Cancer Decans

Cancer Decans

Born between June 22 and July 1
The Moon is the ruler for those born between 22nd June and 1st July. This makes a person with Zodiac Sign Cancer two-fold, in whom all the positive and negative traits of this Sign are much more pronounced. Those born under this influence are sensitive, generous and creative. They have a great sense of intuition, and are very eager to help others in a positive way. In doing this, they earn an enormous amount of self satisfaction. Hence, they can be said to be very generous. A sense of secure feeling for themselves and for their loved ones is important to them. In addition, they are the happiest and most comfortable when in the company of their near and dear ones. However, they can sometimes get too emotional, which tends to cloud their objectivity while dealing with matters that call for mature handling. In fact, we suggest you to buy your Janampatri report (which is based on your Natal Chart), to obtain details about yourself and your future.
Born between July 2 and July 12
For people born between 2nd July and 12th July, the planetary ruler is Mars, which signifies force, vigour, energy, power and vitality. Thus, the h5er qualities of Cancer are generally exhibited in the individuals of this Decan. It is important for these people to know that they should not become too authoritarian. In a positive sense, nevertheless, these people are generous, caring and sensitive, even if possessive and watery. These people, since they are inclined to display the h5est of the Cancer traits, they also tend to be moody, and often wavering between reserved quality and being jovial and enthusiastic. Overall, the best careers suited for them are teaching, arts, designing or any other creative field. These people are prone to going off into flights of fancy, and need to be more practical, or else they may end up wasting their energies. Moreover, you may purchase Chart your Destiny report, basis your Natal Chart, to discover and make the best use of your inborn talents, to lead a successful life.
Born between July 13 and July 22
If the Cancer native is born between 13th July and 22nd July, their ruler is Jupiter, which in this Decan is known as the Great Benefic. The person who is born under this Decan is sure to gain name and fame in his/her lifetime. The person also tends to gain through education and travel. Jupiter gifts these natives with a great deal of intelligence. And, they would do well to make the best out these gifts. However, these people may also be melancholy and negative sometimes, refusing to see the brighter side of life. They may also be unable to take h5 decisions, because of which they put themselves to great hardships throughout their lives, particularly on the personal or emotional fronts. Hence, you can avail the Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues service (which is based on your Birth Chart), to resolve your personal problems. You might also be interested to know about Cancer Nature. 


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