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Gemini Decans

Gemini Decans

Astrology readings and predictions based on Decans of the sun sign is the most micro and one step ahead in personalization. In Decan sun sign astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three Decans. Hence, each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Every Decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits are attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how does it further shape your personality.

Mercury will rule the person born in this range and makes them endowed with a significant and distinctive intellectual aptitude. You are a good conversationalist and always know what to say and how to say. Your talkative skills are combined with the magnetic charisma that allows you to talk swiftly. You are a bright, energetic, alert, logical, great observers, curious seekers, and high-speed player. You are intelligent, multitalented, versatile, creative, and want to try everything in life. You possess more than one personality and can become great impersonators. You spread yourself from far to thin and in many things and activities at the same time. You can undoubtedly perform four tasks at a time and will be working on four distinctive areas at a time. You should not be a perpetual and ambidextrous juggler. Instead, focus on one thing at a time in order to do it effectively and efficiently. You can come up with great innovations and results if you stay one project long enough to finish it.

You will do well in an occupation that has mercurial element i.e. communication but need to be focused and patient in it. You will have knowledge of distinctive subjects and possess a strong point of view over it. Your belief won’t change with the change in time and circumstances. You will love to stay in a large family and have many children if the other planets and factors in the Janampatri support it. You are very infectious to quick wit and enthusiasm and have a dry sense of humor. You have childlike quality and tend to look younger than your real age. Hence you have many friends and are very popular in social gatherings. Your nature would be sociable, reliable and friends can benefit from your ideas. You are humanitarians at heart and you will be inclined to work for social causes. You will find difficulty in balancing your mind and emotions as your head will tell one thing but your heart will tell another.

Venus will rule the person born in this range and makes them inclined to more “me too” instead of “I am” kind of a person. Interpersonal relationships are very important for you which you will cultivate over a period of time. This is because these relationships can make or break your life. You will always have an urge to meet new people and will be empathetic and socially inclined. You will get anything that you really want due to your natural charm and charisma. You are a highly creative, intelligent, focused and astute mind, and possess good communication skills. Hence, you can create great success in varied areas. You will have a constant craving of variety and often get impatient when you have to do repetitive or the same things for a longer period of time. You carry half form fanatical views and superficial knowledge as you have a tendency to get bored easily. The influence of Venus will not let you take things seriously or enter anything in-depth.

You may fickle in love life and will marry at a later age due to the basic inconstancy of emotional nature. But you will be on friendly terms with your ex-lovers especially with those you are mentally connected. You will contact them or message them when you are highly curious about what and how they are doing. You are highly diplomatic with people in your circle and have a great magnanimity to forget the past fights, arguments, and offenses. You are a twin personality, one part will be involved emotionally but the other part will be away from sentiments and romance.

You are a curious seeker of beauty and friendship. You are social and will be involved in talking with people for long hours. Your friends and people around find you attractive. You thrive for social situations and gatherings. You are a perfect host when organizing social events or parties as you can make people feel comfortable. You are a good conversationalist in a crowd or group as well as on one to one basis. The dual personality of twins will make you focused at some time and distracted due to the scattered thoughts at the other time. You love to travel as it gives an opportunity to expose and experience new things and places.

Uranus will rule the person born in this range and makes them great with concepts and ideas. You have an optimistic outlook for most of the things in life and consider each new day as an exciting day and full of adventure. You are a free bird who loves adventurous trips to explore new and exciting situations. It is due to your unconventional outlook and brilliant mind. You are highly flexible in your thoughts and always welcome new ideas, thoughts, and interests. You possess an active mind and are always looking for ways to perform things totally different from others. You have too many interests at the same time and involved in all the activities. Hence, you often get distracted or lose interest in undertaken things and activities. Your attitude will be friendly and sociable. Very few people with whom friendship is based on trust and respect are in your incircle. You are an easy-going and fun-loving person that can get along with almost everyone. You can’t stand or get along with people who repeat the same thing again and again. You hate the people who backstab with a strong desire to steal your glory. You won’t hesitate to kick these people out from your circle and never keep in contact with them. It’s very hard for you to give a second chance to anyone. People are attracted to your charm and charismatic personality.

You are powerful hence can stand against all the fierce and tough situations and problems. You are very daring to go against all odds and to travel on the path fearlessly where others don’t dare to stand also. You are very creative, original, innovative in your ideas and actions against these situations and problems. You are always inclined and attracted to unusual, unique and extraordinary things. You are very honest and straightforward which at times causes unwanted problems for you. You always feel that it’s better to speak bitter and unpleasant truth than to speak a white lie. Hence, many people accuse you to be insensitive, unemotional, and rude. The well-being of others plays great importance in your life as you see good in everyone. You hate to see people suffering and always ready to help needy and poor people. You offer your hand to them even though it is not beneficial or pays you nothing from it. You will involve in the activities to change things around you and offer help and guidance to the people as per their needs.