood, cheer up with some Mood Boosters according to your zodiac.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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