Vastu Vastu for Clinic

Vastu Tips For Clinic

A clinic is a place that is always last on anybody’s list to visit someplace. And it is fair enough! Why would anyone like to visit a clinic which is full of sick and suffering people? And if that place is not vastu compliant, then it makes it altogether a house of negativity. So, it is advisable that every doctor should follow the vastu for the clinic religiously.

Vastu for the clinic – an unseen tonic for patients

When a person becomes a doctor, he pledges to help every patient recover from the illness. But what if, in spite of conscious efforts, the patients are unable to recover and the number of failures in treating patients is constantly increasing? Then, the doctor must check with the vastu principles and ensure that his clinic complies with the vastu shastra. It is important to pay attention to the direction of the entrance gate, the seating arrangement of the doctor and the patient, toilets at the clinic, presence of beam, windows in the room, position of electrical equipment, and doctor’s tools. All these should be as per vastu for the clinic to yield the potential result and fast and healthy recovery of the patients.

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Vastu Tips for Clinic

Nowadays, we can see a number of clinics at residential places. Due to lack of space, doctors have opted to open their clinics at their homes or other apartments. It becomes difficult to follow all the vastu guidelines in such circumstances. But if the doctor can follow these simple vastu tips for his clinic, he will ensure good health of his patient and also see a growth in the number of patients at his clinic.

  • As per Vastu for the clinic consultation room, the entrance should be in the north, east, or north-east direction. This gives the patients confidence that they are in the right hand and take consultation from the doctor without any apprehensions.
  • It is important to ensure that the area size of the clinic is not less than 250 square feet. Lesser space will make it difficult for the positive vibes to travel in the room.
  • The clinic should be regular in shape. Only a square or rectangle is suggested by vastu shastra. Any other shape creates ambiguity and may drain out the patients.
  • The first floor is favorable for the clinic as per vastu.
  • White or grey ceramic tiles for flooring should be avoided as it makes the place depressive.
  • Mirrors on the ceiling are absolutely not allowed as per vastu. This creates bad vastu and leads to instability in patients and doctors.
  • The waiting area for the patients should not be in the south-east as this is the fire direction, and it may cause stress and insecurity in patients. The favorable direction is north, east, or north-east.
  • The doctor should be facing the east or north-east direction while treating the patients. This helps the doctor focus better on the patient.
  • Black, grey, and dark blue shades should be completely avoided in the clinic as they are major vastu defects. They are a harbinger of failure and depression.
  • The walls of the clinic should be painted with pink, light green, or light blue shades. These will energize the patients and keep them calm.
  • Vastu shastra suggests having the patients’ examination table in the north-west of the room. The patient should lie with head towards east and legs facing west.
  • Toilet in north-east, south-west, or center will result in bad vastu. It will lead to a disharmonious relation between doctor and patient. It will also lead to negativity and poverty. The favorable direction for toilets is north-west only.
  • An important vastu tip to increase the patients’ inflow in the clinic is to avoid keeping an aquarium in the clinic as it hampers the growth of a doctor.
  • Bookshelf should be placed in the south or west of the clinic.
  • The most favorable direction to keep medicines is north of north-east.
  • Avoid keeping anything that has a strong odour.
  • Mop the floor with salt thrice a week. This will ward off negativity and is also recommended for maintaining hygiene at the clinic.
  • Always hang positive pictures on the wall like a smiling face. This will invite positive vibes.

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Wrapping Up

The doctor is responsible for treating the patient and giving medicine, but the energies from the cosmos are equally responsible for the patient to recover with ease and peace. These energies heal the patient. So, having the vastu for clinic done by an expert becomes inevitable for any doctor. The vastu shastra has a number of tips for dental clinics and homeopathy clinics as well. What is most important is a healthy diet and positive thoughts. So, eat healthily and stay healthy. And get well soon!

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