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Zodiac Decans

Zodiac Decans

In Astrology, a “decan” is a subdivision of a zodiac sign used to explain the sign’s numerous factors. The ancient astrologers split the zodiac sign period into shorter spans of around 10 days. However, the period of a decan varies from year to year, therefore the data in the rest of the article is approximate. As a result, the first 10 days of a certain zodiac sign constitute one decan, the next ten days constitute the second decan, and so on. This results in a total of 36 decans, which includes all 12 zodiac signs.

Two persons born under the same sign but with distinct Decans may have quite different personalities. Decans are also known as “Decanates.” Every one of us has met two people born under the same zodiac sign who have quite distinct personality traits, habits, preferences, likes, and dislikes. A decant could assist you solve the riddle.

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Let us remember that each astrological sign takes up 30 degrees of the zodiac, for a total of 360 degrees for all 12 zodiacs. These 30 degrees are further broken into three decans, each with ten degrees. There are 36 decans, which means that each zodiac sign has three.

Natives who wish to learn about their decan must first determine where their birthday falls within the 30-degree decan range. Each decan has a planetary sub-ruler, which lends a distinct flavour to the personality of the native’s zodiac sign. The issue now is, who are these sub-rulers?

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A person should seek the triplicity of their sign, which might be any of the four elements: air, water, fire, or earth. After that, they should be able to view the governing planet of that sign. This allows one to comprehend their decan. Let us learn more about the decans in each sign:

  • People born in the first decan (March 21st-30th) may be a true reproduction of the Aries Zodiac Sign, with Mars as their governing planet and the Fire Element connection. Mars is a sign of boldness, independence, and daring.
  • Second decan (March 31-April 9) Aries is the next fire sign after Leo. As a result, persons born in the second decan will exhibit some characteristics of Leo’s governing planet, the Sun. Their sub governing Planet “Sun” inspires attributes such as leadership, confidence, and strength.
  • Third decan (10th-20th April) Because the following fire sign is Sagittarius, and its governing planet is “Jupiter,” Aries born in the third decan may exhibit features influenced by Jupiter, like as optimism and excitement, in addition to the influence of the ruling planet. These individuals may be philosophical, open, and daring. Yes, Mars will continue to be their dominating planet.

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Taurus’ governing planet is Venus, which represents love, worldly pleasures, and sensuality. They would rather enjoy a lavish lifestyle and work hard to attain it.

  • First Decan (20 April – 29 April) – These people have all of the characteristics of the governing planet, Venus.
  • Second Decan (April 30 – May 9) – These are also known as Virgo Decans, because Mercury, the planet of Virgo, is their sub-ruler. This Decan’s children are more talkative and smart.
  • Third Decan (May 10 – May 20) – People born in the third Decan are also known as Capricorn Decan. Saturn is its governing planet. As a result, they possess Saturnian characteristics. These indigenous people are hardworking and responsible.

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Gemini is controlled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. Geminis are hence noted for their brilliance, quick wit, social abilities, and knowledge.

  • First Decan (May 21-30) – These Geminis are exact duplicates of original Geminis governed by Mercury.
  • Second Decan (May 31 – June 9) – Geminis born in the second Decan are libra decans, with Venus as their sub-ruler. As a result, Geminians are more sensuous and tactile.
  • Third Decan (10 June – 20 June) – People born during this time are known as Aquarius decans, and Uranus is their sub-ruler. These Geminis may be more self-sufficient, courageous, and inventive than other Geminis.

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Cancer The Moon, a symbol of emotions, is the governing Planet of the Zodiac Sign. Cancerians are therefore empathetic, sensitive, caring, and perceptive.

  • First Decan (July 21 – June 30) – the Moon rules these people, who are emotional and sensitive.
  • Scorpio decans (July 1 – July 10) are the locals of the second decan. As a result, Pluto is their sub-ruling Planet, making them more intense and introverted.
  • Third Decan (July 11 – July 22)- Neptune is the sub governing planet of the third decan, making these locals more creative and spiritually aware.

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Leo’s governing planet is the Sun, which represents leadership, warmth, strength, confidence, and luminosity.

