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Libra Decans

Libra Decans

Astrology readings and predictions based on Decans of the sun sign is the most micro and one step ahead in personalization. In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how it further shapes your personality.

Venus will rule the person born in this range and pours striking beauty to them. It makes you clever, imaginative, and romantic and also capable of doing many great things. You are highly balanced and maintain equilibrium between your personal and professional life. You can handle problems with your careful and prudent approach. You usually don’t lose your cool over anything unless there is no other option. You make sure to calmly solve the issues either through a systematic approach or by trying to persuade and talk your way out of it. Due to the influence of Venus, romance and play are a big focus point in your life. Along with that you also welcome the idea of having a robust bank account that allows you to spend money when, where and however you desire.

You are a vivacious social butterfly by nature, love making friends, and can get along with almost everyone. You are great at creating a first impression and possess an amazing ability to make others feel comfortable around you. People around you are not afraid to speak whatever comes in their heads as you don’t judge others based on their views or beliefs. You are always ready to help the people in need and have the sympathy not to sprinkle salt on wounds. You never deny doing someone a favor when asked.. You can be quite naive and gullible at times, especially when sugar coated words are poured upon you. You will agree to do anything in such situations and it may cost you dearly you later. You promote harmony in all areas of life and prefer peaceful, considerate, and caring relationships.

Mercury will rule the person born in this range and make them naturally gifted speakers who are not only proficient in the language of persuasion but also extremely diplomatic in the delivery of their opinions. You will say everything in an ultra polite manner. You are a genius with words and use this amazing gift to get things done in a way you would want. You are an observant and possess powerful intuition. Thus, you can easily know whether someone is fidgeting or feeling nervous. You don’t understand the emotional status of others by asking tons of questions but are sensitive enough to read faces. Your analytical skills help you recognize their issues and emotional status. You are a social butterfly and outgoing personality who loves to interact with others. You are comfortable in talking to strangers and possess a witty sense of humor along with exaggerated gestures and expressions. You start cracking jokes, making for quite a delightful company.

You possess an acute, active and analytical mind. Your thirst for knowledge and understanding is unquenchable. Your intelligence and natural attractiveness make you tremendously interesting and a charming personality that people love to spend time with. You are a rare breed who is a combination of logical and intuitive thinking. You make decisions after combining both what your head and heart tell you. Along with a reliable partner, you act as the head of a family just to make your family members feel secure and comfortable. You feel irritated so maintain distance with mandatory tasks. This is why you usually fall for the one who can ease out the pressure on your shoulders. Once you find such a partner, you are extremely loyal and devoted to them but expect the same in return. Know the prospects of love and marital life with the help of your Free Personalized 2023 Report! All your actions replicate your kindness and compassion. Your unconscious mind can work wonders if allowed free reign.