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Virgo Decans

Virgo Decans

Astrology readings and predictions based on Decans of the sun sign is the most micro and one step ahead in personalization. In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how does it further shaape your personality.

Mercury will rule the person born in this range and make them versatile, inventive, and malleable. You will possess a disciplined nature, trustworthiness, and generosity. You will have a tendency to be very methodical, disciplined and ordered in specific areas of your life. While you can be incredibly scatty and messy in other areas. You work hard to achieve the desired goals. However, you have a highly disciplined, analytical, and logical mind. With this, you work best in careers that require dedication, attention to detail and practicality. You are entirely honest and trustworthy to your work and the workplace. You will work very well with perfection if you believe a job is worth doing. You always strive for excellence in everything you do. Also, you spend countless hours checking, modifying and editing until perfection is reached.

You are extremely loyal, dependable, and faithful to your partner. You are generous, extremely caring, and considerate with people who are dear and close to you. You are naturally creative and seem to have good command in most areas of communication. You have an astounding ability to negotiate your way out of difficult situations. You rarely have trouble finding the right words to say exactly what you want without offending anyone. Also, you are fluent in talking with sarcasm. You have a hunger for knowledge and always eager to learn more. However, you experiment with new things and expand your horizons.

Saturn will rule the person born in this range and make them sensitive, sympathetic and caring. You possess brilliant organization skills, a strong will, and tactfulness. You have a natural ability to organize things systematically even under the most chaotic situations. You are unflappable, practical and disciplined. You are a perfectionist and won’t stop until you get the job done successfully. You have excellent organizational and leadership skills and can direct and guide others very well with motivation, delegation, and assertiveness. You will not accept the things that are less than perfect. You also expect and demand the same level of perfection in others. So you get disappointed when others let you down. You are totally dedicated to your commitments and responsibilities. Apart from this, you have the mental endurance to push through discomfort to reach your loftiest goals. You are willing to put in a lot more than just hard work for material wealth and professional successes

You are endowed with a natural ability to analyze problems and provide solutions. Get insights into all your problems in 2023 and get appropriate solutions for it from your Free Personalized 2023 Report! You can grab the attention of anyone very easily as you talk confidently. People usually turn up to you when they are feeling confused or need a brilliant talker, highly skilled in the art of persuasion, to help them get what they desire. You are obsessed with neatness, order, and cleanliness. So you get embraced with some messiness around you. However, you are a cautious person who tends to be suspicious of anything unknown and unfamiliar to you.

Venus will rule the person born in this range and make them warm-hearted, generous, loving, shy, and timid. You possess a reserved nature, an artistic sense, and sensitivity. In addition to this, you are stable, solid, and jovial. You are the epitome of optimistic thinking, mental and intellectual stability and positivity. You will show more determination and will power. Also, you show a higher dose of persistence. You have an excellent ‘can do’ mentality. Once you have visualized a good cause, you will mobilize your entire energy to successfully complete it. Nothing seems to be too hard or complicated when you are determined for anything. You are faithful to the bone and will devote all your attention once you find the right partner for you. You don’t like to tell lies, exaggerate or start the rumor mill spinning. You demand absolute loyalty, truthfulness, and honesty from your favorite peeps.

You are drawn to the finer things in life. Nothing makes you happier than seeing others smile because of you. You may find yourself being unhappy living under restrictions. However, you are drawn to creative pursuits where you are free to be your own master. You have a natural talent for facing and overcoming obstacles in all aspects of life. You can overcome all the obstacles coming in your career by talking to our expert astrologers. You do not like to be the center of attention. But prefer to operate in the background. You are reluctant to share your thoughts and feelings with others. But once you get to know people and become comfortable and relaxed with them then you share your feelings openly.