  • First Decan (from July 23 to August 1) They have the appearance of leaders and are dominated by the Sun.
  • Second decan (2 August- 11 August) – These folks are more daring and fun-loving due to their sub-ruler Jupiter.
  • Third dean (12 August – 22 August) – These locals are more active and talkative because to their sub-ruling Planet Mars.

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Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence, is Virgo’s governing planet. Virgos are analytical thinkers who are detail-oriented and diligent.

  • First Decan (August 23 – September 1) – They are perfectionists who are affected by Mercury.
  • Second Decan (2 September – 11 September)- People born under Saturn’s sub-ruling planet are diligent, responsible, and disciplined.
  • Third Decan (12 September – 22 September) – These are Taurus decans with Venus as their sub-ruler. These folks are more sensual and would make excellent partners for Taurus zodiacs.

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Venus, the governing planet of Libra, is also an image of love, sensual pleasure, and romance.

  • First Decan (September 23 – October 2) – These natives exhibit all of the characteristics of a normal Libra.
  • Second Decan (October 3 – October 12): Aquarius decans, with Uranus as their sub-ruling planet. These Librans may be more innovative and gregarious than others.
  • These persons are Gemini Decans in the third decan (October 13 to October 22). Mercury is the sub-ruler for these Librans, making them excellent communicators.

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Scorpio’s governing planet is Mars, a symbol of darkness and mystery. These indigenous people are passionate, fierce, secretive, and cunning.

  • First Decan (23 October – 1 November) – The first decan in all signs, including Scorpio, is always the real embodiment of their sign.
  • These persons are Pisces decans, born between 2 and 11 November. Neptune is the sub-ruling planet, which makes these scorpions more innovative and creative.
  • Third decan (12 November – 21 November) – These locals are Cancer Decan, and so the Moon is their sub-ruling planet, influencing them with attributes such as sensitivity and insight.

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Capricorn’s governing planet is Saturn, which represents discipline and hard labor.

  • First Decan (22 November – 2 December) – Saturn’s governing planet, making them disciplined and committed to their profession.
  • Second Decan – (3 December – 12 December)- these individuals are Taurus decan, which means Venus is their sub-ruling planet, which makes them amorous and sensuous.
  • The Virgo decan rules the third decan (13 December – 21 December). Because Mercury is the sub-ruler, they are talkative and smart.

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Capricorn’s governing planet is Saturn, which represents discipline and hard labor.

  • First Decan (22 December- 31 December) – Saturn’s governing planet, making them disciplined and committed to their profession.
  • Second Decan – (1 January – 10 January)- these individuals are Taurus decan, which means Venus is their sub-ruling planet, which makes them amorous and sensuous.
  • Third Decan – (11 January – 19 January)- They are the Virgo decan. Because Mercury is the sub-ruler, they are talkative and smart.

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Uranus, the awakener, is Aquarius‘ governing planet. This planet represents uniqueness and change.

  • First Decan (January 20 – January 29) – These are quintessential Aquarians who are also revolutionaries.
  • Second Decan (January 30 – February 8) – These individuals are Gemini Decans. Their sub-ruler is mercury, thus they are excellent communicators and thinkers.
  • Around the third decan (9 January – 18 February) – These people are Libra Decans, having Venus as their sub-ruler. They are passionate and drawn to worldly pleasures.

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Neptune, the planet of imagination and creativity, rules Pisces. These indigenous people are creative, emotional, and spiritually enlightened.

  • First Decan (19 February to 28 February) – Pisces Decans who captivate everyone with their emotions and ingenuity.
  • These natives are from the Cancer decan (1 March – 10 March). As a result, the Moon, the emblem of emotions, is their sub-ruling PlanetPlanet. These Pisces may be more emotional and sensitive than the other Pisces decans.
  • Third Decan (March 11 – March 20) – These folks are Scorpio Decans, and Pluto is their PlanetPlanet. They are generally cryptic, secretive, and cunning.

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We hope this article has provided you with an overview of all the Decans and helped you understand why the personality traits and behaviours of persons born under the same Zodiac Sign varies. Hopefully, this helps you better understand everyone and embrace the wonderful people around you.

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