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Vastu Tips For Locker Room Or Cash Box

Ensuring financial stability in life is very significant and taking the correct steps to live a life with monetary balance becomes easier if Vastu principles are applied. In today’s life, money is one of the most important things needed to survive well and without it, life can turn out to be very miserable.

Numerous aspects have to be taken into account while making a locker room as per Vastu Shastra. The rules laid down in the locker room Vastu may help in not only gaining and earning money but also to decrease the outflow of money and the over-spending that happens in the family.

All parameters like the shape, color, size, direction, etc of the locker make an important impression on the amount of wealth and affluence that you may gather. The more financial upliftment that you get, the better your life experience gets, which is why it is crucial to pay equal or more attention to the locker room Vastu science.

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Vastu Tips For Placing Locker Room

The locker room includes not only money but also expensive ornaments and jewelry, which is why it is also important to think about the safety and security of the place and the locker as well. Placing the locker as per Vaastu Shastra can bring about positive changes in life and can usher you towards obtaining more wealth and prosperity.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to gain the benefits of locker room vastu:

  • Bhallat and Kuber Deities reside in the North Direction which are the best places to store your wealth. They have the power to store and increase your wealth for prosperity.
  • The locker direction as per Vastu should be in the South direction of the room. The backside of the locker should be towards the South wall whereas the front side of the locker should face the North wall. This is an ideal position for a locker to be at.
  • The shape of the locker room should be square or rectangular according to the Locker Vastu. An odd-shaped locker room may turn out to be unfavorable for the inhabitants.
  • In addition to this, the height of the locker room should not be less than the height of the other rooms in the house.
  • Make sure that your locker does not stick directly to the wall and that there is a gap of at least an inch or so. Also, keep in mind that the locker is a foot away from the North-West or South-West corner.
  • If enough space is not available in the room, then on can also place the locker in the East direction, says Ganesha.
  • As far as the doors and windows of the locker room are concerned, ideally, there can be one door with two shutters in the room for it is observed to be auspicious. The doors and windows in the room must face the North or the East direction for they bring favorable outcomes for the occupants.
  • Colors play a vital role in deciding the energy and vibration of a particular place. Some colors are promising and in one’s favor whereas some bring bad omen. Wherefore, the color of the locker room and its floor must be painted yellow because this color is affiliated with an increase in wealth and prosperity.
  • A small fountain in the room can also be placed which can help in receiving more financial benefits.
  • The chances of your wealth increasing may double if a mirror is placed in front of the locker that reflects itself. It is a sign of good omen and luck!

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Things To Avoid As Per Locker Vastu

Where following all the required Vastu tips to gain maximum rewards of the locker room as per Vastu is crucial, it is also essential to note that avoiding certain elements can also prove very beneficial for the people living in the house.

Here are a few noteworthy points to take into consideration:

Never place the locker room in the North-East corner as it negatively impacts your wealth. Moreover, the South-East and North-West corners of the locker room are also not ideal for it can make the inhabitants lavishly spend on unnecessary things.

Concerning the door of the locker room, do not place it in the South-East, South-West, North-West and the South direction.

One should make sure that the locker room is kept clean and tidy for Goddess Laxmi may not assist you in reaping the benefits if the room is dirty and messy.

It is also recommended to use a safe that has four legs for more strength and better safety measures.

Do not place any idols or deities in the room. Rather you can put a small mirror in the box that can reflect the money. Doing this may lead you towards a more prosperous life, say our experts.

Itis better to not place a locker which is visible to anyone who visits the house. Perhaps, having a strong concrete foundation may add to the gains that you may receive as well.

Hence, it is now evident that if some aspects are dealt with as per the principles laid in Vastu for the Locker room, one can gain the profits of this fruit-bearing process!

For more details, connect with our Vastu Experts who will be able to lead you in the correct direction as per Vaastu Shastra!