Know 11 Amazing Aspects Of Rudraksha

Know 11 Amazing Aspects Of Rudraksha

The Rudraksha is a bead that grows on a tree of the same name in the Himalayan ranges, mostly Nepal, and the hilly region of Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Burma. The Hindu scriptures are replete with the significance and benefits of wearing the Rudraksha. It has not only physical and mental benefits, but is also of immense value in spiritual upliftment.

The word Rudraksha is derived from Rudra (another name of Shiva) and Aksha, which means eyes, and it is believed that the beads are Shiva’s tears. These beads range from being one faced (ek mukhi) to 21 faced (ikees mukhi), but only the first 14 are worn by humans, and every bead, as per its properties, has its own different powers. The beads are said to have miraculous powers of healing many diseases and imbuing a person with tremendous spiritual energy.

Instead of wearing the beads randomly, Ganesha advises you to consult either a spiritual master or a knowledgeable astrologer before choosing which kind of Rudraksha will benefit you the most.

Here are some salient facts about the Rudraksha beads:
1. The best quality Rudraksha are found in the Himalayan ranges of Nepal.
2. The word Rudraksha is derived from the word Rudra (or Shiva) and Aksha (eyes).
3. These beads are known to have miraculous properties.
4. The wood of the Rudraksha tree is so tough that it was used to build the propellers of airplanes during the World War I.
5. The cost of the Rudraksha varies from type to type, and the higher the number of mukhis, the higher the cost, and the higher will its medicinal value be.
6. The best way to select a Rudraksha is consulting an expert, who will be able to tell you which type will suit your needs best.
7. Beware, also, of fake Rudraksha, and a majority of them are. The test is that when you put it in a glass of water, if it sinks it is genuine, but if it floats it is a fake.
8. These magical beads can control disease such as stroke, stress level, hypertension, and also give great relief from anxiety, depression and neurotic conditions.
9. These beads can be wore by everybody, regardless of their caste, creed, religion or culture.
10. If you wear the Rudraksha mala while meditation and yoga, it increases the benefits manifold.
11. A sinner who wears the Rudraksha mala is liberated of all his sins.

Rudraksha and Astrology:

Ganesha says that there is a very strong connection between the powerful Rudraksha and Astrology, and that various remedies for the planets can be conducted with the help of Rudraksha. Each Rudraksha is connected to a particular planet, and the effects of the particular Rudraksha can be helpful in either strengthening a planet, or nullifying its ill effects.

Benefits of some of the particular types of Rudrakshas:

1 Mukhi Rudraksha: Wear this for gaining peace and power. Know more @ 1-Mukhi-Rudraksh.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha: Teaches you to be compassionate. Know more @ 2-Mukhi-Rudraksh.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha: Increases your courage and helps you act boldly. Know more @ 5-Mukhi-Rudraksh.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha: This Rudraksha is a very special one, as it denotes the Ardhnarishwara form of Lord Shiva. One side of this beautiful bead symbolises Lord Shiva, while the other side denotes the face of Goddess Gauri (Parvati). Know more @ Gauri Shankar Rudraksha.

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